The iPhone X’s notch is basically a Kinect | The Verge
This is what the IEEE Spectrum special edition on Gordon Moore called Moore's Law 2.0 - even if per-core clock speeds aren't hurtling up any more, the scope and scale of system-on-chip integration is doing so. GPUs. Radios. GPS. Accelerometers. Lasers. Notably this is something Qualcomm gets and does well.
qualcomm  apple  sensors  chip  hardware  semiconductors  ovum 
13 hours ago
Amazon Development Centre SA
I had no idea AWS EC2 was developed in Cape Town. That said the team is...well...caucacity abounds.
amazon  aws  ec2  cloud  southafrica 
13 hours ago
Nobody seems to know why there’s no US inflation
"Low rates and low inflation leave little rate-cutting firepower when the next downturn strikes" // we better have a recession so we can then save you from the recession. Dr Benway does econ
inflation  centralbank  benway  economics 
13 hours ago
Johnson runs into domestic storm amid overseas struggles
“What are we going to do with him for 36 hours to make sure he doesn’t say anything ridiculous?” said one Foreign & Commonwealth Office official. “He’s only going to be asleep for eight of those.”
brexit  diplomacy  showerjobby  to_blog  alloutwar 
13 hours ago
What is the point of Dexeu?
But some former mandarins are suggesting that Mr Robbins’s move sounds the death knell for Dexeu and forecasting that there will be a stream of officials following him out the door. “Expect others to join [the] rush back to Cabinet Office as true centre of influence,” tweeted Nick Macpherson, the former Treasury permanent secretary on Monday. “What price DEXEU now?”
brexit  civilservice  to_blog  daviddavies 
13 hours ago
La voie de l'épée: Tempête rouge-Enseignements opérationnels de deux ans d’engagement russe en Syrie
This is some great stuff. Comments highlight an interesting Tooze-esque point - Russian intervention also involved the re-equipment of the pro-Assad infantry section to current VDV standards, i.e. a big boost to the basic tactical unit
syria  russia 
Revealed: How MI5 mole 'sabotaged' National Front in the West Midlands - Birmingham Mail
Carmichael joined James Goldsmith’s Referendum party in 1996 as he played along with a National Democrats plot to disrupt its election chances, but was expelled after his new political masters found out about his background. Senior MI5 officers were said to have grown uneasy about playing a role in sabotaging a British election and Carmichael tipped off a local newspaper about his NF links.
mi5  intelligence  fascists  nationalfront  'kippers 
2 days ago
Alternative für Deutschland's electoral success: The shadow of Nazi voting | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
We find a stunning historical persistence: municipalities with high vote shares for the Nazi party in the late 1920s/early 1930s had also higher vote shares for the AfD in 2016/17 state elections // creepy!
afd  ukip  populistpapers  nazis 
2 days ago
Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group Blog: CCleanup: A Vast Number of Machines at Risk
Aaargh. Avast seems to have had a build server hacked in order to implant something nasty into production software
malware  hacker  avast  ontrustingtrust 
2 days ago
Brexit 'chaos' as top official Oliver Robbins quits after one year in the job | London Evening Standard
"He is known among his counterparts in Europe for his depth of knowledge and good humour - though his casual attire prompted a rebuke from one UK official ahead of the August negotiating round, after he attempted to attend a meeting in shorts on a hot Brussels summer day." // this is a tell, isn't it? beware Tories (and others) who are unreasonably obsessed with the bull shine
tories  brexit 
2 days ago
Why is Python Growing So Quickly? - Stack Overflow Blog
Basically, if you're a researcher of any kind, a web developer, a sysadmin, or an electronics engineer you probably python.
programming  python  statistics 
5 days ago
Attacked in bed, safe a few feet away: Cuba mystery deepens
Inexplicably, the agonizing sound hit him again. It was as if he’d walked through some invisible wall cutting straight through his room.

Soon came the hearing loss, and the speech problems
sonicweapon  diplomacy  weirdness  cuba 
6 days ago
Charter teams with Samsung on 5G as MSO’s top wireless executive addresses Mobile World Congress | FierceCable
“Charter will create a seamless connectivity experience by combining Wi-Fi with wireless 4G and 5G access technologies. Beginning in 2018, Charter will offer a mobile wireless service to its customers. Operating as a Wi-Fi-first MVNO, Charter will leverage its own pervasive residential, commercial and outdoor Wi-Fi to enhance the connectivity experience. After that, we hope to bolster the quality, speed and capacity of our wireless service using newly available spectrum, such as the 3.5 GHz band and millimeter wave spectrum.”
charter  mvno  3.5ghz  cbrs  5g  ovum  samsung 
6 days ago
Arkadiusz Jozwik manslaughter in Harlow: The full sentencing remarks | Essex Live
The supposed "Brexit killing" in Harlow comes to trial. The detail turns out to be more like "egregious but random bout of drunken stupidity"
harlow  brexit  murder 
6 days ago
Attacking the “unpatriotic” BBC? That's the oldest nationalist trick in the book
Yes. The style of the SNP campaign was a huge tell about the future. Nationalism sucks. Also I didn't see Nicola Sturgeon complaining at the time
nationalism  bullshit  cybernats  youyesyet 
6 days ago
Does Culture Matter? The Case of Academic Economics
I remember reading Dubner of Freakonomics saying that economics is "cut throat". While we celebrate perfect competition in Econ 101, do we engage in perfect competition (pun intended)?
economics  rudeness  monopoly 
6 days ago
The Aviationist » No, it wasn’t an F-35. So, What Did Crash Near Nellis? Here Are Some Theories.
In one accounting of Lt. Col Schultz’s early academic career it is reported that after earning his undergraduate degree from Penn State in 1995, the Department of Defense paid for Schultz to earn a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics. His master’s work included research on the ram accelerator, a powerful gun-like device that shoots payloads into exo-atmospheric orbital flight in space
aviation  weirdness 
7 days ago
Research: When Men Have Lower Status at Work, They’re Less Likely to Negotiate
As previous studies had found, a scale of perceived communality or concern for other (“puts people first”) played a role. Evaluators were disinclined to work with a local woman who negotiated and a local man who negotiated with a global employer because they perceived them to be lacking in concern for others // this comes with useful advice!
career  negotiating  women  class  advice 
7 days ago
Winning Is for Losers
OkCupid’s data shows that conventionally attractive profile pictures get far fewer messages than photos that elicit strong positive and negative reactions. As long as at least a few people really dig you, having a lot of haters is not to your detriment. When I started dating online, I wasn’t sure if I should use the photo below as my main profile pic. But when two women wrote me just to say that they would never date a man with a photo like this, I knew this was the right one.

My goal was to make it easy for my as yet unknown partner to find me, so I made my profile idiosyncratic enough to filter out most of users that weren’t her. Instead of a self-summary, I started the profile with a stupid poem. I mentioned all my esoteric interests like Bayesian epistemology. I listed several reasons not to date me. As I kept making my profile quirkier, the women it attracted were a lot more interesting to me.
bandpass  okcupid  strategy  stayweird  mittelstand  to_blog 
7 days ago
We should stop maligning U-turns. They can avert disaster | Nesrine Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
I remember when I first heard the phrase U-turn and the associated horror with which it was proclaimed in the media. Coming from Sudan, a country where there was an unaccountable military dictatorship, I couldn’t quite work out why this was a bad thing
7 days ago
Nuclear plans 'should be rethought after fall in offshore windfarm costs' | Environment | The Guardian
Two windfarms – the Hornsea 2 project off the Yorkshire coast and the Moray offshore windfarm in Scotland – secured a guaranteed price for their power of £57.50 per megawatt hour (MWh) from the government. This is far below the £92.50 awarded to Hinkley last year.
windpower  optimism  nukes  climate  energy 
7 days ago
Nordic vision could lead Macron’s France in wrong direction
For many labour market economists, French unions are simultaneously too strong and too weak to support a Nordic-style system. They bargain aggressively on behalf of a small minority and can block lay-offs at company level. But they are too fragmented, and have too few members, to co-operate and take responsibility for management.
france  macron  labour  alanbeattie 
7 days ago
Current Affairs | Culture & Politics
In March of 2016, exasperated Sanders-voting POC even employed the hashtag #BernieMadeMeWhite, joking that a love of the band Journey and pumpkin spiced lattes would accrue with our new race status. Other, more sardonic, tweeters celebrated the immunity from police violence their newfound caucacity might bring.
sanders  clinton  those_crazy_americans  caucacity 
7 days ago
Theresa May to lay out Brexit transition plan in Europe speech
“The danger is that if she makes two speeches, business and the City will ask: ‘Which is it?’”
maytheresa  brexit  tories  to_blog 
9 days ago
India’s biometric database is a massive achievement and a dystopian nightmare – VICE News
“UIDAI, once and for all, wants to reassure that Aadhaar data is fully safe and secure and UIDAI data center has robust uncompromised security 24x7x365,” a UIDAI spokesman told the Times of India Wednesday // sirens
biometrics  identity  idcards  database  india  aadhaar 
9 days ago
David Davis is heading for a tragic failure of his own making | Coffee House
For years, to be on the right in British politics meant being anti-EU. If your hatred faltered, you were out of the club. It is extraordinary that in all those years Conservatives never reached a consensus on how we should leave and what we should do next
brexit  tories  ushapedambush  to_blog 
9 days ago
GCSEs 2017 Variability Charts: Are your results normal?
Hardly anyone seems to bother with this sort of really basic statistical control in education. "Our average grade fell by three points! Dooooom!" Next year: "Our average grade rose by three points! Woohoo!" repeat da capo al fine.
statistics  schools  gcse 
9 days ago
Blinded by the Rising Sun? American Intelligence Assessments of Japanese Air Power, 1920-41: Part 1 – The 1920s – From Balloons to Drones
Interesting threefer; turns out nobody thought the Japanese were silly people in thick specs until 1960s lions-led-by-donkeys types made it up (I shorten). Intelligence assessments picked up on the lack of strength in depth but allowed it to continue framing their beliefs after the Kate, Val, Zero et al showed up
japan  aviation  intelligence  ww2  history 
9 days ago
Water privatisation looks little more than an organised rip-off
Over the past decade, the nine main English water companies have made £18.8bn of post-tax profits in aggregate, according to a study by Greenwich University. Of this, £18.1bn has been paid out as dividends. Consequently, almost all capital expenditure has been financed by adding to the companies’ debt piles. Collectively these now stand at a towering £42bn.
water  privatisation  leverage 
9 days ago
Bombs and Dollars
This is fascinating. Making a little chart seems to suggest the cost of the Bomb has fallen steadily since 1945, or alternatively that there is a hard minimum around $10bn of GDP in 1990 money and/or $1000 in per capita GDP in the same units.
history  nukes  gdp  economics  norks 
12 days ago
No Retreat: Interview with Dave Hann and Steve Tilzey | Anti-Fascist Archive
The ultimate vindication of the AFA strategy seems to be that very thing. Even now, with the BNP in a huge resurgence, there are seemingly no go areas for them: most of Manchester (as opposed to Greater Manchester), South Yorkshire, even a lot of East London. Prime, poor areas for BNP recruitment but they don’t seem to try it now. And these were the areas where AFA was most active…
afa  bnp  punching_nazis 
13 days ago
Hugo Rifkind on Twitter: "Davis says he was called "a charming bastard" on front of the FT when he quit as Europe Minister. I can only find a nib from p19."
Davis says he was called "a charming bastard" on front of the FT when he quit as Europe Minister. I can only find a nib from p19.
daviddavis  ushapedambush  brexit 
13 days ago
(2) Archäologie: Die Frauen der Bronzezeit waren Wandervögel - Wissen - Tagesspiegel
Interesting. The women in a Bronze Age community were vastly more travelled than the men
13 days ago
The Road to Peace in Kabul Runs Through Kashmir | Small Wars Journal
Some of us have been saying this since, what, 2002? But great to hear it though
afghanistan  pakistan  india  kashmir  diplomacy 
13 days ago
Chammal : les Américains ne veulent pas du Mirage 2000D | Secret Défense | L'Opinion
Selon nos informations, l’état-major de la coalition dirigée par les États-Unis a considéré que les Mirage de l’armée de l’air ne disposaient pas assez de capacités air-air pour pouvoir être engagés sur ce théâtre moins « permissif » que les précédents // whose fighters are they expecting?
aviation  france  syria  mirage2k 
13 days ago
To Scratch or not to Scratch?! – Felienne
Schoolchildren learn programming better if they start with theory.
programming  education 
13 days ago
Facebook Ties More Than 5,000 Political Ads to Bogus Russian Accounts | WIRED
"amplifying divisive social and political messages across the ideological spectrum—touching on topics from LGBT matters to race issues to immigration to gun rights." // is this the demotivation strategy?
facebook  fakenews  russia  trump 
13 days ago
DataBank Plans Wireless Tower Data Center Services for Edge Computing
While it’s not the largest wireless tower company in the US, Vertical Bridge is among the largest ones if you take into account all types of locations it controls, including wireless and broadcast towers, leased rooftop and land assets, and billboards. Taken together, that’s about 55,000 locations around the US.
edgecomputing  mec  ovum  datacentre 
13 days ago
In Election Interference, It’s What Reporters Didn’t Find That Matters - The New York Times
Instead, Durham officials asked Protus3, a little-known Raleigh firm comprised primarily of physical security experts and former law enforcement types with little, if any, of the technical expertise that is typically standard for breach investigations, to conduct an audit.
forensics  hacker  elections  russia  trump 
13 days ago
Why Facebook Like buttons account for a full 16% of the size of an average site’s code, and what…
The Facebook SDK: a great fat-ass blob of Javascript getting reloaded every 20 minutes. And MNOs say they're not making money from those OTT services....
webperf  parasites  facebook  ovum 
13 days ago
Flat UI Elements Attract Less Attention and Cause Uncertainty
Notice that those characteristics are also just good, basic UX design best practice: visual simplicity, external consistency, clear visual hierarchy, and contrast.
design  ux  flat 
13 days ago
Lens Rentals | Blog
Christ. What would it do to your eyes?
photography  eclipse 
13 days ago
How is ARCore better than ARKit? – Super Ventures Blog – Medium
Interesting. Tango was the alpha for their AR product.
ar  vr  ovum  tango  apple  android 
13 days ago
Android 8.0 Oreo, thoroughly reviewed | Ars Technica
Huh. Looks like great news for alternative ROMs, which I wasn't expecting
android  ovum 
13 days ago
Sprint highlights NFV plans with push toward 5G wireless
Sprint is using new providers in many areas starting with the SBC (Session Border Controller), the Call Session Control Function (CSCF), and the Telephony Application Server (TAS) functionality. Our providers are Metaswitch for the SBC, CSCF, and the Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF) as well as Mavenir for the TAS, Media Resource Function (MRF), and policy Diameter Routing Agent (pDRA)
sprint  metaswitch  mavenir  onos  5g  nfv  sdn  ovum 
13 days ago
Facebook digital ads figures differ from census data: analyst
Facebook’s ad-buying website tells advertisers that the world’s largest social network has a potential reach of 41 million 18 to 24 year olds in the United States, whereas U.S. census data shows that last year there were 31 million people living in the country between these ages, Brian Wieser, a Pivotal Research Group senior analyst, said in a note.

Wieser, unlike most stock analysts, maintains a “sell” rating on Facebook’s shares.
advertising  facebook  indieweb  sell  demographics  bubble2  ovum 
13 days ago
Mom Not Thrilled That Teen Daughter’s New Mobile Number Used To Belong To Escort – Consumerist
CBS Chicago has the story of a mom who was less than pleased to learn that the new phone line she’d purchased from T-Mobile for her 13-year-old daughter not only once belonged to an escort, but that the number was still listed online as in that escort’s contact information.
nanpa  numbering  gsm  security  oops 
13 days ago
The Hateful Monk | by Gavin Jacobson | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
His “Trilogy of Evil” began in 1974 with General Idi Amin Dada: A Self Portrait, a character study of the Ugandan dictator. The second installment, Terror’s Advocate (2007), was on the French-Algerian defense lawyer Jacques Vergès, whose clients have included Klaus Barbie, Carlos the Jackal, the Khmer Rouge leader Khieu Samphan, and the Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy. Wirathu is Schroeder’s final subject, and, for him, the most terrifying. “I am afraid to call him Wirathu because even his name scares me,” he said in a recent interview with Agence France-Presse. “I just call him W.”
buddhist  fascism  burma  movies  horror 
16 days ago
How The Parents Of Autistic Children Are Being Targeted By Misinformation Online
This is good, but there's also a class angle. People like JABS were sharp-elbowed middle class types who were used to getting their way and good at complaining through the media, whether it was about parking or bypasses or thimerosal.
antivax  fakenews  trump  andrewwakefield 
16 days ago
Seite 3 - Linke und SPD streiten wieder: Bye-bye Rot-Rot
Wagenknechts Äußerungen waren auch ein Versuch, Wähler anzusprechen, die von der Linken zur AfD gewechselt sind. Das gilt vor allem für den Osten Deutschlands. Dort wählen immer weniger Menschen die Linkspartei. Wahlergebnisse von mehr als 20 Prozent, die früher eine Selbstverständlichkeit waren, gibt es nur noch selten. Als Kümmererpartei ist die Linke kaum noch gefragt. Und auch ihr Image als Protestpartei hat sie längst verloren.
afd  dielinke  germany 
16 days ago
How Labor Scholars Missed the Trump Revolt - The Chronicle of Higher Education
While it got plenty of criticism, few readers took seriously the central message expressed in the subtitle: Our civic life has become a doughnut, with empty calories surrounding a hollow center where questions of class, occupation, pay, and power might once have been debated and expressed. We had become a nation with little legitimate space to express either the external or the internal conflicts of economic inequality — and that is a dangerous and volatile place for any republic to find itself.
trump  class 
16 days ago
Schwabenkinder – Wikipedia
This is...horrible, and explains a lot about certain things the Nazis got away with
slavery  bavaria 
16 days ago
Majority of Brits support high-skilled EU migration: survey – POLITICO
Those polled “want overall immigration numbers to go down, while wanting to keep most flows of immigration at current levels,” the report stated. “And they want the government to do something about these issues, while having very little confidence in its ability to do so competently.” // they have no idea what they're against.
brexit  immigration 
16 days ago
UK seeks ‘continuous’ talks to propel Brexit resolution – POLITICO
A “very senior” member of Britain’s negotiating team explored the possibility of “continuous negotiations” during talks with an EU counterpart over the last few days, the officials said. The move would see British negotiators camped in Brussels semi-permanently in a bid to break the deadlock over Britain’s financial obligations to the EU.
16 days ago
Brazil’s leftist hero basks in adulation as he bids to revive political fortunes | World news | The Guardian
“What makes the nation grow is the purchasing power of the people at the bottom, not the rich,” he said. “When you take out a loan for a productive asset, you are making the economy more dynamic. And when the GDP starts to grow, the debt starts to fall.”
lula  brazil 
16 days ago
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