Is K8s Too Complicated?

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Joe Beda had a great twitter thread this morning about the complexity of Kubernetes. You can read it in full, and I suggest you do, but I wanted to quote a few things I found to be particularly thought provoking: First off: Kubernetes is a complex system. It does a lot and brings new abstractions. via Pocket
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It all leaves me concerned that the people with the most to gain will also run into the most problems trying to adopt Kubernetes, and while this is natural (large systems tend to be complex), it does make for bad advertising. "Kubernetes doesn't actually scale" is something I expect to start hearing more and more from people outside the bubble, and it will carry the weight of experience.

For our particular project, I think we're still getting started when you take into consideration the likely overall lifetime. Still, I suspect that moving an existing architecture wholesale to Kubernetes is a bad idea in general; if you've not grown up within its particular limitations, they will prove to be an endless annoyance4, even if there are a host of other tangible benefits over going solo. This may not be limited to Kubernetes, it may just be true for anything, in which case Kubernetes might indeed provide the path of least pain, its room temperature shattered glass fragments an eden compared to red hot glowing obsidian.
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promise of some kind of souk or foodtruck full of Chef recipes2 that we can all collaborate on and share has proven to be an empty one. Helm and Istio are both harbingers of Kubernetes' complexity and a testament to it working as a platform in ways the previous generation of half-baked3 devops tools did not
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“The k8s elevator pitch is straight up dogshit.”
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First off: Kubernetes is a complex system. It does a lot and brings new abstractions. Those abstractions aren't always justified for all problems. I'm sure that there are plenty of people using Kubernetes that could get by with something simpler.

The story of computing is creating abstractions. Things that feel awkward at first become the new norm. Higher layers aren't simpler but rather better suited to different tasks.

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Is k8s too complicated? I wrote this and I still don't even know.
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