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Julia Christiansen Hoffman - Wikipedia
Julia Christiansen Hoffman (1856–1934) was an artist and arts patron who fostered the Portland Arts and Crafts movement in the U.S. state of Oregon, through exhibitions and art classes. In 1907 she led the establishment of the Arts and Crafts Society of Portland, a forerunner of the Oregon College of Art and Craft.
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6 days ago by zryb
Commentary: Democracy and the Arts | Oregon ArtsWatch
Closing OCAC buries a history that goes back to 1907, when Julia Hoffman helped start it and soon became the face of the school—and the Arts and Crafts movement in Portland. Walk through any of Portland’s inner eastside neighborhoods: Those bungalows, cottages, Queen Annes and four-squares prized so highly now came out of that movement, inspired by Hoffman. The number of artists who taught or learned their craft at what became OCAC is enormous.
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6 days ago by zryb
ABOUT — Design+Culture
Using a comprehensive and collaborative method that draws on strong relationships with local communities and a deep understanding of their issues, Design+Culture Lab provides a unique consulting service that serves as the glue between disadvantaged community members and urban practitioners within the construction of their environment.
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5 weeks ago by zryb
Collaborative Design + Innovation
Bill Lennertz - National Charrette Institute
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9 weeks ago by zryb
AORTA - Rail and Transit for Oregon
AORTA—The Association of Oregon Rail and Transit Advocates—is a 501(c)(3) non-profit citizen advocacy group working to educate the public about the need for safe, fiscally responsible, environmentally sound transportation.
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november 2018 by zryb
Mountain Soles & Outdoor Threads
Mountain Soles & Outdoor Threads
10824 SE Oak St. #184
Milwaukie, OR 97222
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september 2018 by zryb
In Portland, a neighborhood designs its own solution to displacement - Curbed
Called Right 2 Root, the community-led design initiative released a report earlier this month that lays out a blueprint for creating community assets, housing, and commercial space throughout Albina. The brainchild of Cat Goughnour, an Oregon-born sociologist, policy expert, and housing and equity advocate, the report is a framework for community-led urbanism. Crafted with help from community members, as well as input from the Center for Public Interest Design, Portland State University, Salazar Architect, and other local design firms, it offers a holistic solution to housing and economic issues. In other words, Right 2 Root is about flipping the typical top-down planning process on its head.
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august 2018 by zryb
Portland Vipassana Hall – Vipassana as taught by S.N. Goenka
The Portland Vipassana Hall is located at 922 North Killingsworth near PCC Cascade Campus and I-5. There is parking on the street. The hall is located on the second floor, Suite 2-B.

The Portland Vipassana Hall serves the old students of S.N. Goenka in the Portland area by providing opportunities for scheduled group sittings, one-day courses, youth courses, Vipassana outreach events, and trust and committee meetings. The hall is under the direction of the Oregon Vipassana Association (OVA), and is staffed and supported by grateful Old Students (those who have completed a 10-day Vipassana course with S.N. Goenka) on a volunteer basis.
july 2018 by zryb
Code for Science and Society
To advance our mission, we run three major programs. We develop open learning resources and facilitate collaborations and community-driven projects through our Collaborative Community program. In our Foundational Technology program we build open technology and shared resources to encourage the flow of ideas across domains. We nurture a network of innovative projects to enable communities learn from each other and develop future-facing solutions that empower people through a Sponsored Projects program. Max Ogden
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july 2018 by zryb
Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives Inc. · Meeting the Affordable Housing Needs of the Community - Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives Inc.
For more than 25 years, Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives has reinvested in Portland’s neighborhoods, preserved their diversity and provided tools to help low-income Portland families and individuals achieve stability and self-sufficiency.
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may 2018 by zryb
Deconstruction Requirements | The City of Portland, Oregon
In Portland, more than 300 single-family homes are demolished each year. This produces thousands of tons of waste — a majority of which could be salvaged for reuse. From start to finish, deconstruction protects health, creates pathways to construction careers and generates affordable reusable building materials. Currently, less than 10 percent of houses that are removed use deconstruction. Approximately 33 percent of single-family demolitions will be subject to the deconstruction requirement. Increased deconstruction will:

Divert 8 million pounds (4,000 tons) of materials for reuse (annually).
Create job opportunities that act as a pathway for construction careers.
Increase the likelihood of discovering materials containing lead and asbestos for safe removal and disposal.
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may 2018 by zryb
Home Matters | Home is where it all starts
At the Portland Housing Center, we believe everyone deserves access to homeownership. We make it possible through quality home buyer education, one-on-one guidance, financial services, and a variety of other resources to make homeownership a reality for Portland-area residents.

We’ve helped more than 7,000 families become successful, financially secure homeowners.
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may 2018 by zryb
Tualatin-based Pacific Food's sharing portion of Campbell Soup Co. (NYSE: CPB) sale proceeds with workers - Portland Business Journal
Pacific Foods employees got some happy holiday-season news last week: They’ll receive a piece of the proceeds from the Tualatin natural foods company’s just-completed $700 million sale to Campbell Soup Co.

“Pacific shareholders — including myself, Jon Gehrs and Kaye Barnes — made the unanimous decision to share approximately 25 percent of the net proceeds of the sale of the company with the people who got us here: almost 600 eligible employees,” co-founder Chuck Eggert said in a Friday letter released by the company.
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may 2018 by zryb
Oregon.gov: NewsDetail
DEQ, PSU, Reed, Neighbors for Clean Air, Multnomah County, City of Portland partner on two-year diesel study
Portland, OR—The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is partnering with local colleges, community groups and government agencies to determine more precisely what's in diesel exhaust and identify Portland areas most vulnerable to diesel pollution. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the group $466,276 for the two-year study.
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may 2018 by zryb
Albina Rising — Oregon Humanities
This plan, called the Albina Vision, is a long-term project that addresses how to redevelop the Rose Quarter.
may 2018 by zryb
The Hill Block: N Russell and Williams Collaboration – Prosper Portland
The Hill Block building’s onion-domed cupola is now located in Eliot Neighborhood’s Dawson Park.
may 2018 by zryb
Broken promises: making good after decades of neglect – Daily Journal of Commerce
The Hill Block Building, right, once a business hub for Portland’s African-American community, was razed in the 1970s. Prosper Portland and Legacy Health are partnering to redevelop the property.
may 2018 by zryb
Charitable Partnership Fund
The Charitable Partnership Fund is a leader in philanthropic business, where non-profit entities leverage the successes of the corporate world to boost their results; for-profit firms complete their product menus with the charitable programs customers want; and individual and corporate donors get the broadest range of choices for their philanthropic activities.
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april 2018 by zryb
Council hears concerns about I-5 expansion impacts on Tubman Middle School - BikePortland.org
Portland Public School Board member Paul Anthony. He raised several questions about the project’s impact on Harriet Tubman Middle School.
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march 2018 by zryb
The Blueprint foundation - Home
The Blueprint Foundation aims to eliminate the opportunity gap for Black youth within the Portland Metropolitan Area. This is accomplished by engaging youth in culturally specific experiences that introduce them to, and prepare them for, family sustaining careers in disciplines where black-identified individuals are currently underrepresented.
november 2017 by zryb
Home — FutureWorks Consulting
Diana Larsen
Agile Adoption & Team Development
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october 2017 by zryb
TriMet’s budget is an elaborate shell game – Andrew Riley – Medium
we need to drop the narrative that TriMet is fundamentally limited in how it can spend money, and that’s why the community doesn’t get what we demand. That’s absolute nonsense. We need to call out the reality: TriMet is run like a private business, and its constituents aren’t riders and workers, but rather the bond/credit-rating agencies and investors who benefit from bond sales and capital investments. Their Board and senior leadership choose to spend money on their own priorities, and they make a conscious choice not to invest in what the community and their workforce demands of them (better service, better working conditions).
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october 2017 by zryb
ABOUT US | Inside Fashion Design
Inside Fashion Design is an intimate behind the scenes look into the world of apparel design. As two designers, with a collective forty years in the industry, we’ve had the privilege of working at and being part of the vibrant, innovative, culture of Nike, a little company founded on the principle of design. Later came Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, and others. Throughout we mastered our craft, and upon feeling an entrepreneurial pull, opened our own consulting studio called Creative Capital Design four years ago.

Given that one of the most joyful aspects of our work is nurturing and mentoring new talent, we went searching for a platform to do this beyond our studio walls. And Inside Fashion Design was born. Our belief is that all who live for or have a curiosity for fashion design should have the opportunity to explore it. And so, we open the door to our library of expertise and resources, inviting you in to experience them. Design workshops, tutorials, trend talks and exclusive insider interviews. Here you can study the wide array of industry disciplines, including roles you may be unaware of but are integral to making the cogs of a company turn. There are so many possibilities for discovering pleasure in artistic fulfillment.
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october 2017 by zryb
North Star Village PDX
North Star Village is part of a growing national aging-at-home movement. Our goal is to help older adults remain safely and happily in the houses or apartments they love for as long as possible by providing help with those tasks that become more difficult with age while also providing opportunities for social interaction.
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october 2017 by zryb
Enthusiasm Collective
Enthusiasm Collective is a new creative co-working group based in Portland, OR.
october 2017 by zryb
Police searching for Portland credit union robber dubbed ‘Lazy L - KPTV - FOX 12
Posted: Sep 29, 2017 6:07 PM PDT
Updated: Sep 29, 2017 6:07 PM PDT

Police are searching for a Portland credit union robber who investigators are calling the “Lazy Leprechaun.”

Officers responded to the Advantis Credit Union on the 3000 block of Southeast Belmont Street at 1:08 p.m. Friday.

Employees said a man presented a demand note and obtained an undisclosed amount of cash from a teller. No weapon was displayed.

Officers searched the area, but did not locate anyone matching the robber’s description.

The suspect is described as a white man, around 30 years old, 6 feet tall with a thin build, red facial hair and he was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt.

Police are calling him the “Lazy Leprechaun.” The same suspect is believed to have robbed the Unitus Credit Union on the 3300 block of North Williams Avenue on Wednesday evening.

During that robbery, a demand note was also used.

Multiple photos were released of the suspect from both cases Friday.
september 2017 by zryb
Business for a Better Portland
Business for a Better Portland (formerly PICOC, the Portland Independent Chamber of Commerce) makes a positive difference in the city we love by combining the strength of business advocacy with the power of technology and grassroots social change.
august 2017 by zryb
birds over portland – 2 | Greg Haworth
birds over portland is dedicated to displaying images from the local doppler radar station (RTX) to document bird migration. The purpose of this work is to provide a historical record of the information for unknown ends.
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july 2017 by zryb
WHO WE ARE – Winslow Food Forest
Winslow Food Forest is a farm and a progressive permaculture project located in Portland, OR.

We are Teague and Melissa Cullen, who, along with Nicholas Eymann, began this project in 2013 in the backyard of a punk house rental in Portland, OR.
permaculture  portland 
july 2017 by zryb
Three lessons from a simple new chart about Portland housing
A condo can be a relatively cheap path to homeownership. But condo building has become rare, in part due to a national shift toward renting (a shift that was involuntary for many of the households, disproportionately Latino and Black, whose wealth was wiped out in the housing bubble) and in part because construction defect lawsuits by condo residents against their buildings’ developers have tripled the cost of condo developers’ insurance.
housing  portland 
july 2017 by zryb
Gentrification in America Report
In all, 58 percent of Portland’s lower-priced neighborhoods gentrified since 2000, the highest rate of any city reviewed. An initial wave started back in the early 1990s, and young professionals continue to flock to the city today. “Portland, in some ways, was at the forefront of the return to urban living,” said Lisa Bates, director of the Center for Urban Studies at Portland State University.
gentrification  portland 
may 2017 by zryb
The Email Newsletter Your Clients Can't Wait to Read. - Tidings
The email newsletter your clients can't wait to read.
Create it in seconds, using just your business's Facebook Page.
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march 2017 by zryb
Funding Washington HS Community Center – The Southeast Examiner of Portland Oregon
In Jeff Cole’s commentary, he asked City Council for $60 million to begin building the community center. Cole states that with all the budget cuts to Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R), it must seem like asking for the Taj Mahal or the moon, but in reality, this is money the City of Portland should have considering the building boom going on right now.

“So why as Portland is booming and growing like crazy, are we cutting budgets, cutting services which means reduced livability?” Cole asks.

Even as apartments are going up everywhere and the population increases, it still fails to generate more resources to attend to the basic needs of the people like police and decent roads.

Cole believes that fix lies in a statewide ban on the real estate transfer tax and uses the example of the recent sale of Big Pink appraised at 1/3 of 1 billion dollars–$372.5 million.

Because of Measure #47/50 the City only received taxes on the 1995 value of Big Pink with a 3 percent increase per year or $1.4 million. If the property had been fairly reassessed when it sold last year we would have received $4 million in tax revenue off this property.

Oregon is the only state that does not reassess taxes when a property is sold and because of this Portland loses out.
february 2017 by zryb
Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC)
SMYRC provides a safe, supervised, harassment-free space for sexual and gender minority youth ages 13-23
january 2017 by zryb
Direct Action Alliance
DAA organized in response to the rise of fascism in America. We are an alliance of the minority to form the majority. You are not alone, not now, not ever.

This site is a clearinghouse of events hosted by Direct Action groups that are making things happen on the streets of Portland, and across the country.
january 2017 by zryb
The PEAK Fleet Sets Sail to Revolutionize the Future of Work – The PEAK Fleet
Co-founded by Jennifer Coyne and Brian Stinson, The PEAK Fleet’s foundation is built on the values that they believe will help every organizational culture thrive: Persistence, Empathy, Authenticity, and Kindness. The company delivers improved employee engagement, increased innovation, new discovery through inclusion, and transformative change through event curation, speakerships, workshops, and deep-dive problem solving engagements.

Coyne, a former Intel IT Director, and Stinson, former Intel IT People strategist and manager, share a passion and background in successfully leading employee experience and organizational excellence efforts. They have established The PEAK Fleet with a mission to help organizations succeed by creating an engaged workforce that thrives together.
portland  futurism  work 
december 2016 by zryb
Oregon Local News - Study: Portland not growing all that fast
The Portland metropolitan region grew by less than 1 percent last year, according to a study by the ABODO residential research organization. The population of 12 other metropolitan regions in the country increased at a faster rate than Portland — including Austin
december 2016 by zryb
Is hip Portland over? How the rent crisis is displacing the city's creative soul | Society | The Guardian
Apartment occupancy rates – now at 96.8% – are second only to New York City. But this may be understated because of lower occupancy rates in expensive downtown apartments. Occupancy rates in the once-affordable suburbs may be as high as 97.3%. If you’re not already in an apartment, it’s increasingly difficult to find one, and being in one offers no guarantees.
october 2016 by zryb
Fuck Portlandia - In Other Words
Several months ago the In Other Words community agreed to discontinue our relationship with Portlandia.
october 2016 by zryb
Our central hub empowers Oregon and Southwest Washington communities by helping people identify, navigate and connect with the local resources they need.
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october 2016 by zryb
Was Portland's lead crisis preventable? | OregonLive.com
When the EPA tightened its lead rules in 1991, Portland officials balked.

City leaders didn't believe lead exposure was a major problem in water. Portland's Bull Run watershed was considered lead-free. The city's delivery system never included lead service lines.

But Portland's water was corrosive enough to leach lead from pipes and faucets. Testing from 10 percent of sampled high-risk homes revealed lead levels of at least 53 parts per billion; the EPA wanted it no higher than 15.

The EPA set a deadline to start treatment in 1997. By June 1994, city officials were laying the groundwork for "flexibility." They pitched regulators on a "better approach" that would target plumbing instead of injecting chemicals into everyone's water.

A weighty factor in Portland's hesitancy: the business community.

Officials didn't want to upset companies using city water to clean microchips or concoct microbrews. The estimated cost for Intel alone to treat its water would be $670,000 up front plus $310,000 a year, according to records from city archives.
october 2016 by zryb
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