Charter adds former Ericsson executive Manish Jindal as Group VP for wireless R&D | FierceCable
In his LinkedIn profile, Jindal lists responsibilities including “driving Standards, Spectrum, 5G, 3.5Ghz, IoT initiatives.”
3.5ghz  ovum  charter 
5 days ago
Vodafone numbers paint a picture of mediocrity |
The UK and India are the main trouble makers here, with each market declining year-on-year by 4.5% and 8.7% respectively. // how long before they sell out of brexit island?
Brexit  vodafone  ovum 
6 days ago
Cisco confirms shutdown of licensed small cell unit | FierceWireless
The small cell market did not mature as the industry anticipated, and we have recently made the decision to discontinue our licensed Universal Small Cell (USC) 8000 Series enterprise radio products // Lightspeed/VIP was a waste of space and T-Mo's big sites, 1800MHz strategy a triumph
Cisco  t-mobile  att  ovum  smallcells 
6 days ago
Legere slams "choking" rivals after strong Q2 - Mobile World Live
that means their margins doubled while they kept killing on share.
t-mobile  ovum 
6 days ago
Corning acquires small cell provider SpiderCloud - Mobile World Live
SpiderCloud will become part of the Corning Optical Communications unit, and aligns with the businesses’ strategy of growing annual sales from $3 billion in 2016 to $5 billion in 2020 through innovation and acquisitions, Corning said.
smallcells  ovum 
6 days ago
ZTE set for H1 profit hike - Mobile World Live
H1 profit increased 29.9 per cent year-on-year to CNY2.29 billion ($339 million), on revenue up 13.1 per cent to CNY54.01 billion // a good 2% margin there
zte  ovum  commoditisation 
6 days ago
Pay-TV Q2 subscriber losses will hit 1.28M, analyst says | FierceCable
expecting AT&T will have lost about 300,000 across its U-verse and DirecTV platforms, and pegs Dish Network’s Q2 losses to come in at a staggering 370,000 before additions for virtual platform Sling TV are factored in
iptv  cablecos  att  ovum 
6 days ago
Mongolia First – POLITICO
a fascinating case study of Diego Gambetta's work on the importance of The Godfather to post-Soviet criminals.
to_BLOG  Russia  movies  gambetta  toons 
9 days ago
BBC - Travel - This desolate English path has killed more than 100 people
Conceptually, it is close to paradox. It is a right of way and as such is inscribed on maps and in law, but is also swept clean of the trace of passage twice daily by the tide. What do you call a path that is no path?
11 days ago
‘What do you want?’: As indecision and the UK’s lack of leadership grow, EU gets serious | Politics | The Guardian
what do we want? I suggest they extend for a good long time so we can cry on the naughty step until we get bored
11 days ago
Why did Pinterest move from Django to Flask? - Quora
huh. interesting that Flask gets used in big scale
Python  flask  webdev 
11 days ago
‘I was pretending to be a boy for a variety of reasons’: the strange case of Gayle Newland | UK news | The Guardian
he leans across and whispers quietly to his legal team: “Can we make sure the dildo is brought in and positioned discreetly?” But that proves impossible.
11 days ago
Guest Editorial: How 4G improved in 2016 and will turn the corner in 2017 – JM Communications
Clarke reckons VF's big project this year was 2100MHz refarming to 4G and parallel 900MHz refarming to 3G CS voice. given as VF has masses of 2100 this should mean they are awash with capacity. didn't look like it from a customer perspective
vodafone  spectrum  ovum  4g 
11 days ago
The Chinese Think Liu Xiaobo Was Asking For It – Foreign Policy
very good. this was also one of the reasons I gave up on The Exile
China  authoritarianism 
11 days ago
Ken Loach accused of exempting himself from cultural boycott of Israel | Film | The Guardian
I suspect he meant boycott the nasty ones, not like his mate who runs the indie cinema where the kind of Israelis who are at all likely to watch Ken Loach films hang out
11 days ago
‘Chakras? I literally haven’t heard anyone mention them since 2008’
“Your chakras?” I went. “Are they suddenly a thing again?” because – like “arugula” and “work-life balance” – I haven’t heard anyone mention them since literally 2008.

“They’ve always been a thing,” she went. “It’s just that since the crash we’ve all been too busy with, like, staying alive to worry about our psychic energy centres.”
11 days ago
Britain’s Gift to America: The New Sleazocracy -
According to Mr. Goldstone’s account, he moved from local journalism to work for Rupert Murdoch’s best-selling British daily newspaper The Sun and other tabloids before turning to public relations for pop stars. This career path happens to be ideal training in what Russian intelligence agencies call “kompromat"
11 days ago
easyJet Media Centre
this is what the second biggest G-fleet getting flagged out?
Brexit  aviation 
11 days ago
Reject the chancers and their fantasy visions of post-Brexit trade | Martin Kettle | Opinion | The Guardian
Don’t worry, we’re not leaving the EU, a former cabinet minister messaged me last weekend
trade  Brexit  Tories 
11 days ago
Peter W. Smith, GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide, records show - Chicago Tribune
well whadda ya know. can't help but giggle at the idea of suicide by helium; inappropriately squeaky
helium  trump 
11 days ago
SoundCloud sinks as leaks say layoffs buy little time | TechCrunch
well this sucks dog balls through a fine mesh. and as Jason Scott was saying, it's heavy media - much harder to just wget it all
SoundCloud  startups  music  bubble2 
11 days ago
How Actors and Filmmakers Cope With Enacting Rape on Screen | L.A. Weekly
ok so "rape choreographer" is a job title. the article is excellent
movement  film  movies  rape 
11 days ago
The spy and the SAS soldier with a loaded Glock - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
what started as a convivial dinner in covert premises in Kabul ended badly with an SAS trooper pulling his handgun on a female ASIS officer.
aussie  Afghanistan 
11 days ago
SNP MPs fear another snap election: “It was one-way traffic to Labour”
the Edinburgh administration has been accused of failing to generate any legislation since getting elected back in 2016. They countered that last month by bringing forward a bill to reintroduce docking puppy dogs tails.
snp  Scotland  dogs  politics 
11 days ago
Afghanistan and Considerations of Supply
As long as the additional U.S. troop deployment does not much exceed the cap of 3,900, Pentagon planners think they have an alternative in the “Lapis Lazuli Corridor.” This recently established transport corridor runs from northwestern Afghanistan through Turkmenistan across the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan and then through Georgia to Turkey
afghanistan  trump  logistics 
13 days ago
Renewable Gains Offset Coal’s Decline In 2016 – R-Squared Energy
Interestingly, coal consumption declined by 53 MTOE, but modern renewables like wind and solar power increased by 53 MTOE. So one could accurately argue that the increase in the consumption of modern renewables like wind and solar power exactly offset the decline in coal consumption. That seems to be the first time that has ever happened.
coal  climate  optimism 
13 days ago
How do you cut a monolith in half? — programming is terrible
"a message broker is a service that transforms network errors and machine failures into filled disks. Then you add more disks" // it starts here and gets better.
distributed-computing  scalability  networking  messagebroker  loadbalancer  endtoend  multicast  ovum 
13 days ago
Who is paying for the Premier League's bumper TV deal? Your local pub | Football | The Guardian
Pubs can save up to 33% on their total fee by stocking Molson Coors products, although the discount only applies if they hit a sales quota. A publican might then find themselves in a position where the only way they can afford Sky is by selling products they didn’t want in the first place. Chris Roach of the White Lion Inn is one such publican: “I receive a discount of £3,611 plus VAT, as I have sold my soul to Molson Coors via Carling to guarantee a certain barrage of their products.” If Sky decide to shift distributors for a better deal in a year’s time, publicans must follow them in making the switch, abandoning the drinks they have spent a year encouraging their customers to buy.
antittrust  pubs  sky  murdoch  horrible_beer 
13 days ago
How Spammers, Superstars, and Tech Giants Gamed Music
This is completely bizarre. I never liked Spotty anyway, not even when Keith McMahon got me a pre-alpha invite...
spotify  music 
13 days ago
Why Millennials Should Lead the Next Labor Movement -
People like me, who have mental museums filled with memories of the stability that came with our parents’ union jobs, could be the perfect leaders of the next labor union renaissance
13 days ago
How Class in China Became Politically Incorrect - BLARB
Research by the University of Sydney’s David Goodman has found that around 84% of today’s elite are direct descendants of the elite from pre-1949.
china  class 
13 days ago
Beijing Has 850,000 Public Security Volunteers Watching Your Every Move | the Beijinger
The importance of self-policing by the public is clear to city authorities like Beijing municipal Party committee secretary Cai Qiru who described the goal to "mobilize the masses to manage the city."
china  im  surveillance 
13 days ago
Some things you should know before using Amazon’s Elasticsearch Service on AWS
they advised us to be cautious because making any change at all will double the size of the cluster and copy every shard .
elasticsearch  aws  cloud  ovum 
13 days ago
Building m.uber: Engineering a High-Performance Web App for the Global Market - Uber Engineering Blog
The resulting state and markup are inlined as strings in the server response so that content loads almost immediately // "Unless T-Mobile UK pulls that stupid crap again"
performance  webdev  uber  gprs  javascript  ovum 
13 days ago
AT&T Rebrands GoPhone as 'AT&T Prepaid' (Phone Scoop)
Relaunching prepaid after buying Cricket Wireless did AT&T a power of good but I just don't get this offering unless they want to scare off prepaid users
att  ovum  prepaid 
14 days ago
This seems a great candidate for network analysis
lobbying  networkx 
14 days ago
Two Decades of Recommender Systems at
Very often, supposed AI turns out to be relatively simple statistical methods intelligently applied.
recommendation  machinelearning  amazon  ovum 
14 days ago
Why People With Brain Implants Are Afraid to Go Through Automatic Doors
Since having his implant installed, he’s discovered that the world is a minefield of potential interference that in an instant could potentially send his body into debilitating shaking.
cybernetics  brain  implants  internetofshit 
14 days ago
The Trump Administration Doesn’t Want a Winner for Its Wall Competition | Foreign Policy
So why is the president of the United States endorsing the idea? The finalist demurred. “Donald Trump,” he said at last, “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
14 days ago
Jared Kushner for Fed Chair? – Sam Bell – Medium
When Warsh served on the Fed’s Board of Governors, his personal wealth was more than that of every other member of the Board combined. That’s not surprising since his wife is a billionaire heiress by way of her grandparents. The embrace of upper crust culture — for example, a partnership in a thoroughbred stable with Wall Street players — might be overlooked if it wasn’t combined with condescension for those who don’t have as much.
fed  centralbank  warsh  trump  sickburn 
14 days ago
The manifesto wot won it | Progress | News and debate from the progressive community
But when the manifesto came out – or rather, when parts of it were leaked – this all changed, even among some of the more ardent sceptics. ‘It was a manifesto I was proud to stand on,’ says one Labour member of parliament who voted for Owen Smith in the second Labour leadership contest. ‘It really differentiated us from the Tories and it’s the first time I’ve felt that.’
labour  corbyn  fisher  to_blog 
14 days ago
IBM launches new IT management services platform powered by Watson | ZDNet
Very cool, but having seen it try to diagnose a BGP MD5 mismatch, I don't believe it
ibm  managed_ict  ovum 
14 days ago
Richard J. on Twitter: "@yorksranter Including the Matthew Parris tries to live on the dole one."
I need to find an outlet for this piece as a way of forcing myself to write it
14 days ago
Theresa May buries international terror funding report for 'national security reasons' - Business Insider
I would really like to see an assessment of exactly what we fear Saudi would do if we annoyed them. The fact nobody does this strongly suggests it's not actually that bad and sucking up to them is a choice.
theresamay  terrorism  saudiarabia 
14 days ago
Developing Telecoms - Developing Telecoms
Amazing how fast Indian market has moved towards oligopoly
india  ovum  4g  bharti  tat 
14 days ago
Saudi demands for restoring relations with Qatar not viable, says US | World news | The Guardian
Tillerson’s communications adviser, RC Hammond, said the complete set of Saudi demands were not viable even though constituent elements were worth discussing
14 days ago
‘Everyone’s out for Boris Johnson’ | The Spectator
The main selling point for May was that she wasn't Boris or George. Also, the Tories find this interesting: "David Cameron was a Tory toff whose wife worked and who was dependent on the NHS for his child’s medical care"
14 days ago
the ballad of Digby Jones
Again and again, UK politicians and pundits talk about post-Brexit trade deals with an air of unreality > Davis' tweet is the tell - note it shows that he doesn't know what "most-favoured nation" means
trade  brexit 
14 days ago
FCA eyes ‘intervention’ in pensions drawdown market
A study of the post pension freedom market, published by the FCA on Wednesday found that just over half of over-55s, or 54 per cent, had fully drained their pension pots, with accessing pension pots before 65 the new norm.
pensions  tories 
14 days ago
IAG calls for EU to relax ownership laws as Brexit concerns mount
Please use the sharing tools found via the email icon at the top of articles. Copying articles to share with others is a breach of T&Cs and Copyright Policy. Email to buy additional rights. Subscribers may share up to 10 or 20 articles per month using the gift article service. More information can be found at

Senior EU officials, analysts and rivals of IAG have told the Financial Times that, unless the UK and EU reach an agreement to waive the issue, IAG will be forced to spin off part of the group or buy out up to a quarter of its shareholder base in order to maintain lucrative EU flying rights.
brexit  aviation 
14 days ago
Equine ID chips helped expose horsemeat scandal - Court News UK
This is my favourite detail of the whole horsemeat thing. The horses were chipped so they could be found again. And they were...
16 days ago
The election sealed the deal – Jeremy Corbyn's new socialism won the argument
First with Gordon Brown and then more clearly with Ed Miliband, the opportunity for a revival of social democracy was offered. Notably in Miliband’s proposal for an energy price freeze, we saw a pointer of ways to think differently about the economy. A corrective to the Blair period was under way within Labour, but it fell short of creating a popular movement and lacked the clarity needed to spark one.

After our 2015 election defeat, party members were not prepared to return to the old ways
labour  corbyn  fisher  to_blog 
16 days ago
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