The Best Way to Eradicate Poverty: Welfare Not Jobs – People's Policy Project
There are three basic insights that flow from this data: 1) poverty overwhelmingly afflicts nonworkers, 2) half of the population does not work, and 3) nearly everyone who is not currently working in our society cannot or should not work. Once you accept all of these insights, the solution to poverty becomes very clear: a welfare state that provides income to nonworking people.
12 hours ago
Big numbers for the big players | Lattepapa Policy
This is a large but limited amount of money, may quicken the change of the housing association sector to an oligopoly and may mean there are fewer social rented homes than if the money had gone into the affordable homes programme
housing  weaksauce 
13 hours ago
Stung by hacks, the Democratic National Committee is switching from Android to iPhones – BGR
Lord’s comment was an allusion to the fact that this is not the party picking a side in that old fight about which system is more secure than the other. He explained in an interview with Forbes that one big reason for this choice is Apple being faster to offer patches for security vulnerabilities compared to what Google has to contend with, thanks to the scores of different Android handset manufacturers which slows some update downs.
dnc  security  apple  ovum  russia 
15 hours ago
Sky: Comcast outbids Fox with £30bn bid for broadcaster - BBC News
"We now encourage Sky shareholders to accept our offer, which we look forward to completing before the end of October 2018." // woohoo! if they close this before Christmas I can end the boycott and watch the rugby!
rugbyleague  sky  murdoch  comcast 
15 hours ago
How Police Databases Sort China’s Citizens – China Digital Times (CDT)
Well, here's essentially the schema for the PSB's suspect index database.
schema  ontology  database  surveillance  china 
16 hours ago
RE: Software disenchantment -
I’ve seen this just a few weeks ago: a professional marketing specialist is using a high end laptop with some bloatware in the browser. Forget 60fps, his pages were doing 10-12 fps at best, and every time he moved the cursor to close a tab, an antivirus popup appeared on top of the button. He says “damn!”, moves the cursor away, then slowly moves it back again from a specific angle, carefully trying not to invoke that popup. He succeeds and carries on with his task. I asked him, it’s been months like that. Hundreds of times. Every day. He just doesn’t know better, this is what computers are.
rant  programming 
16 hours ago
Software disenchantment @
Every device I own fails regularly one way or another. My Dell monitor needs a hard reboot from time to time because there’s software in it.
software  programming  rant  internetofshit 
16 hours ago
I Peeked Into My Node_Modules Directory And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next
Glimmer brings in the entirety of Encyclopedia Brittanica, just to display the definition for the word “glimmer” in its help menu.
programming  bloat 
16 hours ago
items - The IPPR’s Industrial Strategy: Historical Echoes and Contemporary Silences - Mile End Institute
Champions of an exporting industrial strategy analytically depend on national-economic frameworks, like the balance of payments. In previous work, Tooze himself traced the historical creation of this national-economic paradigm in the twentieth century, particularly through the development of economic statistics, upon which talk of ‘current account deficits’ relies. But in his new book Crashed, he draws on a burgeoning financial literature to expose the growth of a new, ‘macrofinancial’ North Atlantic system, built upon short-term wholesale money markets and highly leveraged, dollar-denominated credit, as a key motor of global capitalism
economics  mcdonnell  to_blog 
16 hours ago
Workers have right to gig economy that delivers for 21st century | Financial Times
A developed economy that finds itself sliding back down the global value chain is an economy where something is going awry.
economics  mcdonnell  productivity  economichistory  to_blog 
16 hours ago
Former Columnist Jailed For Social Media Criticism of Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi
A court in Yangon has sentenced a former newspaper columnist for state media to seven years in prison and ordered him to pay a fine for violating a sedition law by criticizing Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi on social media, in the latest challenge to freedom of expression in the Southeast Asian country // fork!
burma  aungsansuukyi 
16 hours ago
How to Find China’s Internment Camps for Uighur Muslims - The Atlantic
Having read this I found the Yuli site on Planet Explorer in about ten minutes.
osint  imagery  satellite  xjp  xinjiang  china 
16 hours ago
Pourquoi le coup d'État gaulliste a-t-il été effacé de notre mémoire collective ? - Les Inrocks
le jeune universitaire américain Grey Anderson interroge les débuts parfois troubles de notre République qui a fêté - discrètement - cette année ses 60 ans
degaulle  france  books  to_read 
16 hours ago
NovaSAR: UK radar satellite launches to track illegal shipping activity - BBC News
But perhaps its most interesting role will be in maritime observation // you bet it will!
satellite  rorsat  space  sst 
16 hours ago
The truth about false rape accusations — Quartz
almost invariably, adult false accusers who persist in pursuing charges have a previous history of bizarre fabrications or criminal fraud // that's interesting - fraudsters gonna fraud...
rape  falseaccusation  fraud 
16 hours ago
bellingcat - Skripal Poisoning Suspect's Passport Data Shows Link to Security Services - bellingcat
In Mr. Petrov’s case, this page is left blank, and in addition to the same stamp “Do not provide information”, a hand-written note is added with the text “There is a letter. S.S.”. Per the same source interviewed for this story, S.S. is a common abbreviation for “sovershenno sekretno”, Russian for “top secret”.
16 hours ago
John McDonnell’s challenge: how do you make labour market reform sexy?
The actually significant policy change isn’t the £500 a year – it's a below inflation pay rise for the average British worker – but the package of shareholder rights that would be given to employees.
mcdonnell  labour  mitbestimmung  to_blog 
16 hours ago
Cape’s bohemian bargains and ‘high-yield’ shanty towns | Financial Times
Some time in the 1840s, a boat belonging to Filipino fishermen was shipwrecked — or possibly impounded — off Kalk Bay, in what is now an upwardly mobile suburb of Cape Town. The fishermen liked it so much they stayed. A thriving Filipino fishing community took root // iddk
southafrica  capetown  history  realestate 
16 hours ago
'The next billion users': Google targets India's lucrative mobile market | World news | The Guardian
Be interesting to know how they plan to keep it nontoxic and whether G+ stuff gets reused
17 hours ago
Saudi Arabia is at its least stable in 50 years
Fearing for his security, the crown prince is said to spend many nights on his half-billion-dollar yacht moored in Jeddah. It’s a floating palace longer than a football field and with many perks. It is also a potential escape hatch.
18 hours ago
Theresa May's aides 'plotting a new general election' in Brenda from Bristol's worst nightmare - Mirror Online
In a telephone conversation on Thursday evening one of them reportedly said to another Tory strategist: "What are you doing in November — because I think we are going to need an election."
HUD Secretary Ben Carson: Kavanaugh allegation is part of a socialist plot
There is no basis for Carson's claim that socialists are plotting to take over American civic institutions. A spokesman for the Department of Housing and Urban Development did not immediately return a call from CNBC Friday seeking clarification of Carson's remarks // oh, but we are!
Brexiteer MPs Say They're "In Despair" After Their Challenge To Theresa May's Brexit Plan Backfired
It is a done deal,” said one former minister. “I really believe they have signed it all off with [Angela] Merkel and the ongoing negotiations are just a charade to keep her in power and get Chequers over the line, which suits the EU down to the ground”.
Labour plans to remove incentive for teachers to 'off-roll' students | Education | The Guardian
Labour would also like to close a loophole that allows schools to receive funding for a pupil before they are counted towards exam results. According to Labour this creates a window in which pupils can be off-rolled without consequences, having already generated additional revenue for the school.
Huge rise in ambulance callouts to deal with spice users | Politics | The Guardian
Ball said: “I remember speaking to one young man about what he wanted from spice and he said: ‘It makes me feel like my head has been cut off.’ He was seeking a sense of dismemberment.
spice  drugs  brexit  zeitgeist 
3 days ago
Latin America Is the Murder Capital of the World - WSJ
Death is so much part of the landscape that once police cordoned off the area around Mr. Sabino’s body, some patrons at a nearby rotisserie chicken restaurant stayed to finish their meals.
murder  latam  chicken  moralhorror 
3 days ago
Q&A—Red Hat's Brian Gracely on open source and doubling down on Kubernetes | FierceTelecom
Open source has never been known for being the people that sit and finish up projects. They've always sort of gotten it to a good solid point that does 80% of what you want it to do, or it works well enough but there's not great interfaces and things on it.

What tends to happen is, either commercial companies like Red Hat or Canonical, or anybody else, ends up making it usable for them afterwards.
redhat  linux  kubernetes  cloud  opensource  ovum 
3 days ago
Russia 'planned Wall Street bear raid' - BBC News
"Here I'm not going to name the senior person, but I was meeting with someone… This person told me that the Chinese had received a message from the Russians which was, 'Hey let's join together and sell Fannie and Freddie securities on the market.'
russia  gfc 
3 days ago
Corbynism 2.0: the radical ideas shaping Labour’s future
They have won two landslide leadership victories, more than doubled the party’s membership to 540,000 and delivered the biggest increase in its general election vote share since 1945 (from 30.4 per cent to 40 per cent in 2017). These advances are still more notable when set against the decline – or “Pasokification” (a reference to Greece’s vanquished Pasok) – of the European centre left. In Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and, most recently, Sweden, social democrats have endured their worst results in postwar history. Labour, by means of an internal revolution, has averted this fate.
labour  corbyn 
4 days ago
As Labour heads to conference, the scale of John McDonnell’s ambition is becoming clear
Put simply: when the fractious parliamentary party are silent – as they currently are, with many prominent Corbynsceptics even skipping conference in Liverpool – then even minor differences of emphasis between power-brokers are magnified. Why, in New Labour’s pomp, was Blair vs Brown the only story in town? Because no one cared what Iain Duncan Smith thought.
labour  mcdonnell  corbyn 
4 days ago
What We’ve Been Overlooking in the Great Debate on Livestock | Farming First
There is currently no official and complete international database of what livestock consume. This is why FAO explored this issue in a recent study. What are livestock eating and how much animal food is produced with it?

The results first confirm that a large part of crops on the planet (about one third) are grown to feed livestock. But what we found is that this represents a small part of what farm animals eat. 86 per cent of their feed is composed of grass, straw, bran and other residues and by-products that are not suitable for human consumption // you would think someone would have asked this before spouting Helpful Advice and Moral Guidance....
agriculture  vegetarian  meat 
5 days ago
Financements libyens: la mise en examen de Claude Guéant est aggravée par les juges | Mediapart
Guéant's weakass explanations are surely doing him more harm than just thorping and saying nuffink would.
gueant  sarkozy  djouhri  corruption  france  libya  squarcini 
5 days ago
Tom Arnold insists the 'N-word' tape exists -- and Trump and his former 'Apprentice' producer are terrified
“I’ve seen this compilation tape,” he said. “If you’re on one of these reality shows — there’s compilation tapes of me doing horrible, disgusting things. Of course, I do horrible, disgusting things, but I’m also not running for president. I remember this tape I saw, and I described it exactly. He says the N-word, he calls Eric the R-word. Now they call it the N-word tape. I have friends that worked on that show, and I explained it exactly.” // the R word? has he invented a new swearword?
rword  trump 
5 days ago
Stormy Daniels' tell-all book on Trump: salacious detail and claims of cheating | US news | The Guardian
Whenever she saw Trump on television for years afterwards, Daniels writes, an internal monologue would play out: “‘I had sex with that,’ I’d say to myself. Eech.”
stormydaniels  trump  mariokart 
5 days ago
Police chief who led Ted Heath inquiry lied to colleagues over smashed mobile phone
Mike Veale, who used to lead the Wiltshire force, but is now the Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, told colleagues he broke his work phone when he dropped it in a car park and it was run over by a car.

But an investigation by the police watchdog discovered that Mr Veale had lied about the incident and had actually smashed the device when he played a poor shot during a round of golf and hit his bag with a club in frustration.
wut  noncesense  heath  cops  golf 
5 days ago
Opinion | I Came of Age During the 2008 Financial Crisis. I’m Still Angry About It. - The New York Times
Many people have and will continue to condemn me personally for my tremendous but unexceptional student debt
crisis  crash  millennial  bullshit  to_blog 
5 days ago
How bitcoin helped track down suspects in the Russia investigation – VICE News
Because every bitcoin transaction is recorded on a public ledger, law enforcement can trace back bitcoins to its origins // yes. it's absolutely crucial to the very concept of bitcoin that it's not anonymous at all
bitcoin  russia  forensics  security 
5 days ago
Keir Starmer clashed with Corbyn on Brexit 'to brink of resignation' | Politics | The Guardian
“The only way that her deal is going to get voted down, is if some of the European Research Group vote against it – and they’re not voting against it if they believe one of the options then is a second referendum. The surefire way to get the ERG to vote with the government is to talk about a second referendum,” said a senior Labour figure.
to_blog  brexit  fbpe  corbyn 
5 days ago
Me Talk Presidential One Day | GQ
The president was clearly frustrated with what was going on, but there was little he could do at this late hour. He went up to take a nap, saying he was beat. He looked it. I’d never seen him more exhausted. His hair was out of place and shaggy. His face looked drained and pale. Even more distressing, he was wearing Crocs.
crocs  trump  bush  crash  lehman 
5 days ago
The Brexit Novel? // New Socialist
Three thoughts here: 1) haven't we done this before? 2) there's something worth doing about the wave of gritty northern texts of the 90s vs today's 3) the old station scene in Trainspotting, arguably that wave's defining text, is explicitly about *somewhereness* being thrust upon you.
brexit  northern  books  nonsense  to_blog 
5 days ago
Texas grandma kills 12-foot gator, says she's finally avenged her miniature horse | Animals
A Texas great-grandmother thinks she's finally gotten revenge on the massive alligator that ate her miniature horse a few years ago.
5 days ago
This Windows file may be secretly hoarding your passwords and emails | ZDNet
"The user doesn't even have to open the file/email, so long as there is a copy of the file on disk, and the file's format is supported by the Microsoft Search Indexer service," Skeggs told ZDNet.

"On my PC, and in my many test cases, WaitList.dat contained a text extract of every document or email file on the system, even if the source file had since been deleted," the researcher added.
windows10  security  paranoia  waitlist 
5 days ago
Mark Harrison
The supply-chain problem of an economy built on these foundations was that the state became a monopolist intermediary of everything. The centre’s sweeping powers of allocation induced perverse incentives and inefficiencies everywhere below the apex. As soon as this economy came into being, those within it became aware of its defects and began to press for decentralising reforms.
soviet  russia  economichistory 
5 days ago
Assessing Soviet Economic Performance During the Cold War: A Failure of Intelligence? - Texas National Security Review
Gregory Grossman, a professor of economics at Berkeley and a leading specialist in this area, was particularly prescient. In an extraordinary article published in 1962, Grossman argued that some of the most basic features of the Soviet economy — the absence of a market mechanism, the limited role that money played in economic life and the limits on labor mobility — were increasingly counterproductive
economichistory  soviet  russia  coldwar  forecasting 
5 days ago
U.S. Air Force Seeks Largest Expansion Since Cold War – Foreign Policy
Mostly bombers, F-35s, jet tankers, and satellites. (+5 B-21 sqns on 9, +7 F-sqns on 55, +14 tanker sqns on 40, +7 SOF sqns on 20, +2 drone sqns on 25, +7 space sqns on 16)
usaf  airpower  china  trumpulus  b-21  f35 
6 days ago
Opinion | What Do We Actually Know About the Economy? (Wonkish) - The New York Times
In fact, when I try to come up with mind-altering empirical work on microeconomics, the example that comes most strongly to mind is the literature on the effect of minimum wage hikes – which happens to be an example of the facts refuting what the standard model told us to expect
economics  krugman 
6 days ago
U.S. duties spare Apple gadgets but hit cloud industry | Reuters
The United States will spare Apple Inc’s Watch and other consumer gadgets from the latest round of tariffs on Chinese goods, according to a list of products released by the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) on Monday.

But parts for the computer servers and networking gear that power “cloud” data centers and internet-based services now face a levy, as do some of the parts for the machines used to make semiconductors.
trump  tradewar  apple  amazon  cloud  ovum 
6 days ago
AT&T says 5G is going to bring carrier-locked phones back in a big way – BGR
“It’s not because there isn’t a desire and we don’t want to” have cross-compatibility, Mansfield explained. It’s just that nobody has figured out how to cram the 28GHz 5G that Verizon and T-Mobile are using, and AT&T’s 39GHz 5G, into one box yet. And while T-Mobile and Verizon are using similar 28GHz bands, T-Mobile is also putting 5G on the 600MHz band, which Verizon is not.
28ghz  3.5ghz  600mhz  39ghz  verizon  t-mobile  att  5g  hardware  ovum 
6 days ago
Sunspot observatory raided by FBI agents
He said AURA had “ordered the site vacated, providing no other reason than a “security” issue. He said the researchers did not spot anything in the sun to necessitate them leaving, nor were they aware of any scientific reason — such as an anomaly in the data they were collecting — for doing so.”
sunspot  sun  weirdness 
7 days ago
The Brilliant light switch is trying too hard - Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis
Even as a light switch, the cheapest model designed for one-gang switches (that means there is one light switch), doesn’t provide an intuitive way to turn on the lights
iot  internetofshit  lightswitch 
7 days ago
Hundreds of Dancers, Smeared in Motor Oil, in a Drum-Fueled Frenzy on the Streets of Brooklyn - The New York Times
A man wearing a helmet with large horns stuck to it was trying to bring in a strange contraption made of a baby stroller with speakers surmounted by the black-painted torso of a mannequin with flowing blond hair, a deer antler sprouting from the top of her head, and a raised arm holding a large Grenadian flag.
prose  newyork  nyt 
7 days ago
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