Full list of Westminster councillor Robert Davis's 514 freebies | Society | The Guardian
7 January 2015 – Dinner at Lady Rothermere’s Home in Grosvenor Square (Lady Rothermere) 19 January 2015 - Lunch at Arbuthnot Banking Group Plc (Henry Angst)27 January 2015 – Attended the Press Night of “The Ruling Class” at the Trafalgar Studios (Ambassdor Theatre Group)
lobbying  tories  irony 
Notes on working from the backs of your legs – A Ballet Education
Enveloppé I think really utilizes the backs of the legs quicker than developpé, and through the range of steps that make up the enveloppé you really get a sense of the backs of your legs // great, good, and correct
ballet  correction 
UK millennials second worst-hit financially in developed world, says study | Money | The Guardian
There's a book in this - the two lost decades and the culture of stasis. Lives on hold
Brexiters focus on the Commonwealth factor
The alternative approach for the UK, he says, would be to sign FTAs with Commonwealth states one by one.

“This would not be such a quick trick, but it would ultimately reap benefits,” he says. “Singapore would not be a problem. Malta would not. Cyprus, I imagine, would be fine." // Malta and Cyprus are in the EU. Also, Malta has half the population of Leeds
brexit  radicalignorance 
Inside the Russian Troll Factory: Zombies and a Breakneck Pace - The New York Times
From the blog posts, Sergei said he learned that just a few families like the Rockefellers, the Morgans and the Rothschilds controlled much of the wealth in the United States, and that their banks charged rapacious interest rates.

“I began to be more aware of the reasons for the world’s problems,” he said. “I now believe that the world evil is the top elite who control the Federal Reserve system in the United States.” // always with the Jews, isn't it?
russia  fakenews  trolls 
Does Russia really include limited nuclear strikes in its large-scale military exercises? | IISS
In fact, when Russia uses dual-capable bombers such as the Tupolev-22M, observers often choose to see a nuclear strike even though nothing indicates that this is the case. They are subject to confirmation bias.
russia  nukes  optimism 
How School Shootings Spread | The New Yorker
it became more and more self-referential, more ritualized, more and more about identification with the school-shooting tradition
2 days ago
Advanced SSH Tunneling - Taos
Because I can't remember this
ssh  Linux  vpn 
4 days ago
For whom the bell tolls: what does the collapse of Carillion mean for the future of public services | Civil Service World
A key part of the government’s response was indeed the return of some services to public hands. The Ministry of Justice moved quickly to create a new government-owned facilities management company to deliver Carillion’s work. Gov Facility Services Limited will take over the cleaning, maintenance, landscaping and repair work at 52 prison sites across England.
carillion  pfi 
4 days ago
Bharti Airtel mulls Africa business IPO - Mobile World Live
Netherlands-based BAIN, which runs wireless and mobile money services in 14 countries across Africa, said in a regulatory filing it would initiate “non-binding exploratory discussions” with various banks and intermediaries to evaluate the feasibility of listing its shares on “an internationally recognised stock exchange.”
bhartiairtel  africa  ovum 
6 days ago
UK has ‘huge misunderstanding’ over post-Brexit customs: Senior MEP – POLITICO
“The problem with the U.K. is that they’re so clear on what they don’t want and then not clear on what they really want,” she said on the sidelines of Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg last week.
6 days ago
Several Russians killed in US airstrikes in Syria - CNN
The Baltic Cossack District said in a statement that Loginov was a Russian citizen who was killed in an "unequal battle" while "heroically defending our Fatherland in its far reaches from crazy barbarians" when he died on February 7 // two points. "in its far reaches" - do they consider Syria to be part of Russia? "Baltic Cossack" - that's like Yorkshire Cornish
cossack  russia  syria 
6 days ago
politicalbetting.com » Blog Archive » None of the Above takes 44% lead in new CON leadership poll
Jacob Rees-Mogg is not popular. Even Celebrity Boris is only on 13% (although 13% of 40% is 32.5%)
tories  polls 
6 days ago
Gove takes the lead in a Whitehall Brexit spending spree to bypass Parliament
This is both troubling (Michael Gove! With special budget authority!) and reassuring in that some work is actually being done
michaelgove  civilservice  brexit 
6 days ago
The British Conservatives and the Price of Division - Carnegie Europe - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Each time, the party paid the price of division—and the character of the division was fundamentally the same: leading Conservatives could not agree whether their party was at root a party of enterprise and Europe, or one of nation and tradition
tories  brexit  to_blog 
7 days ago
Qualcomm’s R&D chief: ‘There will be a 6G probably’ | FierceWireless
Qualcomm’s Serge Willenegger said during the company’s press event that “it’s way too early for 6G.”
qualcomm  5g  ovum  cablecos 
7 days ago
Why the Conservative culture war is falling flat
To get a parliamentary majority back, or even to maintain their current fragile hold on power, the party should instead seek to win over the “Labour 2015, Leave 2016, Labour 2017” voter, which could tip the balance in seats like Ashfield, Bishop Auckland, Darlington and Newcastle-under-Lyme // but this is just the strategy of 2017. Once more with feeling.
tories  ids  to_blog 
7 days ago
OECD broadband statistics update - OECD
The portal shows that the cost of a high-usage mobile plan, which includes voice calls, fell in OECD countries from an average of USD 71 in May 2013 to USD 39 in May 2016 (at purchasing power parity) // while the ONS slept, apparently
broadband  prices  inflation  gsm  statistics 
7 days ago
Vonage extends SD-WAN to small and medium-sized businesses
Baffled as to how Vonage would know anything about it, but there you go
sme  vonage  sd-wan  ovum 
8 days ago
Fintan O'Toole: Irexit would be the end of Irish nationalism
The areas of England that will suffer the greatest economic hardship as a result of Brexit are also the areas most in favour of it. The pain of self-harm can be assuaged by the pleasures of self-righteousness
fintanotoole  brexit 
8 days ago
Frontier sets phased SD-WAN rollout, focuses on driving business solutions | FierceTelecom
What will perhaps make Frontier’s movement to SD-WAN a bit less painful than for its larger ILEC counterparts AT&T and Verizon is that it does not have a large MPLS customer base to cannibalize
frontier  sd-wan  ovum  sme 
8 days ago
What’s Hidden in the Senate Spending Bill? - The New York Times
Horse owners are allowed to depreciate their horses over the course of three years. For racetracks, the depreciation is over the course of seven years
trump  horse 
8 days ago
TalkTalk, Infracapital in £1.5bn full fibre broadband pact
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TalkTalk has formed a new company alongside Infracapital, part of M&G Prudential, to lay full fibre networks to reach 3m homes in mid-sized towns and cities across Britain.

The plan will cost £1.5bn with Infracapital funding 80 per cent of the roll out and TalkTalk the remainder. The broadband company has announced a placing to raise £200m and a dividend cut as a result.
talktalk  ftth  ovum 
8 days ago
Venture investment in UK fintech more than doubles
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The UK industry was boosted by handful of large fundraisings of more than $90m. The biggest was by TransferWise, a cross-border payments provider, which raised $280m. OakNorth, a digital lender to small businesses, raised $203m.

The three next largest UK fundraisings were by Funding Circle, the peer-to-peer lender to small businesses; Interactive Investor, an online trading platform; and Monzo, the mobile banking app.
sme  fintech  ovum 
8 days ago
Liberals Wanted Fiscal Stimulus. Conservatives Delivered It. - The New York Times
“This is a test of whether we’re at full employment or not,” Mr. Bernstein said. “ I think by knocking the unemployment rate down even further, we’re going to get more real economic activity, not just more inflation. But now we’re going to find out if I’m right.”
8 days ago
T-Mobile US notches another strong quarter - RCR Wireless News
The carrier plans to build on its retail expansion of 2017 and put an “emphasis on greenfield markets in 2018” where it has not previously had a presence, Legere said, as well as targeting specific customer segments where it doesn’t have historically strong market share. He cited T-Mo’s Unlimited 55+ plan as an example, and reminded analysts that the company only has 2-3% market share in the enterprise market.
t-mobile  ovum  sme] 
8 days ago
Full fibre now more popular than ADSL2+ in KCOM Hull area | thinkbroadband
The Lightstream roll-out is set to reach a goal of 100% by March 2019, with a pace of around 3,000 premises being added to the current 150,000 every month.
ftth  kcom  hull  ovum 
8 days ago
Trump: Making Golf Horrible Again | by Lawrence Donegan | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
What could Trump’s conduct on a golf course possibly add to our knowledge of his instinctive lying, multiple bankruptcies, sexual delinquency, and casual racism? Cheating on his golf handicap is the least of his failings, and the least useful in providing insight // I disagree. When he is golfing he isn't motivated by racism, misogyny, or money. The fact he is still terrible without any particular prejudice, prospect of gain, or political motive demonstrates how rotten his character is.
trump  golf 
8 days ago
Paper letters responsible for missed NHS appointments, study shows - Digital Health Age
More horseshit about the NHS that everyone believes for some reason. Half of everyone who admitted to missing an appointment did so because the appointment letter was not sent/not delivered/delivered to the wrong address or arrived after the appointment. Despite this they go on to talk about whether or not they knew "what it cost the NHS" - why should randos have to know recondite internal KPIs? should I know what it costs Tesco to sweep the floor? also, if you just take the next patient from the queue, why should it cost anything? it's not a stupid question.
nhs  management  data 
8 days ago
Muddled attitudes towards free trade - Not so global Britain
More people signed an anti-TTIP campaign in supposedly free-trade-loving Britain than in traditionally protectionist France.
9 days ago
USAF Plans To Retire B-2s, B-1s As B-21 Comes Online | Defense content from Aviation Week
They are feeling confident about this jet, aren't they? Although no mention of retiring the Buff...
bomber  aviation  b21 
9 days ago
Which is scarier — that Trump doesn’t read his daily intel briefing, or that Jared Kushner does? - The Washington Post
The time on his official schedule set aside for the briefings has sometimes coincided closely with his tweets, including ones about random things he seems to have heard on “Fox & Friends.”
trump  pdb 
9 days ago
Pence: The United States is ready to talk with North Korea - The Washington Post
Vice President Pence, in an interview aboard Air Force Two on the way home from the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, told me that in his two substantive conversations with South Korean President Moon Jae-in during his trip, the United States and South Korea agreed on terms for further engagement with North Korea — first by the South Koreans and potentially with the United States soon thereafter.
9 days ago
Borderland Beat: The women that became among the most powerful narcos in Mexico
The authorities say that she had a somewhat different vision of the business, because she is not interested in formenting wars and her objective is the alliances that have allowed her to operate with a certain tranquility.
9 days ago
policyskeptic: We should design A&E statistics to help improve the system not to make it look better than it really is
Originally, MIUs and WICs were intended to relieve "pressure" on major A&Es who would, as a result, show better performance. This failed for two reasons: one was that there was no evidence that they diverted a notable number of patients away from major A&Es; the other insight (only available after better data was collected from everyone) is that, even if they had succeeded in diverting patients from major departments, this would not have improved performance in the major A&Es (the divert-able patients are not the ones with long waits even in major A&Es).
data  statistics  nhs  management 
9 days ago
Aylesham and the Planning of the East Kent Coalfield, Part I | Municipal Dreams
Interesting what-if. what if Abercrombie's plan had been carried out in its entirety, the other mines and the steelworks built, and Kent had become another South Yorkshire?
kent  history  whatif 
9 days ago
Russia’s Zombie Election | Natalia Antonova
It is not stated often enough that Putin didn't reverse the oligarchs' enrichment or reduce inequality. He swatted the ones who threatened him and let the others get even richer in silence. In as much as anything got better, the price of oil went up from the 1999 trough. Squeaky wheels got some grease as long as they didn't squeak too much. He is not a return to the Soviet Union, but an early and successful example of vacuous populism.
putin  russia  populistpapers 
11 days ago
The Destabilizing Dangers of U.S. Counterterrorism in the Sahel
This sounds like a terrible idea. Leave it to the French, they know what they're doing.
sahel  terrorism  specialforces 
11 days ago
The Discrimination Problem: Why Putting Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons on Submarines Is So Dangerous - War on the Rocks
Also, it creates the possibility of mistaking "US limited" for "UK all-out" or vice versa.
11 days ago
Right to buy is not the biggest reason for the fall in social renting | Red Brick
First, new build would easily have offset right to buy sales if output of social rented homes had continued at the same rate as in the previous four years: from 2008/09-2011/12, thanks to the investment made under Labour’s National Affordable Housing Programme (NAHP), 142,000 social rented homes were built, over 35,000 per year. Had this continued, social landlords would have built two new homes at social rent for every one sold, even after right to buy was ‘reinvigorated’ with bigger discounts from April 2012
housing  hdv  to_blog 
11 days ago
Why closing the gender pay gap requires a new debate on fair pay
To some extent the publicity around the BBC pay gaps at the top end is distracting attention from those strategies and policies most likely to help the mass of women workers, such as raising the national minimum wage (and limiting employers’ freedom to cut working hours to pay for it) and lifting the pay cap in the wider public sector where the vast majority of women with higher education are employed, thereby restoring more value to the important jobs of, for example, teaching and nursing.
equalpay  austerity 
11 days ago
Why China Loves Trump - The Atlantic
In all these ways, China has positioned itself to be seen as stepping into America’s vacuum. Shen Dingli emphasized this point to me, saying that Trump’s hostility to multilateral institutions such as the WTO and nato has given China “a huge opportunity.”
china  trump  to_blog 
11 days ago
politicalbetting.com » Blog Archive » If LAB’s vulnerable on Brexit how come the majority of its GE17 gains from CON were in Leave areas?
What is interesting is looking at the referendum outcomes in the 28 seats that Labour gained from the Conservatives in the general election. Remarkably 15 of them were in areas that voted LEAVE....Judging by what happened the Leave-Remain split in a constituency was and is less of an indicator than many assert.
hanretty  polls  brexit  politics 
12 days ago
The Rise of China and the Fall of the ‘Free Trade’ Myth - The New York Times
The economist Robert Wade reported coming across whole shelves of books by List in Seoul bookstores in the 1970s.
economics  china  development  list  trade 
12 days ago
Scottish National Party (SNP) | Facebook for Business
Acxiom Partner Categories were also used to target individual constituencies // i.e. pulling in dodgy data broker files with the Facey stuff
snp  indyref  facebook  campaigning  databroker 
12 days ago
UK RAF Radar Coverage to be Enhanced - Mönch Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
The sources continued that the AN/TPS-77 will be relocated from the RAF’s Staxton Wold airbase on the east coast of England. No plans have yet been revealed as to whether this latter facility will receive a new radar to replace the relocated AN/TPS-77. The base at Saxa Vord, known as a Remote Radar Head (RRH), has not possessed any ground-based air surveillance radar for a decade. This follows the closure of the RRH, which had housed a Plessey AR-320 L-band ground-based air surveillance radar, in April 2006.
radar  saxavord  russia  airdefence  aviation  raf 
12 days ago
Apple Remarks to Investors in FQ1 2018 Earnings Conference Call, Categorized and Annotated | Asymco
Interesting point here: although the iPhone Bass curve is deffo flattening out, the apps-and-services one is still roaring ahead. The "It's the services" thing may finally be a thing. also I think the typical user spend on apps, content, and services is about $37, about 11% more than an Win10 OEM licence
apple  ovum 
13 days ago
Inside the desperate fight to keep old TVs alive - The Verge
there’s a grid of old screens that once sat inside the Palladium, an iconic New York nightclub that closed in 1997. “They used to have 16 of these, rotating in the club — everybody danced underneath," // not even the coolest thing in this
television  crt  retrocomputing  electronics 
13 days ago
The House That Spied on Me
“Ask Behmor (pronunciation: Be-more) to brew me coffee.”

“Behmor,” she would respond. “A passion for coffee. How can I help you?”

“Brew me coffee.”

“I don’t understand,” she would respond. This was especially aggravating for two caffeine-addicted people who had not yet had their coffee.
iot  privacy  security  internet_of_shit  coffee 
13 days ago
The Republican Fiscal Stimulus Could Be Bigger Than Obama’s - The New York Times
I kind of worry about this. I believe there is significant spare capacity and the US can borrow the money. Therefore I should believe this will generate substantial GDP growth. If you accept Keynesian principles you have to accept they work for bad people too.
keynes  trump  economics 
13 days ago
How many Mechanical Turk workers are there? | A Computer Scientist in a Business School
What our estimates are showing is that there are round 180K distinct workers in the MTurk platform. This is good news for anyone who is trying to reach a large number of distinct workers through the platform.

Our analysis also allows us to estimate how many workers are active and willing to participate in our task at any given time. For that, we estimate that around 2K to 5K workers are available, at any given time. If we want to convert this number to full-time employee equivalence, this is equivalent to 10K-25K full-time workers.
statistics  population  mechanicalturk  amazon  aws  labour 
13 days ago
The Strategy Bridge
To manage air warfare, the Navy chose a centralized structure and created a Bureau of Aeronautics which was a self-contained collection of all aspects of naval air. To manage submarine warfare, the Navy chose a decentralized structure that had the unintended consequence of compounding the torpedo problem and delaying the process of identifying and fixing the torpedo defects
torpedo  p2p  kaizen 
13 days ago
Project Reality - Bridget Phillipson
These essays of hers disappoint. Reading through this you have the impression of something really subtle but the conclusions turn out to be truistic - Brexit is bad, gimme some money - which wouldn't be so bad if her shtick was always that just opposing austerity or Brexit was terrible.
labour  bridgetp  brexit  austerity  politics  to_blog 
13 days ago
Musk’s Big Questions: Can Tesla Make Model 3s and Burn Less Cash? - Bloomberg
I somehow doubt they're going to start manufacturing in China if they still haven't nailed down the process.
tesla  manufacturing  cars 
13 days ago
EC to review Apple Shazam deal - Mobile World Live
the price tag is reported to be $400 million, which would make Shazam the company’s largest acquisition since it bought headphone maker Beats Electronics for $3 billion in 2014. It also represents a sharp cut on a $1 billion valuation Shazam hit in 2015 after its last funding round // and hopefully discouragement from turning a great little app into a surveillance hellmare
shazam  apple  ovum 
13 days ago
SoftBank set for Japan telco IPO - Mobile World Live
the cash raised will be used to strengthen the balance sheet and for group growth. Previous reports suggested the Japan-based company may look to raise up to $18 billion // selling the MNO to plunge even harder on silly valley?
softbank  ovum 
13 days ago
Full Duplex DOCSIS® Technology Gets MAC Layer Support - CableLabs
An FDX CMTS will simultaneously receive and transmit in the same FDX spectrum, while FDX CMs can either receive or transmit in the same FDX spectrum. Thus, communication is full duplex from the perspective of the CMTS but frequency division duplex from the perspective of the CM.
docsis3  cablecos  fullduplex  ovum 
13 days ago
The Russian Mobster Who Fixed the Winter Olympics
In the meantime, Trincher was released to house arrest, which meant he was confined in splendor as federal prisoner 68454-054 directly below the Trump residence all during the presidential campaign and during the first seven months of the new administration. // with added Viktor Bout!
trump  Russia 
13 days ago
‘VIP paedophile ring’ accuser charged over child abuse images - BBC News
A man who alleged he was the victim of a VIP child abuse ring faces multiple charges relating to the possession of indecent images of children.

The man, known as Nick, claimed a paedophile ring was responsible for murdering three children.
paedofile  leveson  savile  dolphinsquare 
14 days ago
Where SoftBank has invested its $98 billion Vision Fund - Recode
Damn, Softbank looks like...a schmuck? a $98bn schmuck? OK it's a schmuck that owns ARM, but $20bn in NVIDIA, Uber, and WeWork together looks like a (self-driving) car crash waiting to happen.
bubble2  softbank  ovum  crash  ai 
14 days ago
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