Sunrise Over Stussy with OG JULES GAYTON | 032c Workshop
Recently, the International Stussy Tribe descended upon Bali's Potato Head Beach Club and continued its spirit of bridging friendship and arts. The two-day soirée consisted of art-making classes and surf and skate sessions.
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6 days ago
Reddit - aspergers - Do you work in an open office? Finding it hard to cope
u/Loves_Poetry • Nov 7, 2017, 11:58 AM
I'm convinced that if there's a hell, it will be set up like an open office. Open offices are awful for people with aspergers. Everyone will be bothering you at the most inconvenient moment for the most trivial questions. You'll be listening in to any conversation that you aren't interested in. Bonus points when they kick a football over your desk (yes, been there). And meanwhile they expect you to be productive.

Headphones are the solution. Blur out that noise so that you don't hear the mess around you anymore. It also makes colleagues less likely to bother you. If it's still too noisy and you need to focus, go to a meeting room. Arriving and leaving extra early or extra late also helps, since it gives you a little extra time where there is no-one to bother you. Around 9am is usually when the chatterboxes arrive. That's when you can forget about being productive, so don't plan your heavy focus tasks at that moment.

I work in an open office too and I'm so relieved that the biggest chatterbox is going to leave tomorrow. He's a very nice guy, but he keeps everyone off work. Without him work should be less stressful. A couple of times, I've had to occupy the meeting room because I couldn't get any work done whatsoever.

u/GKinslayer• Nov 7, 2017, 1:14 PM
Yes, working in a open office is TERRIBLE for me. All the motion always around me is always driving my peripheral vision crazy out of the corners of my eyes. Then there is the noise, the smells to say nothing of not having any privacy. So glad I am allowed to work remote.

u/vivichase • Nov 7, 2017, 4:54 PM
11 days ago
Sex and Nothingness: SIBERIAN MODERNISM in the Great Eurasian Steppe | 032c Workshop
Although Stain established Novokuznetsk, the title-location of Nikolay Bakharev’s monograph, established the city as a coal-mining and industrial center, Bakharev asserts that its inhabitants retain the a-historical quality of nomads. “Nothing changes in their world,” the photographer once said about his subjects in a 1991 interview, “No matter how many years pass by, things never change.
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13 days ago
Just How Disruptive Are ICOs to the Classic VC Model?
Initial Coin Offerings, a fundraising mechanism for companies using cryptocurrencies as a mechanism to buy their service, seem to be upending the world of venture capital. Filecoin raised $250M through an ICO. Tezos raised $232M. Bancor raised $153M. These are massive amounts of money. Recently, I’ve been wondering how prevalent ICOs are and whether they could potentially be a substitute for venture capital.

The chart above shows the number and size of ICOs since the beginning of this year. Though November 6, 130 ICOs have raised $2.7B. 18 have raised more than $100M, while 120 have raised up to $50M. That’s an enormous amount of money.

And the trend is up and to the right. ICOs have raised more than $350M in each of the last five months.

To put this momentum into context, let’s compare ICO activity to Series A activity globally. Unlike crowdfunding which has never exceeded 10% of Series A dollars, in the last quarter, ICOs raised 32% as much as Series A startups.

For every six Series As, there is one ICO. Series As have declined over the last year as ICOs have become more common. We should expect the difference to continue to narrow.

Companies raising ICOs tend to raise more, especially earlier this year, but the median amount raised seems has rapidly approached the median amount raised by Series A companies. Typically, companies raising ICOs are very early in their development - arguably equivalent to a Series A company in terms of progress.

In terms of geographic breadth, US ICOs account for 57% of dollars raised across the top five countries. Switzerland, Singapore, Canada and Great Britain round out the top 5.

In short, these charts confirm ICOs are a massive source of funding for startups in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They enable startups to raise potentially hundreds of millions of dollars. This new funding mechanism is a fascinating one, and one that raises a few parallels to the IPOs of the dot com era.

First, startups raising these ICOs tend to be pre-revenue. Second, retail investors are buying substantial fractions of these offerings. Third, the volatility of these offerings is enormous.

If this trend continues and questions like regulation are answered, ICOs may be a novel and important mechanism for crytpocurrency based startups to raise capital.

Data source: Crunchbase
analysis  tomtunguz 
16 days ago
"Fellini of Fashion": ALEXANDRE DE BETAK's Fashion Show Revolution | 032c Workshop
Alexandre de Betak has come to be known as the “Fellini of Fashion,” transforming brand experiences into compact sensorial monuments. The art director's instinct for spectacle and purity of expression has carried Betak’s work across an entire industry, where it feels just as at home in the context of Victoria’s Secret as it does in Dior.
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21 days ago
Unofficial HowToHack Discord - Come Join! Ask - Answer - Learn ! : HowToHack
Unofficial HowToHack Discord - Come Join! Ask - Answer - Learn !Our friends over at frinto.sec have graciously offered to supply us with an active discord community! Let's extend a warm HTH welcome to our new friends!You can join with the following invite: https://discord.gg/VFw98fsCome ask, answer and learn! Happy Hacking! via /r/HowToHack
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26 days ago
I want to start doing basic pen testing, I have the ok to do so in my environment but don’t know what software/programs to installl. : HowToHack
Can someone point me in the right direction to start? My machine is a Lenovo thinkpad 64-bit via /r/HowToHack
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26 days ago
ELI5: Why do dApps each need their own token? : ethereum
This seems like such a basic question yet I can't seem to find a good answer. dApps running on ethereum are powered by ethers, which pay for the execution of smart contracts on the EVM.Given this, why does every dApp/project built on the ethereum platform require its own individual token? ERC20 tokens are just another layer of smart contracts designed to act like tokens, right? What actual function do they serve then to the running of that dApp if ether is what is used to run the application? What is the point of them?I know the easy answer is "so companies can raise money through ICOs". But is that really the answer? If so this whole market really would seem like a giant Ponzi scheme where people are pouring millions into something that has no functional value at all.Obviously there are a few projects like Omisego and Waltonchain where the tokens will be moved to their own chain and serve an actual purpose similar to how ether does, so this question doesn't apply to them. via /r/ethereum
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26 days ago
Why was Wales largely left alone by the great heathen army? : history
I've been interested in this question for a while. I understand that there was wide spread raiding and a few Dublin style colonies (E.G. Swansea) but no major effort to annex the Welsh kingdoms.All I've found is that "The Vikings, however, were not able to set up a Viking state or control Wales, owing to the powerful forces of Welsh kings", and that various Welsh kingdoms aided the Vikings in the conquest of Mercia.What made the Welsh kingdoms stronger than their English counterparts? Was there any major effort by the norse to annex Wales fully? Any sources would appreciated. via /r/history
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26 days ago
Netlify – Andreessen Horowitz
Take microservices, which are a more modular, independently deployable approach to developing software systems compared to monolithic architectures. Or take the rise of computing at the edge, which moves cloud computing closer to endpoints and users. And then take the rise of the developer and Git ecosystem over the past decade — with it, Github has become far more than a source code management/ version-control tool to a critical social and collaboration network for developers.
27 days ago
How much free time did the average worker have throughout the ages? : history
A brainfart that I had today, but I was wondering how much free time the average worker had to spend throughout the ages. In these modern days of 09:00-18:00 working hours with added time for travel and whatnot, there's not a lot of free time except for weekends. How did people throughout the different ages have it? Did they have more or less time? Traveling great distances to go to work is something that came with the advent of mass transportation I'd reckon? via /r/history
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27 days ago
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