Verizon seals Yahoo deal, saves $350M on asking price - Mobile World Live
Under the new terms, Yahoo will be responsible for 50 per cent of any cash liabilities incurred related to non-Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) government investigations and third-party litigation related to the breaches once the deal is closed.
yahoo  ovum 
Michael Flynn, General Chaos - The New Yorker
Michael Ledeen, the Typhoid Mary of neoconservative bullshit. Also, Flynn was reading the comments
politics  Flynn  Trump 
4 days ago
Campaigners Keep Flooding The Fake News Inquiry With Complaints About Right-Wing Tabloids - BuzzFeed News
“I don’t actually believe that people at The Sun and the Daily Mail are as bad as the sites in Macedonia created to pump out absolutely fake news, and I don’t believe they’re as bad as people like Breitbart,” he said. “But I do think they’re on a spectrum and they’re closer to that side of things than we should be comfortable with. To exclude what they do is a bit of an oversight.”

A spokesperson for The Sun declined to comment.
fakenews  murdoch  leveson 
5 days ago
Reconstruction of a Train Wreck: How Priming Research Went off the Rails | Replicability-Index
In which Thinking Fast and Slow gets panned via #replicationcrisis, and Daniel Kahneman turns up in comments!
cognition  kahnemann  replicationcrisis  psychology 
5 days ago
Verizon acquires Skyward, aims to manage drone operations, connections | ZDNet
Verizon's plan is to combine Skyward's expertise with its Airborne LTE Operations service, which aims to connect wireless drones > droney drone mc5g dronepants!
vzw  uav  5g  ovum 
5 days ago
Mars Exploration Rovers Update: Opportunity Celebrates the Big 1-3, Begins 14th Year of Ops! | The Planetary Society
“The press talk about the rovers aren't human, okay the rovers aren't humans, but there are humans on Mars,” said Golombek. “We are on Mars when we operate Opportunity. There has been a human presence on Mars through Spirit and Opportunity and that's every bit as involving for those of us who operate them as it would be for an astronaut would be if he/she were there. By operating the rover, we're on Mars everyday. And we think as if we are on Mars. We think as if we are a rover, in a sense.”
mechanicalsympathy  mars 
5 days ago
Digging Deep with David Axelrod, Hip-Hop’s Soul Provider – Cuepoint – Medium
David Axelrod: Alexander Korda produced it, and it cost a fortune because he didn’t skimp. They shot one version that he didn’t like so they had to re-shoot the whole thing. They used four different directors, he kept firing directors. He was a brilliant director himself. London Films was the name of his company. His pictures always opened with a shot of Big Ben. Do yourself a great favor — I did this so much with DJ Shadow that he finally went out and got it. He called me and understood why I liked it so much. It’s just full of magic, it’s a delight. To me if you’re feeling like things aren’t going too well or things really aren’t cool watch The Thief of Baghdad and you’ll feel better. It’s better than any drug. It’ll do more for you than Prozac. That’s the only favorite thing that I have. Beside my wife
5 days ago
White House Plans to Have Trump Ally Review Intelligence Agencies - The New York Times
Cerberus owns DynCorp International, which has had a wide array of large contracts providing security to the State Department and other agencies > the enterprise?
c4istar  trump 
5 days ago
RAF demonstrate Multifunction Advanced Data Link interoperability between F-35B and Typhoon
During the trial, the Northrop Grumman Airborne Gateway connected the fifth-generation F-35B, which communicates using the stealthy Multifunction Advanced Data Link, and the fourth-generation Typhoon, by translating MADL messages to Link 16 format > ok great. What's an Airborne Gateway and have we got any? Seems to be same thing as BACN, which means either a bizjet or a Canberra or maybe, perhaps a drone. And we haven't
f-35  c4istar  madl 
5 days ago
Intelligence Reform: A Long Bedtime Story | Stop The Spirit Of Zossen
we’ve written ad nauseam to always remember Addington, Cheney, Libby et al.’s determination to eviscerate Congress and the FISA Court extra-constitutionally. Recall that Addington was with Casey during the planning of the Enterprise before Casey inserted him at HPSCI. Recall that the goal of the Enterprise was to create a self-funding, self perpetuating organization that would stay on mission regardless of Congress, unknown to Congress, and until the mission is completed
trump  flynn  to_blog  ackerman 
5 days ago
Abandoned Footnotes: Propaganda as Signaling
Much ritual activity, in Veyne’s view, was “conduct without belief,” as the title of the article had it, not because participants actively disbelieved or resisted what was said in and through the ritual but simply because they did not have the foggiest idea about its meaning
5 days ago
Here's How You Fight A By-Election In 2017 - BuzzFeed News
Meanwhile, in Copeland the Greens are standing an overtly anti-nuclear candidate who cheerily stood up at a hustings on Wednesday night and told an audience of nuclear power workers their industry is bad for the environment and should not expand.
6 days ago
Drug boss must sell off his Rolex collection - but does not have to sell his trainers - Liverpool Echo
A Liverpool drug kingpin who flooded the Lancashire Coast with £900,000 of heroin and crack has been ordered to sell his Rolex watch collection - but does not have to sell his collection of designer trainers
6 days ago
School put on lockdown due to knife-wielding bodybuilder in Dracula mask - Liverpool Echo
He was wearing a black and white plastic children’s Dracula mask on the top of his head and carrying two kitchen knives.

“He had one in each hand. He was seen by a Sky TV worker to put one of the kitchen knives in a pizza box in a bin.”

When shown a photograph of one of the knives, which was recovered by police, the dad shouted...
6 days ago
Unicorn Buybacks and Securities Law - Bloomberg View
So Uber is issuing stock to new investors (i.e. marks) and using the $ to buy out vesting employees (i.e. insiders)
6 days ago
Exclusive: Classified Memo Tells Intelligence Analysts to Keep Trump's Daily Brief Short | Mother Jones
The guidance states that analysts should only include facts that support their analyses > this is why they're leaking against him. he butchered their slides and now it's war to the knife
analysis  pdb  charts  trump 
6 days ago
Rocket Lab’s experimental rocket arrives at New Zealand launchpad for debut flight - The Verge
The reason why we arrived at the electric turbopump is we sat down and analyzed where the cost and complexity is in the engine, and it’s always in the turbomachinery
6 days ago
Is Labour’s Brexit Dilemma Being Misunderstood? – What UK Thinks: EU
In short, the higher level of support for Leave in the North and the Midlands is not just accounted for by the behaviour of Labour voters there. Indeed, but for the behaviour of those who did not vote Labour, those two parts of England would have recorded a majority vote to Remain > Let him have it, Hanratty...the politics of evidence.
polls  brexit  hanratty 
6 days ago
Trump Appoints Art Historian Victoria Coates to National Security Council
Coates reportedly made interns read Ronald Reagan advisor Jeane Kirkpatrick’s “Dictatorships And Double Standards,” a 1979 essay in which Kirkpatrick argues dealing with anti-communist authoritarian regimes is actually good for human rights on the whole, since it prevents the rise of communism. Though she has never published a book about national security, she released David’s Sling: A History of Democracy in Ten Works of Art last year > presumably the point here is the last wet fart of all that 80s Allan Bloom pomposity
conservatism  trump 
6 days ago
Liverpool mayor calls on Paul Nuttall to resign as MEP over Hillsborough claims | Politics | The Guardian
Nuttall’s Hillsborough remarks, as well as his inability to name the six towns of Stoke-on-Trent, were coming up repeatedly unprompted on the doorstep on Tuesday afternoon.

“They are going to smash it,” the source predicted. “It will be like Oldham,”
'kippers  nuttall  stoke 
6 days ago
Notes on the Global Condition: Political Economies of Money – ADAM TOOZE
n the “glorious revolution” scenario the bond holders subordinate the state, this ensures credibility. In the Weimar Republic scenario the state is subordinate to the interests of organized labour and industrial capital who burn off the war debt through hyperinflation at the expense of bondholders. The bond vigilante scenario is characterized by a tense stand off in which one might imagine a left-wing government trying to assert its autonomy against actually dominant bond holders. As a result the government comes to grief or conflict escalates. Finally, there is the managed money scenario in which the state is autonomous but bond holders are non-dominant so other social interests can be born in mind. But since the state is autonomous those other interests dont dominate as in the Weimar scenario. In this situation the technocrats in charge of the central bank and the treasury have the freedom to pursue broader macroeconomic objectives such as economic growth or 6.5 % unemployment even if this comes at the price of mild inflation and very low or even negative interest rates. This is the scenario of managed money.
governmentdebt  keynesian  centralbank  war  history  economics  adamtooze 
6 days ago
America's Political Economy: Leaving 50 % behind ... the very latest from Piketty, Saez and Co. – ADAM TOOZE
The fact that pre-tax incomes for the least favored half of American’s citizens have not risen, but have fallen slightly over the last forty years ought to be a show stopper. Literally, all other policy discourse should surely cease
gdp  inequality  growth  adomtooze 
6 days ago
America's Political Economy: US income inequality and the politics of comparison. – ADAM TOOZE
Growth in the 1970s and 1980s under Thatcher looked “American” i.e the bottom was left behind as the top end of the income distribution surged ahead. But then in the mid 1990s it shifted gear. A combination of factors, including New Labour economic, tax and social policy, seem to have made a very real difference.
economics  inequality  growth 
6 days ago
Two words, Mozilla: SPEED! NOW! Quit fiddling and get serious • The Register
I'd like to see Mozilla embrace that approach. I'd like to see Mozilla continue to forget about the Firefox UI and focus their attention lower down in the stack > YES. SECURITY, STABILITY, SPEED DAMMIT.
firefox  mozilla 
6 days ago
Talk of tech innovation is bullsh*t. Shut up and get the work done – says Linus Torvalds • The Register
"The innovation the industry talks about so much is bullshit," he said. "Anybody can innovate. Don't do this big 'think different'... screw that. It's meaningless. Ninety-nine per cent of it is get the work done."
linustorvalds  linux 
6 days ago
Measurement error and the replication crisis - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
We blogged about the “What does not kill my statistical significance makes it stronger” fallacy here. As anyone who’s designed a study and gathered data can tell you, getting statistical significance is difficult. And we also know that noisy data and small sample sizes make statistical significance even harder to attain. So if you do get statistical significance under such inauspicious conditions, it’s tempting to think of this as even stronger evidence that you’ve found something real. This reasoning is erroneous, however. Statistically speaking, a statistical significant result obtained under highly noisy conditions is more likely to be an overestimate and can even be in the wrong direction. In short: a finding from a low-noise study can be informative, while the finding at the same significance level from a high-noise study is likely to be little more than . . . noise.
data  statistics  replicationcrisis 
6 days ago
UK Polling Report
People also rejected (by 51% to 37%) the idea of charging for services that are currently free > is this worryingly weak?
nhs  polls 
6 days ago
All That Is Solid ...: On the Doors in Stoke Central
Never before have I been out canvassing anywhere and bumped into a Tory door knocking team, but that has happened twice now. Today it was three posh women looking bewildered and wondering how anyone could possibly cope with one garage
stoke  tories 
6 days ago
bellingcat - Death From Above: The Drone Bombs of the Caliphate - bellingcat
Artisanal PGW. In this application the basic injection moulding is probably much superior to reprapping - once you've got the design down you want volume
drone  uav  g-ramm  artillery  syria  hacker 
6 days ago
Detachment A: Clandestine Special Forces Missions from Berlin to Iran
On one visit the Stasi sat at a table next to the Special Forces men, loudly complaining that the Americans would come to East Berlin and consume all of the good food and wine. One of the Det A team leaders named Wolfgang Gartner stood up, turned around, clicked his heels and said, "gentlemen, let me introduce myself. My name is Wolfgang Gartner, I was born three blocks from here and I will eat here any time I damn well please." > Cool story, but you do worry
6 days ago
I should get round to this
6 days ago
Margaret Thatcher: the critical architect of European integration – UK in a changing Europe
She sent the successful businessman and former member of her own cabinet, Lord Francis Arthur Cockfield, to Brussels to work under Delors as commissioner responsible for the Single Market. Cockfield’s appointment was Thatcher’s personal choice, one that she had to defend even to her private secretary, Lord Powell. It was probably also Thatcher’s most significant contribution to the conclusion of the Single European Act. With astonishing speed and impressive thoroughness, Cockfield produced a coherent programme for the completion of the Single Market in the form of a White Paper, which was to form the basis for the new treaty.
cockfield  thatcher  europe 
6 days ago
mainly macro: The UK’s 1976 IMF crisis in the light of modern theory
The 1976 IMF debacle in the UK was a defining moment when the promotion of full employment ended. Fundamentally though it was a political mistake by people who didn't understand that floating the UK pound fundamentally changed how it behaved. What happened was the government was terrified about a 'run on the pound' and wanted to keep an exchange rate of $2 to the £. The panic set in with it got to $1.80. Of course since then the £ has been down to near parity with the dollar at one point and the world didn't end.
imfcrisis  sterling  currencies  centralbank  economics  history 
6 days ago
Lords could achieve Brexit bill amendments, says Lib Dem peer | Politics | The Guardian
that did not mean the formal notification would be given at the scheduled summit of EU leaders on 9 March
6 days ago
Haringey hands over the keys to the first council homes built in the borough in 30 years | Haringey Council
Whatever you think of the "Haringey Development Vehicle", it's got to beat "borrow PWLB money and lend it to shopping centres"
haringey  simpleplan 
6 days ago
'A brave new world': what happened to Newcastle's dream for a vertical city? | Cities | The Guardian
Avant garde art sought to defamiliarise; maybe my disorientation is a strange residue of modernist Newcastle’s avant-garde origins? When I finally descend to a street I’m familiar with, I experience the unnerving feeling of not knowing how I got here, or how to retrace my steps > or to put it another way, it sucks?
architecture  vertical  newcastle 
6 days ago
Review of the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election hustings - Business Insider
For Snell, who was born in Suffolk and who spent a large part of his working life as a councillor in Newcastle, this is clearly a fight for Stoke and Stoke alone.
bullshit  'kippers 
6 days ago
With Michael Flynn Gone, Russia Sees a Different Trump - The New York Times
Margarita Simonyan, the head of satellite channel RT, the international propaganda arm of the Kremlin, said that Western elites hate Mr. Trump because he considers Russia a normal country. “Anybody who says aloud that Russia is normal is either an idiot or a provocateur or both,” she wrote on her blog > well yes...
trump  russia  simonyan  rt 
6 days ago
My student; the anti-Semite | lives; running
Moreover the references did not engage with the subject that Nuttall had actually been set: it felt rather as if he had written them in to see whether he could shoe-horn these views into an academic context and “get away” with them...I met Nuttall to discuss what he had written and he gave a tearful denial, saying that his girlfriend had downloaded the references to Irving’s book from the internet
'kippers  nuttall  irving 
6 days ago
UK councils set for launch of munibonds after cuts
The new “munibonds” are backed jointly the Local Government Association and by 56 local councils across the UK. They will be issued by a new entity, the UK Municipal Bonds Agency, with maturities of between 10 and 20 years > H WORD
6 days ago
A quirky and hazardous corner of British public finance
This is insanity. If they can tap the PWLB this easily why not do the simple plan and stop paying out fortunes for emergency short lets?
simpleplan  councils  finance  housing  from twitter_favs
7 days ago
Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda
This is good stuff. It's also almost painfully nostalgic of the Obama era, right down to the Toronto Transit typeface. Design values of today 1) pretend-2002 yelling colours and blink tags of wokeness, deliberately hostile and anti-accessible 2) Angus Steakhouse fraud in plain sight of #fakenews 3) well, this.
typeface  design  tactics  loonies2.0  trump  to_blog 
7 days ago
“It’s the economy stupid”: Declining labour mobility explains Trump’s victory - OxPol
But since the 2008 financial crisis, this is a declining possibility for many. While recovery seems to be well under way, labour mobility did not follow suit in the US. Mike Konczal and Marshall Steinbaum argue that slow economic recovery and weak labour demand caused the decline in labour mobility.[5] But much of this is also due to long term trends. David Schleicher points blame at rising housing prices in dynamic regions (entry costs) and public benefit differences across regions (exit costs).[6] This has serious consequences for labour mobility. Either way, as Konczal and Steinbaum argue, ‘when it is hard to find another job, employed workers stay at the jobs they have, impairing their ascent up the job ladder and the accompanying wage growth over careers that historically led to the middle class.’[7] It is this group of people that, faced with declining job prospects, increasingly adopted an anti-trade stance, and became wary of the risk that increasing trade would further reduce the available jobs, would lead to job loss and decreasing income.
economics  labour  careerpaths  trump  trade  mobility 
7 days ago
Verizon, AwesomenessTV drop plans for premium video | FierceWireless
Astonishingly, this terrible deal has turned out to be a massive waste of money
verizon  ovum 
7 days ago
Amazon chimes in late to the chat party with UC move |
This looks pretty sweet. watch AMZN rip the fat guts out of Webex etc. Good riddance.
amazon  voice2  ovum 
7 days ago
The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn - Bloomberg View
Nunes told me Monday night that this will not end well. "First it's Flynn, next it will be Kellyanne Conway, then it will be Steve Bannon, then it will be Reince Priebus," he said. Put another way, Flynn is only the appetizer. Trump is the entree. > Eli Lake, at least, seems to think NSA leakers are working through the book of Trumpites
flynn  trump  brainfog  russia  intelligence  sigint 
7 days ago
FSO | In Moscow's Shadows
The *only* intelligence agency whose HQ is actually in the Kremlin. You heard it here first
fso  russia  svr  trump 
7 days ago
But Her Etc. - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money
Comey had a very important role in the NSA Wiretapping program, namely he prevented it from being reauthorized when Ashcroft was in the hospital and probably letting the whole program fall under Alberto Gonzalez’s bailiwick. At the time he was a consensus nominee. > this is interesting and important. arguably Comey flipped from being aligned with a "@DrLeoStrauss faction" (broadly law-governed, living in a Cold War and after world) against a "Mike Ledeen faction" (radicalised, Middle East obsessed, desirous of open slather ROE) to backing Ledeen's mate Flynn
flynn  trump  brainfog  binladen  ledeen  comey  stellarwind 
7 days ago
Flynn's downfall exposes intelligence community rift over Trump | US news | The Guardian
and who gets to look at the raw SIGINT? the nameless bureau-hivemind of analysis, that's who.
flynn  trump  brainfog  russia  intelligence  sigint 
7 days ago
The FSO: praetorians, protectors, political force | In Moscow's Shadows
since 2003, the SSSI has had overall authority over the data links through which GAS Vybory, the official system logs and transmits election results
fso  russia  svr  trump 
7 days ago
The Strange Case Of The Russian Diplomat Who Got His Head Smashed In On Election Day - BuzzFeed News
According to other public Russian-language descriptions of the duty commander position, Krivov would have been in charge of, among other things, “prevention of sabotage” and suppression of “attempts of secret intrusion” into the consulate > IIRC the Federal Protective Service has become a lot more important lately?
fps  svr  russia  trump  krivov 
7 days ago
Confide: A Quick Look – Zdziarski's Blog of Things
Zdziarski reckons it's not quite that bad but it's still homebrew crypto. Possible explanation that would be bad: different builds of the app are walking about with different versions of OpenSSL, some good and some bad
confide  encryption  privacy  crypto  trump  whatsapp  security 
7 days ago
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