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IT'S THE SOAP. THE SOAP. also, Spike Milligan and Rumpole of the Bailey
17 hours ago
Regierungskrise: Trennungsplanspiele in der Union
CDU-Spitzenpolitiker zeigen sich für diesen Fall entschlossen, bei der bayerischen Landtagswahl Mitte Oktober mit einer eigenen Landesliste anzutreten. Die könne bis Mitte Juli aufgestellt werden; die notwendigen Unterlagen müssten bis zum 2. August eingereicht sein, wie es unter Verweis auf das Bayerische Wahlgesetz heißt. Die CDU werde der CSU mindestens ein Fünftel der Stimmen abnehmen. Kein CSU-Direktmandat sei dann mehr sicher. Bei Umfrageergebnissen für die CSU von derzeit rund 40 Prozent hieße das, dass die Partei mindestens zwei Koalitionspartner benötigte, um weiter zu regieren – oder sogar in die Opposition gehen müsste, wenn sich andere Parteien zusammenschließen
germany  merkel  cdu 
17 hours ago
mainly macro: The bankruptcy of the centre right: Brexit edition
The story of neoliberal overreach is in part about how centre-right politicians set in place or promoted causes or institutions that would allow for the ascendency of the hard-right and then eventually their own demise. In the US this stretches from repealing the fairness doctrine, which led to hard-right talk radio and then Fox News, to increasing the role of money in elections and finally allowing Trump to win the presidency. In the UK it involved promoting austerity and an immigration target that was bound to fail, both of which directly led to Brexit.
tories  trump  brexit  swl 
18 hours ago
Communism on the Second Floor | Review 31
The same is not true of the other examples in the book, which are in fact its centre – a north-western European squat belt of Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, which has emerged since the late 1960s in cities that have largely been comfortably housed.
squatting  housing 
18 hours ago
EU Law Analysis: Brexit: Some conceptual clarifications concerning EFTA and the EEA
It is with some surprise that the authors note that political debate in the UK has not yet reached a firm conclusion as to what the EU-UK arrangements should be at the end of the transitional period. It is hoped that the present note at least helps to clarify two of the possible options.
brexit  efta 
18 hours ago
German nuclear plant infected with computer viruses, operator says
Hypponen said he had recently spoken to a European aircraft maker that said it cleans the cockpits of its planes every week of malware designed for Android phones. The malware spread to the planes only because factory employees were charging their phones with the USB port in the cockpit.
android  security  malware 
18 hours ago
"We’re America, Bitch:" White House Official Defines Trump Doctrine - The Atlantic
“The Trump Doctrine is ‘We’re America, Bitch.’ That’s the Trump Doctrine.” // the problem here is that they're America, bitch, but that's not what it used to be.
politics  trump 
18 hours ago
50th Anniversary Of The IC
The year before the Kilby and Noyce circuits, the the UK’s Plessey made the world’s first model of an integrated circuit, based on the ideas of Geoffery Dummer of the Telecommunications Research Establishment which was demonstrated at the 1957 International Symposium on Components in Malvern, Worcs // also, patents are horseshit.
plessey  microchip  hardware  history  patenttrolls  innovation  to_blog 
18 hours ago
Fred Atkinson, economist, 1919-2018 | Financial Times
One part of that effort — which Sir Fred was involved in — was trying to improve the efficiency of the economy. He spent time focused on supply side measures at the Department of Trade and Industry // IIRC the fastest productivity growth on record was 1965-1975
atkinson  economics  keynesian  productivity 
18 hours ago
Question Time will continue to be pointless unless Dimbleby's replacement holds the audience to account | The Independent
In fact, it is arguably through the medium of the Question Time audience that a recent and quite horrifying fact of British political life can be most clearly seen. The EU referendum represents a fundamental shift, in that the public really did take back control from the politicians, who are now, two years later, sitting in Westminster, doing their bidding, trying to do what the public asked them to do, even though around 500 out of 650 of them consider it a terrible idea.
18 hours ago
Southern Baptists Call Off the Culture War - The Atlantic
Indeed, disentangling the SBC from the GOP is central to the denomination’s makeover. For example, a motion to defund the ERLC in response to the agency’s full-throated opposition to Donald Trump failed miserably.
god  baptists  trump 
20 hours ago
The court’s decision to let AT&T and Time Warner merge is ridiculously bad - The Verge
But neither Facebook nor Google owns the ultimate distribution layer of the consumer connection to the internet. They aren’t the world’s largest telecom company.
antitrust  att  timewarner  ovum  video  ads  horrible 
20 hours ago
VMware takes aim at multicloud and 5G networks with new NFV platform | FierceTelecom
retooled its NSX Managed Virtual Distributed Switch by using the Linux Foundations' DPDK data plane development switch. VMware said the switch is now three to five times faster than its predecessors in beta tests by customers such as NTT Com, Telia and Telefónica.
vmware  opensource  openstack  dpdk  linux  ovum 
4 days ago
BT's Sabey on the state of play for SD-WAN | FierceTelecom
Managing multiple network providers is the first one and then coping with an explosion of traffic is the second use case or market driver. Then the third one would be managing large branch networks. Then the fourth point is securely managing critical sites. For example, in the oil and gas industry, things like that. Then the last one would be what we would call boosting flexibility and control with virtual network functions.
sd-wan  bt  ovum 
6 days ago
Comcast’s Roberts is unfireable, Bloomberg reports | FierceCable
Lachapelle identifies one specific clause that’s pretty interesting: “The Chairman shall be Mr. Brian L. Roberts if he is willing and available to serve. … The CEO shall be Mr. Brian L. Roberts if he is willing and available to serve. For so long as Mr. Brian L. Roberts shall be the CEO, he shall also be the President of the Corporation.”

As Bloomberg also noted, Roberts has 33% voting control of Comcast, which currently is market capped at $148 billion, through class B stock. His interest is “generally non-dilutable,” the bylaws state.
comcast  ovum 
6 days ago
International trade - Imports by business size - OECD Data
This is useful but a browser killer for some reason
sme  ovum  statistics  trade 
7 days ago
The Market Police | Boston Review
It is better to think of them as compacts between national governments to support each other against the demands of their own peoples. In the words of GATT economist Tumlir, by subordinating themselves to international bodies, states are “salvaging their own sovereignty against internally grasping forces.”
economics  trade  europe 
7 days ago
chokka blog: There Is No Growth Assumption
we regret to inform you that the radical SNP is all about the fiscal responsibility
scotland  austerity  snp 
7 days ago
Minimum wage is about to ‘rise significantly’, labour minister says - The Local
Heil told Bild am Sonntag that he expects the Minimum Wage Commission to propose a “significant rise” in the legal lowest hourly wage due to the healthy state of the German economy.
germany  economics  minimumwage 
7 days ago
Turning out engines | Chuang
Interesting, especially on the distinction between Japanese manufacturers who own the important bits of the supply chain and German ones where the supply chain owns them
china  cars  manufacturing  labour 
7 days ago
Coulisses de Bruxelles - Vers un démantèlement de la PAC? - Libé
Car c’est là l’essentiel: chaque Etat aura droit à une enveloppe globale intouchable qu’il gèrera dans le cadre de neuf objectifs plutôt généraux assortis d’indicateurs plus précis : garantir un revenu agricole décent tout en accroissant la sécurité alimentaire, assurer une meilleure compétitivité, assurer la place de l’agriculture dans la chaine alimentaire, etc... Même si les programmes nationaux devront être approuvés par la Commission, la marge de manoeuvre laissée aux Etats est particulièrement large.
europe  pac  brexit 
7 days ago
The Importance of the Battle of Belleau Wood - War on the Rocks
The marines embraced the goal of fire superiority because they placed so much emphasis on rifle marksmanship. The tactics coincided the doctrine of “open warfare” espoused by Gen. John J. Pershing who commanded the AEF. He expected fast-moving American infantry units to make aggressive attacks against German positions over open ground, overwhelm them, and drive into the interior behind enemy lines. The American tactics ran counter to French doctrine
belleauwood  ww1  pershing  wot 
7 days ago
Many commentators claim that the United States created an empire after 1945 at the point when the insular possessions were being decolonised. The Philippines became independent in 1946; Puerto Rico became a Commonwealth in 1952; Hawai’i was incorporated as a state in 1959; Cuba opted for a revolutionary exit in the same year. The claim that the U.S. was or became an empire after the 1950s rests on a very general definition of ‘empire’ that makes it synonymous with powerful states. After 1945, the United Sates was indeed a great power, but it was not an empire
7 days ago
U.S. and Turkey Agree on Kurds’ Withdrawal From Syrian Town - The New York Times
United States officials expressed concerns for Kurdish civilians in Manbij who may come under pressure to leave with the Kurdish forces, or could suffer from retaliation of returning Arabs, as happened in Afrin.
kurdistan  syria  turkey  manbij 
9 days ago
More Afghan Children Are Out of School, Reversing a Trend - The New York Times
Afghanistan’s out-of-school population has risen to 3.7 million, or 44 percent of the school-age population, compared with 3.5 million, or 40 percent of the school-age population, a few years ago
9 days ago
The 25% Revolution--How Big Does a Minority Have to Be to Reshape Society? - Scientific American
Published this week in Science, the paper describes an online experiment in which researchers sought to determine what percentage of total population a minority needs to reach the critical mass necessary to reverse a majority viewpoint. The tipping point, they found, is just 25 percent
25%  karlrove  politics  networks 
9 days ago
Swift shows impact of Iran dispute on international business
A financial information network can either be “global with political neutrality, or not politically neutral and fragmented”, said Mr Véron. Politicisation and global reach “are mutually incompatible”.
swift  europe  globalisation  trump  westcrisis 
9 days ago
Washington’s Pax Americana Cartel | The American Conservative
It’s tempting to dismiss Stephens as simply a purveyor of drivel. To do so, however, is to commit a grave error
9 days ago
How the Gig Economy Is Reshaping Work: Not So Much - The New York Times
“The fact that our last data point on this was in 2005 makes it so hard to figure out what’s going on,” said Martha Gimbel, director of economic research for the job-search site Indeed. “Measurement is important, and this is why it’s important to fund data analysis.”
economics  labour 
9 days ago
‘The End of the World Will Start Here in Manbij’ - The New York Times
In the town Arima, just west of the city, the S.D.F., Americans, Turks, rebels, Syrian Army, Russians and Iranians are squeezed into one square kilometer
syria  4gw 
9 days ago
Media change deniers: Why debates around news need a better evidence base — and how we can get one » Nieman Journalism Lab
And a growing number of independent, evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies have found that, in fact, search engines and social media lead most people to more diverse news — the opposite of the filter bubble hypothesis
news  journalism  fakenews  filterbubble  outragejodrell  algokitsch 
10 days ago
Grenfell Tower’s smoke ventilation system 'failed days before fire' | UK news | The Guardian
“The proposed cost was £3,600 + VAT,” Booth said. “The proposal for a maintenance contract was not taken up.
11 days ago
OEC - United Kingdom (GBR) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners
The top exports of the United Kingdom are Cars ($48.8B), Gold ($28.3B), Packaged Medicaments ($23.8B), Gas Turbines ($21.8B) and Unspecified ($18.2B),
trade  economics  complexity 
11 days ago
Air Marshal Phil Osborn on Intelligence and Information Advantage in a Contested World | RUSI
And just some 3 months ago, it would have been inconceivable to imagine that we would see a highly likely state-sponsored chemical weapons attack in a British city // why, because it was only 12 years since the previous one?
russia  litvinenko 
11 days ago
How Brexiteers lost control of Brexit – POLITICO
In reality, the December text, coupled with the abandonment of the prime minister’s much-loved mantra that “no deal is better than a bad deal,” firmly set the U.K. on a path toward a close regulatory relationship with Brussels after Brexit.
brexit  to_blog  afoe 
11 days ago
Grenfell Inquiry: Man Who Lived In Flat Where Fire Began Was Offered Police Protection
He begged journalists, who he said had repeatedly doorstepped Kebede, to “leave him alone” so he can begin to rebuild his life.
11 days ago
Dan Davies on Twitter: "Yes it's interesting that hardly anything has leaked from them… "
A hugely important point about Labour policy on Brexit. EFTA won't cut it, so no special hurry to vote for it, which implies a free hand to pick one's battles.
brexit  efta  eea  labour  customs  to_blog  afoe 
11 days ago
Elon Musk and the Unnerving Influence of Twitter's Power Users | WIRED
points a couple: 1) social networks always tend to have a long right tail 2) does the algo timeline make it more so? 3) there's such a thing as an implicit or virtual user 4) making users responsible for who chooses to barge into their threads = anyone can get you shut down by barging into your thread
twitter  networks  trolls  to_blog 
11 days ago
Bye-bye, PFI: UK signals effective end of private finance initiative - Sectors - GCR
The decline in enthusiasm for using the PF2 is evident in Whitehall’s unwillingness to mount a defence of it // its only surviving function - shouting at Momentum
11 days ago
Dixons Carphone risks loss of big mobile groups in contracts row
One person on the retail side of one of the largest networks said that it has delayed a decision on whether to re-sign with the retailer, and that it could walk away.
ovum  cpw  reseller 
11 days ago
SoftBank offloads majority stake in Arm’s China unit for $775m
“The partners in China are still using the very same technology they were using prior to the JV being established,” he said. “If you are a local partner, the biggest change is that you are now operating on a PRC contract as opposed to a UK contract.”
softbank  arm  china  chips  ovum 
11 days ago
WSJ investigative journalist John Carreyrou on Recode Decode: transcript - Recode
Well, that may be, but they’re going to have to prove it by publishing in scientific papers and by subjecting their innovations to peer review. They’re going to have to, to some extent, to a large extent, accept the rules of medical research. Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos did not accept the rules of medical research and tried to get around them and to ignore them. The result is this fiasco.
11 days ago
Work Smarter | Spark NZ
Apps here: Nextminute (job management), Putti (forms), Shoeboxed (docs)
sme  spark  apps  ovum 
11 days ago
Digital Catapult - Cyber 101
Running nationally until March 2021, Cyber 101 is part of DCMS funded activity to grow the UK’s cyber security industry and the capability of cyber security startups and scaleups. This programme is linked to the Develop strand of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, a series of activities that will be supported by £1.9bn in public investment over the next five years. It is delivered in partnership with Digital Catapult, The Accelerator Network, CSIT and Inogesis.
catapult  security  ovum  sme 
11 days ago
3 UK chief dismissive of EE 5G test plan - Mobile World Live
“We will start doing 5G trials in early 2019,” Dyson said at an event held to detail the operator’s 5G roadmap. He noted there is little point in attempting to take the title of the UK’s first 5G trial, because infrastructure company Arqiva had already conducted tests in 2017. // saucer of milk!
ee  3uk  5g  catty  ovum 
11 days ago
Government gives Theresa May two weeks to solve Border issue
Dublin was only “interested in proposals that are written down”.

“On paper like. Or on a screen. We are at legal text stage. We need legal texts to draft and debate.”
ireland  brexit  europe  burn 
12 days ago
The Democratic Party is flying blind on economics
How it happened provides an interesting example of how an elite political formation can change its thinking on key questions.
politics  keynesian  clinton  sanders  economics 
12 days ago
F-35 program office floats new ‘agile acquisition’ strategy
That will entail changing the F-35’s acquisition strategy to allow for agile software development where development and testing happen concurrently, and incremental updates are continuously pushed out, he said.
software  f35  to_blog 
12 days ago
Marine Corps F-35s dogged by parts shortages
However, a number of workarounds are still needed, for instance, when that data does not import correctly, the maintainer said.
f35  software  to_blog 
12 days ago
Air Force acquisition exec: To reduce F-35 sustainment cost, focus on agile software
“A lot of the sustainment challenges would be solved if you do the software correctly, because the predictive maintenance happens via software,” he said. “The supply chain management happens via software. So it’s kind of like if you could solve this one thing, the dominoes would fall over and the world would be better.”
f35  software  alis  to_blog 
12 days ago
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