Keratin AuthN

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Based on Oauth, but API driven rather than redirect driven so you can customize your UX more
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november 2017 by asteroza
AuthN manages a database of user accounts with sign-in credentials and related attributes.

Your application frontend relies on AuthN for creating accounts, logging in, forgotten passwords, and session maintenance.

Your backend relies on AuthN for account moderation actions like locking, unlocking, archiving, and forcing password changes.
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november 2017 by stympy
Modern, open source, web app authentication.
november 2017 by hsx
Modern, open source, website authentication backend.
november 2017 by martinbalfanz
Modern, open source, website authentication backend.
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november 2017 by rona25
Modern, open source, website authentication backend.
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november 2017 by arj197
Password-based web app authentication Docker "microservice".
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november 2017 by fiatjaf
Service using JSON web tokens
april 2017 by bill.kirtley