Early Indo-European Online: Introduction to the Language Lessons
site explaining how to read a variety of indo-european languages from history
history  language  linguistics  reading  lessons  tutorial 
january 2014
Name Generator in California
for generating "real" fake addresses/identities
tools  identity  privacy  security  generator 
january 2014
The Hilbert Guide
Guide to setting up a good Star Trek Online pvp ship
gaming  STO  star+trek 
may 2013
Chef Guide « Qorthos
gw2 chef guide on the cheap
gw2  cooking  guide 
december 2012
Learn Japanese Online
weekly blog entries with vocab explained, video/audio, and translation
for reading practice
japanese  blog  study 
june 2012
Mobilism • View forum - eBooks
good source of ebook releases in various formats
october 2011
Pinboard - antisocial bookmarking
tools  web  software  internet  bookmarking  from delicious
december 2010
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