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"Quit social," urges Cal Newport.
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The billionaire philanthropist and liberal activist decried what he saw as multiple threats to open society in our current moment, including the rise of authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe, and the behavior of the Executive here at home. He then turned to the political problems, arguing that these companies have an undue ability to influence people’s behavior by leveraging their massive data stores to precisely target messages that nudge users in specific directions. These services relentlessly sap time and attention from peoples’ personal and professional lives that could be directed toward more meaningful and productive pursuits, and instead package it for resale to advertisers so the value can be crystalized for a small number of major investors. To ask Facebook to make their service less addictive would be like asking Exxon Mobile to switch to less efficient oil pumps: it would be a body blow to their bottom line, and investors wouldn’t tolerate it. It is, in many ways, also a smoke screen meant to obscure the fundamental reality that this service, like many social media products, depends for its very survival on its ability to exploit its users’ time and attention.
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Facebook’s Desperate Smoke Screen February 9th, 2018 · 27 comments Soros vs. Facebook One of the big headlines from last month’s World Economic Forum at Davos…
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Another article where one of the objects to FB et all is that they "relentlessly sap time and attention from peoples’ personal and professional lives that could be directed toward more meaningful and productive pursuit" because clearly cat gifs are not worthy of our time and we should all be devoting it to more noble activities.
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Outrage-provoking political content might have been good business for Facebook, but in its absence, this company’s attention engineers can tap into any number of other distraction wells to keep users compulsively tapping the little blue icon on their phone.
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"Facebook’s revenue, for example, is almost entirely a function of the number of minutes the average user spends per week engaging with the service. Reducing this by even 5 to 10% — by tamping down or eliminating some of Facebook’s most addictive features — would have a disastrous impact on the quarterly earnings of this $500 billion company."

I'm surprised the revenue function is that fine-grained given the gibberish Ruth sees in her feed.
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Cal Newport >>> Facebook’s Desperate Smoke Screen

JP >>> really desperate
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"My Books for Professionals"
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