The American Mall Game: A 2018 Retail Challenge

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I survived 168 days inside Bloomberg’s American Mall
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march 2018 by matthurst
From Bloomberg; simulates the difficulties in keeping a bricks-and-mortar mall open.
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february 2018 by librarinerd
Fun and insightful way to show the challenges of managing an American Shopping Mall. Learn by playing!
february 2018 by thingles
I feel as though @JacksonSqMall should see this.
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february 2018 by jbfink
Simulation of managing a mall in decline.
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february 2018 by bryanalexander
"Inevitably, you’ll reach the game over screen with Jeff Bezos laughing as you surrender your market share. And you thought late capitalism was easy."
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february 2018 by jntolva
Can you handle the retail madness of an American mall?
february 2018 by poploser
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february 2018 by laurajnash
RT : Can you handle an American Mall?
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february 2018 by dariusk
lol when you lose Jeff Bezos appears and laughs at you like Ganondorf did in Zelda II
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february 2018 by AramZS
you own a dying mall and you have to try to keep it alive, but it’s very hard. we made this.
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february 2018 by ryanpitts
Oh god this is so fucking well done
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february 2018 by ryangadams
Can you handle an American Mall?
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february 2018 by jenred