Custom Kibana Visualizations with Vega | Elastic
Custom visualizations in Kibana just got easier. The new Vega component enables users to create a variety of data visualizations available from the Vega library. Vega is a declarative format to create powerful and interactive data visualizations. Historically you needed to create a separate Kibana plugin for custom visualizations, now a world of visualizations are at your fingertips if you're comfortable with JSON.

Join Yuri Astrakhan, Software Engineer, and Alex Francoeur, Senior Product Manager, for a live demonstration on creating and customizing Kibana visualizations with Vega.

Highlights include:

Querying directly from Elasticsearch
Combine and augment data from multiple sources
Differences between Vega and VegaLite
Creating maps with Vega
Additional Resources (Related Content):


Scatter Plot Demo
Area Chart Demo with Composite Query
Earthquakes Demo

Custom Vega Visualizations in Kibana
Building Scatter plot in Kibana using Vega
Introduction Video
Scatter plot Tutorial Video
Vega Examples
Vega Lite Examples
kibana  elasticsearch 
5 days ago
dabit3/awesome-aws-appsync: Curated list of AWS AppSync Resources
Curated list of AWS AppSync Resources. Contribute to dabit3/awesome-aws-appsync development by creating an account on GitHub.
appsync  aws  awesome 
6 weeks ago
dabit3/awesome-aws-amplify: Curated list of AWS Amplify Resources
Curated list of AWS Amplify Resources. Contribute to dabit3/awesome-aws-amplify development by creating an account on GitHub.
amplify  aws  awesome 
6 weeks ago
Evolutionary Serverless Architecture: JeffConfg Hamburg 2018 talk | cloudonaut
I want to share my JeffConf Hamburg talk with you: Evolutionary Serverless Architecture

A system architecture often struggle...
6 weeks ago
Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture | ThoughtWorks
The microservice architectural style is taking the world by storm. Last March, O'Reilly hosted their first Software Architecture Conference, and a huge percentage of the abstracts the program committee received touched on some aspect of microservices. Why is this architectural style suddenly all the rage?
microservices  evolutionary-architectures 
6 weeks ago
Serverless + Evolutionary Architectures + Safe Deployments = Speed in the Right Direction
With Serverless Computing, you can build and run applications without thinking about servers. To me, the greatest advantage is the capacity to focus on what you want to build, instead of the nuts &…
serverless  aws  evolutionary-architectures 
6 weeks ago
3 Lessons From An Email Guru For Taming Inbox Chaos
Inbox zero isn't some unattainable dream — it can be your reality. Email guru, Val Geisler, shares her top three lessons for taming email inbox chaos. Dive in and learn how to finally get a handle on your email system.
productivity  email 
8 weeks ago
The 10 Best GTD Apps in 2018
How you organize your to-do list can make you more productive. You don't want to see your household shopping list while in the thick of office work, and you don't want to be reminded of an important presentation while you're grocery shopping on your day off. Working...
gtd  productivity  app 
9 weeks ago
Apache Kafka Topic Design
Topics, partitions and keys are foundational concepts in Apache Kafka. When building an application, correctly modeling your use case using these concepts will be key to making optimal use of Kafka and ensuring the scalability and reliability of your appl...
kafka  design 
11 weeks ago
SQL style guide by Simon Holywell
A consistent code style guide for SQL to ensure legible and maintainable projects
sql  style-guide 
11 weeks ago
Add a Ansible task to allow PasswordAuthentication=yes for sshd_config. : ansible
- name: Change PasswordAuthentication = yes
path: /etc/ssh/sshd_config
regexp: ^([# \t]+PasswordAuthentication|PasswordAuthentication\])[ \t].*
line: 'PasswordAuthentication = yes'
validate: 'sshd -tf %s'
backup: yes
notify: Reload sshd

- name: Reload sshd
name: sshd
state: reloaded
ansible  vagrant 
11 weeks ago
Why single-tasking is your greatest competitive advantage
Starting your day without a plan is just asking for distraction and inefficiency
monotasking  productivity 
12 weeks ago
Alfabetiere Murale Grande da Stampare (1 Lettera ogni Foglio A4) | PianetaBambini.it
Versione grande dell'alfabetiere murale in 42 pagine da stampare gratis e fissare alle pareti delle aule (un foglio per ogni lettera, dittongo, diagramma e trigramma)
bambini  homework  alfabeto 
july 2018
Architecting Applications for Kubernetes | DigitalOcean
Designing and running applications with scalability, portability, and robustness in mind can be challenging, especially as complexity grows. The architecture of an application or system has a significant impact on how it must be run, what it expects f
july 2018
The Top 6 Free Redis Memory Analysis Tools – Kristi Anderson – Medium
When it comes to analyzing the memory usage of a Redis instance, there are lots of free and open-source tools in the market, along with a smattering of paid products. Some of the most popular ones…
june 2018
The 50 Best Free Datasets for Machine Learning - Gengo AI
What are some open datasets for machine learning? We at Gengo decided to create the ultimate cheat sheet for high quality datasets.
dataset  machine-learning 
june 2018
Real-World Reasons To Use GraphQL – Workday Engineering – Medium
For building data-driven apps, GraphQL changes the game. There are a lot of great blog posts that give an overview of GraphQL, or detail why GraphQL is better than REST, but we’re going to talk about…
june 2018
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