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How deep learning could to be more like optics
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I love this analogy of #DeepLearning to optics by @alirahimi0. There is a lot we don't understand. That's okay and not okay. Differentiable programming enabled by hardware advances is here to stay. Let's continue to make sense of it! https://t.co/kRmH0Ntc7f pic.twitter.com/ZJxZ3IPsrO

— Delip Rao (@deliprao) February 12, 2018

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An excellent post describing how I have been feeling about DL methods:
ATM it's hard to mov…
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Lessons from Optics, The Other Deep Learning
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Imagine you’re an engineer, you’re given this net, and you’re asked to make it work better on a dataset. You might presume each of these layers is there for a reason. But as a field, we don’t yet have a common language to express these reasons. The way we teach deep learning is very different from the way we teach other technical disciplines.

A few years ago, I got into optics. In optics, you also build stacks of components that process inputs. Here’s a camera lens.
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