Overcoming Bias : Morality of the Future
I am fascinated by the question of how our morality will change in the future. It’s relevant to the issue we have been discussing of whether we are truly making moral progress or not. So long as we view the question from a perspective where we assume that we are at the apex of the moral pyramid, it is easy to judge past societies from our lofty position and perceive their inadequacies. But if we imagine ourselves as being judged harshly by the society of the future, there is less self-satisfaction and ego boosting involved in making a case for true moral progress, hence less chance for bias.
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23 days ago
What is your base currency when trading? : BitcoinMarkets
Im looking to start trading and given the number of BTC trading pairs available it seems that I am best to begin by exchanging a lump sum of fiat currency in to BTC and then when i find my edge to place trades in BTC for xyz altcoin. The thing is, my calculations will tell me my position size in xyz altcoin and when i close the trade my profit or loss will be in BTC. So essentially, because i will hopefully have numerous trades open all of the time and regularly rinse and repeat funds for each new opportunity, i will for convenience wish to keep my float in BTC and withdraw profits only occasionally. Naturally, it seems i will be calculating a way to increase my BTC float.Clearly, this opens up an exposure to fiat/BTC fluctuations and its possible that i could increase my BTC float through winning trades but have lost money in fiat terms. I know that additionally i could short BTC against my fiat trading pair (which is GBP), to insulate myself from this, but i would not know how to calculate how much and i am concerned about mounting fees for doing so. I also, like to be precise, as all such considerations will affect my edge.So what do you do? Or how do you suggest I approach this problem? How does one calculate how much to short GBP/BTC in order to neutralise exposure? Do long term shorts lead to mounting fees? If so it seems insurmountable. Do you recommend stomaching the exposure?Any advice greatly appreciated. via /r/BitcoinMarkets
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23 days ago
Standalone bulletproof implementation : Monero
https://medium.com/interstellar/bulletproofs-pre-release-fcb1feb36d4bThese guys claim to have achieved 4.63x performance increase over Monero implementation. Is there anything our devs\MRL can learn from their implementation? via /r/Monero
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29 days ago
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