Opinion | Japan Can’t Handle the Coronavirus. Can It Host the Olympics?
The Japanese government today is dominated by third- and fourth-generation descendants of long political dynasties, who inherited such important assets as name recognition, dedicated electoral machines, ample tax-exempt campaign funds and vast networks of cronies and special interest groups. Both the prime minister and the deputy prime minister, Taro Aso, are the grandchildren of former prime ministers; Mr. Koizumi, the environment minister, is the son of an ex-prime minister; the defense minister, Taro Kono, is the son of a former deputy prime minister.
japan  std  politics  wuhan 
4 hours ago
Verizon 5G carrier aggregation trial achieves speeds of 4.2 gbps
Magnus Ojert, VP of the networks division for Samsung Electronics America, added that “the trial also shows the power of the Samsung Networks’ 5G NR 28 GHz Access Unit, the smallest integrated mmWave radio in the market.”
verizon  5g  28ghz  samsung  ovum] 
4 hours ago
Vodafone increases speed of existing 5G sites in Germany
Vodafone had initially launched its 5G network in Germany last year, on 3.5 GHz frequencies that it acquired from Telefónica in 2018. Vodafone noted that existing 5G base stations and antenna are being brought up to full power, offering customers speeds of up to 1 Gbps, up from the maximum speed of 500 Mbps that has been provided by 5G so far.
vodafone  5g  ovum 
4 hours ago
Resonant filters out the 5G hype - RCR Wireless News
We’ve been pretty stagnated in frequencies from 1-2 GHz for the last 20 years,” Kelly said, noting a few exceptions such as the push down to 600 MHz and up to 2.5 GHz. “It’s a new thing where we’re seeing frequency bands being auctioned in the 3-5 GHz range.” He went on to say that as those technologies launch, technology bottlenecks include the clearing of the spectrum as well as filters.
rffe  resonant  5g  ovum 
4 hours ago
Nokia readies network slicing launch - Mobile World Live
Nokia announced plans to roll out network slicing solutions for 4G LTE and 5G New Radio (NR) systems later this year, claiming it will be the first vendor to offer this capability.

In a statement, Nokia said it had been testing and developing slicing solutions with European operators A1 and Telia, with plans to launch to customers in the middle of the year.
nokia  networkslicing  telia  5g  ovum 
4 hours ago
India mobile subscribers decline - Mobile World Live
TRAI’s numbers showed the pair lost a collective 99.1 million subscribers, resulting in an overall decline of 2.1 per cent year-on-year to 1.15 billion at end-2019.
india  gsm  ovum 
4 hours ago
BMW, Microsoft recruit InBev, Bosch to help resolve IoT connectivity and analytics
Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), Bosch Group, and ZF Friedrichshafen Group have joined the steering committee for the Open Manufacturing Platform (OMP). BMW Group and Microsoft are already on board as founding members.
microsoft  bosch  privatemobile  industry4  opcua  tsn  ovum 
4 hours ago
Rakuten Mobile tees up 5G OpenRAN trial in Singapore | FierceWireless
Japan’s Rakuten Mobile is teaming up with mobile operator TPG to test 5G open RAN solutions in Singapore.
oran  rakuten  tpg  singapore  ovum 
4 hours ago
JMA’s U.S.-Developed Private Wireless Solution Demonstrates “Industrial Grade” Connectivity, Capacity and Flexibility - Bloomberg
JMA achieved more than 5,000 simultaneous connected users on a single
multi-network supported CellHub radio, delivering a baseline of performance
critical for the breadth of devices required in diverse IOT, smartphone, and
data-connected enterprise environments.
jmawireless  cbrs  ovum 
4 hours ago
DT CEO places crosshairs on Verizon, AT&T - Mobile World Live
He added the operation also had potential to up its play in the business segment, focusing on SMEs
t-mobile  dtag  sme  ovum 
4 hours ago
The LT3000 Blog: Facebook - the bear case
How much of FB's US ARPU is being driven by unsustainable CAC spending is unknown, but there is a notable gap between FB's monetisation in Europe and the US & Canada ($13.21/quarter vs. US$41.41/quarter, respectively, in 4Q19), despite Europe also being a relatively high-income region. The bulls have argued this is due to FB being under-monetised in Europe and the RoW (FB's global average was US$8.52/quarter in 4Q19), but the gap could also reflect FB being heavily over-monetised in the US, reflecting rampant Valley financing of worthless tech start-ups willing to spend billions of dollars on Facebook and Google ads to acquire customers and sustain rapid top-line growth at any cost.
facebook  ads  bubble2  bear 
5 hours ago
Openreach Test XGS-PON Ahead of Symmetric FTTP Speed Trial - ISPreview UK
going forward it states a plan to offer a free upgrade from 500/165 (download / upload) to 550/550 and from 1000/220 to 1000/1000 respectively. Clearly the long rumoured symmetric speed tiers are about to become real.
ftth  xgs-pon  openreach  ovum 
5 hours ago
Openreach Reveals Price of New 0.5Mbps Fibre Broadband Tier - ISPreview UK
so the price for the absolute minimum service activation is ~£10/mo. Hyperoptic sticks 45Mbps more on that for another tenner so perhaps a social tariff/free bb offer might be £15ish/30Mbps
broadband  ftth  openreach  ovum 
5 hours ago
Sometimes you need to tell voters they're wrong
Over the weekend Kerry McCarthy, the Labour MP for Bristol East, responded to a constituent haranging her on Twitter by replying: "There is a difference between 'being ignored' and people not agreeing with you after hearing the arguments." That's a formulation that won't work with everyone – sometimes, people are just going to keep shouting – but at least she's being honest.
listening  politics 
6 hours ago
Campus free speech problem: left-wingers being fired for their opinions - Vox
“Most of the incidents where presumptively conservative speech has been interrupted or squelched in the last two or three years seem to involve the same few speakers: Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray, and Ann Coulter ,” Sanford Ungar, the project’s director, writes. “In some instances, they seem to invite, and delight in, disruption.”
6 hours ago
Dear makers of smart home things. Yeah, you with that bright idea of an IoT Candle. Here's an SDK from Amazon • The Register
Amazon Common Software (ACS) for Devices is offered as a preview to developers willing to ask the Seattle-based server rental and tchotchke shop for admittance.

It offers an API integration layer for common IoT device functions, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, device-to-cloud and intra-device networking, device management (metrics, logging, updates), and audio/video handling.
iot  aws  sense  security  ovum 
8 hours ago
Hey, remember Microsoft's IoT Linux gear? After two years, Azure Sphere is finally here • The Register
Microsoft insists that Azure Sphere is not really a subscription service. The MediaTek MT3620 Micro-controller unit (MCU) silicon, the Azure Sphere OS and the Azure Sphere Security Service costs up to $8.65 upfront (with volume discounting) and will be supported through July 2031.
microsoft  iot  mediatek  security  azure  sense  ovum 
8 hours ago
Man Wanting to Prove Earth Is Flat Dies in Homemade Rocket Crash - ExtremeTech
The people who really need to take some responsibility here are the makers of the TV show who were financing him, indulging him with attention, egging him on, and making it much harder to back out of the stupid stunt.
flatearth  journalism  irresponsible  tv 
9 hours ago
The bird-dogger: The beautiful art of hassling politicians while wearing animal costumes - The Washington Post
Recent years have brought forth Big Birds, Miss Piggies, tires, handmaids, giant EpiPens, mariachi bands, the Monopoly man and, in one case in April, someone dressed as Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg whipping Jesus Christ while Satan looked on, appalled.
politics  chicken  theatre  chickensuit 
10 hours ago
Hosni Mubarak’s death changes little for Egypt
A joke circulating in Cairo in those days had god telling Mubarak that the time had come to bid his people farewell, to which he replied, “Really? Where are they going?”
egypt  mubarak 
20 hours ago
A Police State With an Islamist Twist: Inside Hifter’s Libya
On one recent Friday, about two dozen adults and an equal number of children marched for about 150 yards while holding photographs of Mr. Hifter. Then everyone settled listlessly into plastic chairs and chanted profanities about the president of Turkey. During an interview, a spokesman for Mr. Hifter required a visiting journalist to watch a video of more than a dozen gruesome beheadings.
20 hours ago
Red Hat slips through Platform 16 to OpenStack wizarding world, says customers still want to run their own cloud • The Register
Today, with our telco customers on the 5G journey, we had to extend from a core cloud infrastructure down to the edge. OpenStack Platform 16 addresses that by introducing distributed compute nodes capability. We even added storage at the edge. Going back to Anthos and Azure Stack and OutPosts, I think the public cloud recognise this is where it is going. Everyone's going after 5G and edge.
redhat  cloud  openstack  linux  5g  ovum 
21 hours ago
Thanks, Qualcomm: Mandatory 5G means phones now ship with disabled 5G modems | Ars Technica
External modems take up more space, run hotter, and use more power than an onboard modem, and to accept this compromise while also not getting 5G seems like a really bad deal.
qualcomm  ovum  5g 
21 hours ago
1-(700) Killed Tie | TalkingPointz
The capabilities of 700 service just started rolling out in the early 1980s and in 1983 the Bell System was divested and smashed into pieces. Long Distance was to be competitive. The reasons for having private lines was about to go away
700  voice  telecoms  att  history  virtualization 
Uncle Sam: Secretly spying on networks around the world without telling anyone, Huawei? But that's OUR job • The Register
God forbid anyone secretly spies on people without warning, such as by intercepting data-center links, or bugging routers in transit, or championing flawed cryptographic algorithms, or straight-up breaking into foreign telcos... and, yeah, you get the picture.
huawei  surveillance  snowden  tradewar  china  ovum 
Suckers List: How Allstate’s Secret Auto Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders – The Markup
The price increases didn’t really come after any claim. They were just small amounts all during the life of the policy,” said Bennett, who lives in one of the 10 states where public records show Allstate uses a retention model // there is probably no point calling this a "retention model" - it's more like a model that determines how much you can provoke customers before they desert
insurance  pricing  monopoly  thinkofanumber 
Verizon to test 5G for healthcare at Atlanta lab - RCR Wireless News
Verizon has turned up its 5G service at a healthcare lab in Atlanta, partnering with Emory Healthcare in a move to develop and test 5G use cases in the medical field.
verizon  5g  ovum  privatemobile 
Federated Wireless loops Microsoft Azure, AWS into CBRS connectivity-as-a-service - RCR Wireless News
Federated will deliver, install and manage the network (it has its own network operations center) and facilitates end-point management, with five-9s service level agreements and cloud scale via its partners. That level of service delivery starts to sound very much like a network operator #AltSP
5g  privatemobile  fedwireless  ovum  alternativesp 
mCDNs on moving trains - RCR Wireless News
If a train hits a station for two minutes and is within 150 meters of a 5G cell site, you can perform cache management at 10 gigabits per second. In that way, 5G is very helpful, and you’re actually doing something really interesting
5g  railways  cdn  ovum 
Corning exec discusses bringing the speed of mmWave indoors
We’re seeing a lot of machine learning and automation applications where you may have a lot of robots in a factory that can reconfigure themselves
corning  privatemobile  5g  mmwave  ovum 
The Beautician and the Beast: Danielle Hindley v the Mail on Sunday – Byline Times
Instead, it sent an undercover reporter to Dolly’s Hair, Nails and Beauty equipped with a hidden camera to record a beauty session with Hindley. The reporter, Charlotte Wace, discovered nothing of substance to support Smith’s complaint.
leveson  dailyhell 
(2) The cards are being reshuffled: Open interfaces for new ideas | LinkedIn
Deutsche Telekom is fully committed to the adoption and commercialization of O-RAN compliant disaggregated RAN. While we continue to drive the technology advancement of disaggregated RAN solutions, our RAN sourcing mandates O-RAN compliant implementations.
dtag  oran  ovum 
Cutbacks by Ancestry, 23andMe Signal a Shakeout for DNA Industry
Vinome, a test on the Helix platform that matched people with wine they might like based on their genetics, said on its website in January it was taking a break. Mirza Cifric, CEO of Veritas Genetics, which temporarily shut down in December after running out of funding, said it is stressing that its test offers real clinical utility as it relaunches.
Underground Russian Influence: Johnson and the Ghost Station – Byline Times
Two weeks after the sale, Firtash was arrested under a global FBI indictment for “racketeering” and “money laundering”. A week later, Firtash was bailed out by Vasily Anisimov, the billionaire who heads the Russian Judo Federation and an ally of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Ukraine  Russia  Tories  firtash  dodgy 
Elkabbach-Hortefeux: écoutez la connivence | Mediapart
— J.-P. E. : Ouais, ouais, ouais.  Il faut que tu sois l’anti-raciste par excellence. Même si tu penses le contraire.
— B. H. (rires).
— J.-P. E. (rires).
— B. H. : Là, tu préjuges (rires). Là, tu préjuges
France  journalism  hortefeux 
A Billion-Dollar Scandal Turns the ‘King of Manuscripts’ Into the ‘Madoff of France’
He needed a miracle — and he got the secular version of just that. On Nov. 13, 2012, Mr. Lhéritier hit the lottery. Specifically, he hit the EuroMillions, which paid him €169 million, then worth about $215 million...Now, because nothing in his legal situation prevents it, he is discovering bargains in the wreckage
ponzi  fraud  lottery  france 
Keir Starmer has the values and decency to lead a socialist Labour Party into government
Amid all the shouting and lying of the last three years, there was not one moment when Keir was anything other than decent, honest and truthful. These are important qualities.
labour  onwurah  sks 
2 days ago
Lisa Nandy says social conservatism is a Labour tradition. She's wrong | Political Quarterly Blog
One of the hardest sells was over compulsory secondary education to the age of 16. This was a Labour policy since 1918 that promised to blow open the communities its MPs represented but which – notoriously – was opposed by a high percentage of its working-class supporters.

This was especially the case in Lancashire where Lisa Nandy has her seat
nandy  labour  history  to_blog 
2 days ago
The secret behind the Sanders campaign: people before tech | Common Knowledge | Opinion | The Guardian
I'm not sure this is actually true. They built a ton of organizing technology, pretty much entirely in oss
obama  to_blog 
2 days ago
bellingcat - An Officer And A Diplomat: The Strange Case Of The GRU Spy With A Red Notice - bellingcat
A follow-up email pointing to the oddity of a random stranger unknown to Russian officials being accredited to the WTO, and running marathons on behalf of the Russian Mission, remained unanswered
bellingcat  russia  gru  osint 
2 days ago
The new “low-yield” W76-2 nuclear warhead is extremely dangerous and unnecessary.
Seeing as we're involved, this would be a much more consequential thing for any given British politician to have a row about
2 days ago
Apple may be open to letting users set their own default apps | Engadget
According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the company is considering letting users switch from Apple's default apps to those of its rivals.
2 days ago
The Rishi Sunak Yorkshire tea debacle exposes abuse - and that no one understands sponsored content | inews
“Brands can hardly complain: this blurriness is why sponcon works. It makes paid-for advertorial look ‘authentic’, more real and more credible... “It’s a skirmish in the culture wars,” reckons Owens. “Rishi Sunak is trying to wield Yorkshire Tea for nationalist, populist ends. And so people opposed to all that – and unclear at the brand’s level of involvement – find themselves yelling at a teabag.”
tea  tories  sponcon  advertising  stupidity 
2 days ago
Modernizing Nuclear Bomber Command and Control | SIGNAL Magazine
The Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal (Global ASNT—pronounced global assent) is a ground-based, three-increment program that provides persistent, survivable and redundant command and control (C2) communications to the U.S. Air Force strategic bomber fleet. The terminals also provide a C2 capability for the tankers and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft supporting the nuclear bomber mission. It is a part of the Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN) that passes messages from national command authorities—the president and senior leaders—to nuclear forces.
c4istar  usaf  nukes 
2 days ago
Building more Council Housing is not the best way to reduce rough sleeping | Dream Housing
It’s very hard to look at this and conclude that giving Westminster the money needed to build more council flats will result in the kind of dramatic reduction in the number of people sleeping rough which we desperately need to see.
homeless  housing  london  tories  shirleyporter 
2 days ago
Owen Hatherley on Twitter: "@ECarlssonBrowne @DrSchwitters @simonk_133 that is forgivable if infuriating, it's people who aren't old Jewish men yelling in much the same wilfully offensive way as old Jewish men and not understanding why they couldn't that
huge- amount of it was cantankerous old sods who are basically right but have zero social skills and give no fucks going 'not this again' and then saying massively inflammatory stuff - G Secker comes especially to mind here
labour  corbyn  antisemitism 
2 days ago
Andrew Weatherall interview: “It’s bollocks, it’s discos, tell me tales of the sea.” | Dummy Mag
That was handily capsulated by a fisherman I met in County Cork. This young lad picked me up for the gig and he was 21 and was a trawlerman. He wanted to know about the glamourous world of DJing, to which I said, It’s bollocks, it’s discos, tell me about tales of the sea
weatherall  music  maritime 
2 days ago
Troy Leon Gregg - Wikipedia
Their escape was not discovered until Gregg telephoned a newspaper to explain their reasons. Gregg was beaten to death later that night in a biker bar in North Carolina; his body was found in a lake.[5] He had been drinking heavily and attempted to assault one of the waitresses. She rebuked his advances and he became violent towards her. One of the local bikers present took offense to his actions and assaulted and killed him, he and several other locals then dumped the body in a lake located behind the bar
stupidity  crime 
2 days ago
Wireless at Cloud Scale – Accelerating 4G/5G Private Networks for the Enterprise through AWS and Azure – Federated Wireless
Through the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Marketplace, managed connectivity can be purchased with a single click, or seamlessly integrated with the full range of IoT industrial automation, critical communications and security applications that AWS offers.
privatemobile  ovum 
2 days ago
Tip: Take This Strength Test, Save Your Life | T Nation
37 of those men had suffered from a heart disease-related issue in the 10-year follow-up. And here's the kicker: 36 of those same dudes had failed to do at least 40 push-ups
2 days ago
The Great Buenos Aires Bank Heist | GQ
The robbery was the cover story for the robbery
2 days ago
How each constituency's Labour vote share changed under Corbyn | Left Foot Forward
the seats where Labour did best under Corbyn tended to be seats where either a small left-wing party or the Liberal Democrats had a high vote share in 2015 which Labour seem to have eaten into.
2 days ago
Burritos, bagels and $16K worth of sushi: how 2020 Democrats are feeding their staff | US news | The Guardian
Despite only having launched in late November, the [Bloomberg] campaign has already spent about $310,000 on food. Most of that went to office catering services, but one notable line item was more than $10,000 to Air Culinaire, an in-flight catering service for private jets
bloomberg  rich 
3 days ago
Economists should learn lessons from meteorologists | Financial Times
it is striking that many critiques of the economic mainstream seem to have little interest in high-resolution, high frequency data. Instead, they propose replacing one broad theory with another broad theory
economics  empiricism 
3 days ago
3GPP’s Release 16 timeline hangs in the balance thanks to coronavirus – Telecoms.com
“When experiments with e-meetings have happened in the past it is very easy for discussion to spiral and go quite tangential,” one insider told Telecoms.com. “90% of the negotiation to reach agreements on contentious topics happen over coffee, lunch and dinner… you don’t get that opportunity in an e-meeting.”

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, all Technical Specification Group (TSG) and Working Group (WG) meetings have now been replaced with electronic meetings for the first quarter. 3GPP has said this is only applicable where practical, and when not, presumably the meeting is cancelled.
covid19  3gpp  r16  5g  china  ovum 
3 days ago
Starmer warns Labour: unite or face a generation out of power | Politics | The Guardian
Starmer said he was planning to create a dedicated “attack and rebuttal” unit within the party’s media team, as part of party restructuring designed to improve Labour’s fightback against the Tory administration
labour  starmer 
3 days ago
Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet | WIRED
At Jimmy Wales' wedding, one of the maids of honor toasted him as the sole internet mogul who wasn't a billionaire.
3 days ago
Secondary Modern
The two sets of glass walls, designed by Morgan to trap heat and to ventilate the school through a system of vents, were used as escape hatches by children to leave their own classrooms, reach other teaching rooms, and even to scale the roof // also someone genuinely half-bright decided to fit low energy bulbs in a building whose primary heating was the bulbs
architecture  energy  education  wirral  solar 
3 days ago
Assessing the Reasons for Failure: 1st British Airborne Division Signal Communications during Operation ‘Market Garden’: Defence Studies: Vol 4, No 3
If 3 Battery was able to maintain their link there should have been no reason technically why Divisional HQ should not also have had communications with the bridge. ‘Communication from Hartenstein to the bridge was not only possible, but should have been easy.’57
arnhem  radio  telecoms  history  fail 
3 days ago
FFP turned round Premier League clubs’ losses and helped restore Liverpool | Financial fair play | The Guardian
City were in crisis then, at risk of becoming a classic illustration of the need for such rules
3 days ago
Russia Gives Lessons in Electronic Warfare | AUSA
their families receive a text stating, “Your son is killed in action,” which often prompts a call or text to the soldiers // causing the mobes to light up and providing precision location
gsm  propaganda  russia  c4istar 
5 days ago
Biden Adds a Claim to His Biography: An Arrest in South Africa
“No, I was never arrested and I don’t think he was, either,” Mr. Young, now 87, said in a telephone interview.
biden  southafrica 
5 days ago
Could Leeds Road's success be replicated in city centre? | Bradford Telegraph and Argus
"It is about getting the right offer. We don't want to be the hen night capital of West Yorkshire. We want an offer where people feel safe." #Disturbing
6 days ago
Powerful antibiotic discovered using machine learning for first time | Society | The Guardian
Rather than looking for any potential antimicrobials, the algorithm focused on compounds that looked effective but unlike existing antibiotics.
antibiotics  machinelearning 
6 days ago
Private equity and Britain’s care home crisis
Of course Guy "ffucking your brains out with ffyon" Hands is involved
6 days ago
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