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“A Git repo can be grossly oversized in many ways without actually using a lot of disk space.” git-sizer is a tool to compute various Git repo size metrics and warn you when your repos are getting too big

— John Arundel (@bitfield) April 25, 2018
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To do so, you’ll need a local clone of the repository and a copy of the Git command-line client installed and in your execution PATH . git-sizer will gather statistics about all of the references and reachable Git objects in your repository and output a report. The most interesting thing to look at is the “level of concern” column, which gives a rough indication of which parameters are high compared with a typical, modest-sized Git repository. As you can see from the output, even though the Linux kernel is a big project by most standards, it is fairly well-balanced and none of its parameters have extreme values. Some Git operations will certainly take longer than they would in a small repository, but not unreasonably, and not out of proportion to the scope of the project.
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Install git-sizer
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Measuring the many sizes of a Git repository | The GitHub…

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Install git-sizer
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Is your Git repository bursting at the seams? git-sizer is a new open source tool that can tell you when your repo is getting too big. git-sizer computes…
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