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Jesus. This was a terrible idea to begin with and yes, they have buffer overflows.
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Travels in Belgium, the dysfunctional, fractured state at the heart of the EU
One 2007 report put the figures for Flemish-Walloon marriages at 1 per cent, far below the percentage of black-white marriages in the UK, for example.
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17 minutes ago
Can you distinguish between a bot and a human? | Coffee House
We sampled a random selection of 2,500 UK Twitter users who expressly supported one of the major parties. Within this sample, he was the ninth most retweeted account. On this measure – not perfect, but a pretty good random sample – his content was more widely shared than the Guardian and the Independent. And among our sample of Ukip supporters, he came in a close-second to Nigel Farage himself.
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22 minutes ago
Qualcomm, ZTE, China Mobile demo end-to-end 5G NR interoperability data testing system | FierceWireless
The demo with China Mobile, however, did not include a user device as small as a smartphone; it’s still using small refrigerator-sized equipment for that.
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2 hours ago
How to Combat Populist Demagogues by Dani Rodrik - Project Syndicate
Signaling has a specific meaning in this context. It means engaging in costly behavior that is sufficiently extreme that a conventional politician would never want to emulate it, yet not so extreme that it would turn the reformer into a populist and defeat the purpose. For someone like Hillary Clinton, assuming her conversion was real, it could have meant announcing she would no longer take a dime from Wall Street // ok stop there
danirodrik  populism  globalisation  trade 
17 hours ago
How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York’s Subways - The New York Times
The authority — a sophisticated operation that contracts with multiple bond experts — has had to pay $328 million in bond issuance fees over the past 15 years // and to whom? bankers? no. to the NY State government for nonexistent "advice"
subway  finance  nyc  bonds 
17 hours ago
Rugby League World Cup 2017: Social media diagnoses Kevin Brown’s concussion in PNG game | Fox Sports
according to coach Wayne Bennett, an unnamed England player watching from the stands came to the change-room at halftime and showed the doctor footage of the knock that he’d seen on social media.
rugbyleague  concussion  bennett  kevinbrown  twitter 
18 hours ago
Nehru, the Patron Saint of Soviet Sexual Liberation? - The Wire
The exact words uttered by Nehru are thought to have ranged from astonishment to admonition. He inquired how a communist government of a socialist country could charge its people to enter public parks, while the British, the US and other capitalist countries made public parks open to the public free of charge. The Royal Parks of London had been free public parks since 1851, a century before this Moscow encounter. Khrushchev was profoundly embarrassed, and livid. His retinue could not understand what had gone wrong and looked at their boss for instructions. He said something to his minions, who ran to the ticket boxes yelling and waving hands.
ussr  parks 
18 hours ago
Altice tries desperately to restore investor confidence |
Altice is not in preparation of a cash raising by means of an equity- or equity-linked issuance and has no intention to pursue such action
Next Alt S.à.r.l. (“Next”) does not have any margin loan exposure to Altice and has not sold any material number of shares since the IPO
Management has not taken any active decision to sell Altice shares
Altice plans to de-lever its balance sheet and does not have margin loan exposure within the group // "active decision" - that's not a denial!
altice  ovum  nondenialdenial 
18 hours ago
The Hidden History of Trump’s First Trip to Moscow - POLITICO Magazine
The ambassador—“fluent in English and a brilliant master of negotiations”—charmed the busy Trump, telling him: “The first thing I saw in the city is your tower!” Dubinina said: “Trump melted at once. He is an emotional person, somewhat impulsive. He needs recognition. And, of course, when he gets it he likes it. My father’s visit worked on him [Trump] like honey to a bee.” // MICE MICE baby
mice  russia  trump 
20 hours ago
Saudi authorities offer freedom deals to princes and businessmen
“They are making settlements with most of those in the Ritz,” said one adviser. “Cough up the cash and you will go home.”
4 days ago
Editor's Corner—Operator sand-bagging aside, cord cutting got real in Q3 | FierceCable
By our tally, the third quarter was record bad. The top 10 operators—AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Dish, Verizon, Cox, Altice, Frontier, Mediacom and Cable One—combined to lose 842,000 across their linear cable, satellite and IPTV services in the third quarter
cablecos  tv  ovum 
4 days ago
Left behind: can anyone save the towns the UK economy forgot?
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Iain Duncan Smith admits places such as this are “the hardest nut to crack. You want many of them to get back into the world of work, but you can’t get them back into the world of work if there aren’t jobs there.” // oh, you've noticed? you've noticed?
blackpool  death  depression  unemployment  poverty  ids  tories 
4 days ago
A Windows 10 alternative: Microsoft should embrace, extend Linux on the desktop | ZDNet
I believe Microsoft should release its own version of Linux. But not just any Linux. I think it should be Office 365-on-a-Stick.

Hear me out, OK? Imagine a self-hosting, bootable/installable Android distribution, with Edge for Android as the main browser, all the Android Office 365 apps pre-loaded, and configured out of the box to use Azure AD and Microsoft ID authentication.
android  linux  microsoft 
5 days ago
Raytheon: Saudi-based Patriots intercepted over 100 tactical ballistic missiles since 2015
That's...a lot of big rockets? The Yemeni side says they launched 93, so Raytheon is claiming to have shot down more than they actually fired, but still, 93 is a lot of big rockets
6 days ago
Antique gun dealer supplied weapons and bullets used by gangsters | World news | The Guardian
Edmunds told police he “didn’t give a shit” about potential victims. He said he was “not responsible for the actions of somebody that buys some things”, adding his “duty of care” only extended to not selling to people who “didn’t look right” // possibly more scrutiny than a typical US gun buyer gets
6 days ago
Salon des Refuses – Code is not just text – Felienne
One of the assumptions the author has is that text is bad and that there could be some visual thing that’s better. But it remains vague why that is and how a visual language would be better // GUIs *do* have syntax errors! Oh, is that a button? Why did that just disappear? Bugger, the loop is stuck under the URLretrieve
ux  code  text  gui  programming 
6 days ago
Binder: an awesome tool for hosting Jupyter notebooks - Julia Evans
Binder is a tool that lets other people easily launch an interactive copy of your Jupyter notebooks
python  jupyter  notebook  hacker  tools  webdev 
6 days ago
Glitch: write fun small web projects instantly - Julia Evans
It’s kind of like sshing into a server and editing PHP/HTML code on your server and having it instantly available, which I kind of also loved
devops  glitch  webdev  javascript 
6 days ago
For Raqqa to Heal, Prioritize Demining
The Department of Defense had a limited presence in the area, so there was little U.S. manpower available to apply to mine clearance. U.S. forces were able to train a small team of local women from Manbij to negotiate and destroy mines and booby traps that the Islamic State left throughout the city, but there were less than two dozen of them. I physically handed out marking tape on a street corner of Manbij // this sounds amazing person?
syria  eod  mines 
6 days ago
Hard Constraints on China’s Nuclear Forces
Sense (much more so than the horseshitty low yield piece!)
china  nukes 
6 days ago
Zambia: Lungu's state capture is so complete he barely needs to pretend - African Arguments
For instance, when the leader of the opposition, Hakainde Hichilema, was arrested on what appeared to be a trumped-up charge of treason this April, Lungu claimed to have nothing to do with the arrest. He claimed it would be improper for him to intervene in the independent arms of government. Laughable as these claims of non-interference were, they wrong-footed opponents who were left looking for evidence of how he had influenced these supposedly independent institutions.

Now, however, Lungu is making threats against the judiciary so thinly veiled that even the masquerade of propriety has fallen away
zambia  corruption  africa 
6 days ago
Without Humans, Artificial Intelligence Is Still Pretty Stupid - WSJ
They call it artificial intelligence so they can treat you like a machine.
ai  ml  moderation  cowclicker 
6 days ago
She Warned of ‘Peer-to-Peer Misinformation.’ Congress Listened. - The New York Times
“It was this great case study in peer-to-peer misinformation,” Ms. DiResta said. Through one account she created to monitor anti-vaccine groups on Facebook, she quickly realized she was being pushed toward other anti-vaccine accounts, creating an echo chamber in which it appeared that viewpoints like “vaccines cause autism” were the majority.
facebook  fakenews 
6 days ago
How EEC membership drove Margaret Thatcher’s reforms | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
Our main finding for per capita GDP, and even more strongly for total factor productivity (TFP), was that 1969 was the main turning point. This was the year Charles de Gaulle resigned, and hence the year in which the UK successfully applied to join the EEC. (This was the third attempt – de Gaulle vetoed applications in 1961 and 1967).

Figure 2 shows the ratio of TFP for the three countries that joined the EU in 1973 (UK, Denmark and Ireland) to the EU6 founding members between 1950 and 2011. We subjected these TFP ratios to the same structural break estimation exercise and same range of robustness checks (Campos and Coricelli 2017). The conclusions are even stronger than for per capita GDP.
growth  thatcher  europe 
6 days ago
Exclusive: How the Boundary Commission could smash the Tory DUP love in | David Hencke
This was once a Great Hope of the Cameron strategic initiatives agenda, back when that was a thing
boundary  tories  dup  politics 
6 days ago
Repatriated earnings won’t help American workers—but taxing those earnings can
Of the 15 companies with the largest cash balances—companies that hold almost $1 trillion in cash—about 95 percent of the total cash was invested in the U.S. (We examined the annual reports of Apple, Microsoft, GE, Google, Cisco, Oracle, Amgen, Ford Motor Co., Gilead, Qualcomm, Merck, Amazon, Pfizer, IBM, and Johnson & Johnson.) // US corporations' pre-tax overseas earnings can be invested in the US, and usually are. The restriction is that you can't pay out dividends or spend on either CAPEX or M&A. You can however make financial investments. Those described are all fixed income but presumably equities would be OK so long as you stay short of a controlling stake?
finance  cash  offshore 
7 days ago
Inside a low budget consumer hardware espionage implant
Awesome. GSM bug, $25. If you were to actually use this you'd be well advised to take great care with that SIM, as it looks like it might collect all the phone numbers on it
security  espionage  gsm  usb  china 
7 days ago
Editor’s Corner—Fixed 5G was tested by the cable industry, and it came up a bit short | FierceWireless
The limitations of fixed-wireless. If you want humongous speeds and nice licensing conditions, you need to build either a massive number of base stations to the point where you might as well drop fibre (because you needed to lay it anyway to reach the base stations!) or a huge planning complaint of a tower. You can do more cheaply in, say, 3.5GHz but then you're an MNO.
spectrum  cable  5g  fixedwireless  ovum 
7 days ago
Hacker News
Shorter: Centriq is at least competitive on most things, outstanding on multi-core. Also newer Intel x86 isn't necessarily that much better
qualcomm  chips  centriq  arm  ovum 
7 days ago
Measuring Indirect Effects of Unfair Employer Behavior on Worker Productivity – A Field Experiment by Matthias Heinz, Sabrina Jeworrek, Vanessa Mertins, Heiner Schumacher, Matthias Sutter :: SSRN
In order to rule out such confounds and to measure productivity changes of unaffected workers in a clean way, we create an environment where employees work for two shifts. In one treatment, we <strike>shoot</strike> lay off parts of the workforce before the second shift.
economics  moralhorror 
7 days ago
OVH Tasks  
Also, putting software into your optical stuff means you now have Layer 1 problems caused by software
ovh  cloud  ovum  outage  datacentre  optical 
7 days ago
OVH Tasks  
Quick-build container data centres may not be a fantastic idea
ovh  cloud  ovum  outage  datacentre  electricity 
7 days ago
Claims that second lynx has died at zoo where animal escaped | UK news | The Guardian
“The levels of incompetence and ineptitude are mind-blowing. What if it had been Borth’s crocodile that escaped? Or their two lions?" // not actually about Brexit but it feels that way
7 days ago
All Mixed Up: I Spent 8 Weird Hours Wearing Microsoft’s New Headset
I guess it was necessary to do this stupid thing so as to demonstrate its stupidity
vr  stupidity 
7 days ago
Meet the tech company that wants to make you even more addicted to your phone | TechCrunch
Much of that million in funding came from the now-defunct Lowercase Capital, which was helmed by Chris Sacca and Matt Mazzeo. Dopamine appears to be one of the firm’s last deals before both Sacca and Mazzeo became embroiled in the sexual misconduct scandals that swept the venture industry during 2017’s long, lurid summer because that isn't surprising in the least, is it?
psychology  ai  cowclicker  horrible 
7 days ago
Bradford’s Recurring Anti-Semitism Nightmare | WOMEN UNITED BLOG
Chilvers then instructed me to retrieve the hat discreetly from the constituency office and to return it back to Alias Yousaf, the Respect Party solicitor, having already taken care of the swastika armbands
bradford  antisemitism  stupidity  respect  georgegalloway 
8 days ago
„Military Mobility“ in Europa: Die EU macht das zu ihrem Thema : Augen geradeaus
Bringing back the MLC signs on motorway bridges and the pool of flatcars.
logistics  nato 
8 days ago
Former minister launches blistering attack on Theresa May's commitment to the North - Mirror Online
"They’re playing at it again because it’s politically beneficial for them to say nice things about the North." // you noticed?
oneill  politics  yorkshire 
8 days ago
How Deutsche Bank’s high-stakes gamble went wrong
“Cryan is almost too honest. It’s not good for morale"
banking  deutschebank 
8 days ago
The Soviet economy, 1917-1991: Its life and afterlife | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal
From the outset, the Bolsheviks admired and followed two models of economic organisation, one German and the other American:

The German model was of a modern war economy, implemented in 1915 and 1916 by Walther Rathenau and Erich Ludendorff. In the war economy, there was mobilisation for mass warfare and mass sacrifice, with commodities rationed at fixed prices.
The American model, implemented by Henry Ford and celebrated by Frederick Winslow Taylor, was of standardised commodities, mass-produced under centralised, hierarchical management // yes, good point about intersection of German war economy and Fordism
ussr  economics  history  germany 
11 days ago
Risky stimulants turn up, again, in weight loss and workout supplements
One of the products Cohen tested, a powder called “Cannibal Ferox Amped,” is marketed online by a company called Chaos and Pain in packaging reminiscent of a horror movie poster. “You’re looking at serious quantities of stimulants,” the product description says. It goes on to gleefully cite a review that called the supplement “dangerous and irresponsible.”
stimulants  supplements  drugs  quackery 
11 days ago
Exclusive: Russia Activated Twitter Sleeper Cells for 2016 Election Day Blitz
The creation dates on those accounts show that Russia began quietly accumulating and maintaining them as early as 2009, with surges in account creation in August 2013 and late 2015. They churned along largely unnoticed, averaging two or three tweets a day, then perked up on Election Day to contribute five to eight tweets each to America’s political discourse // very similar to Chinese district cyber bureau practice
propaganda  trolls  twitter  russia  trump 
11 days ago
Ericsson concedes loss of tech leadership; admits Cisco deal will miss $1B target - Mobile World Live
Ekholm said in his presentation today that the company had embarked on a strategy in the past that targeted many new areas, in an attempt to “compensate for our falling core network business”. In reality, however, this path led the company to spread its investment too thin and jeopardised its technology leadership, added Ekholm.
ericsson  ovum  10k-watch  cisco  iwaswrong 
11 days ago
Tesla Learned About Dyson’s Secret Car Plans Two Years Early - Bloomberg
If you're going to pay chump change, it helps to be sure you're dealing with chumps.
automotive  tesla  dyson  selfdrivingcar 
11 days ago
Brexit’s humble beginnings in the Queen’s Lane Coffee House | Cherwell
The problem with this lot is that the pose of rebellion liberated them from the flip side of establishment status: responsibility
hannan  brexit  libertarians 
11 days ago
General Butt Naked and Other Former Warlords Roam Free in Liberia. Will a New President Prosecute Them?
As was his custom before going to war, Blahyi, now 46, had slaughtered a child in a ritualistic sacrifice supposed to bring protection and fortune in battle. (He is reluctant to give specific details but admits that his victims were usually young girls aged between three and 12 years old, and that he and his fighters would usually consume parts of the victim’s body.)
liberia  buttnaked 
12 days ago
No venture capital please, we're British: Why a pair of storage startups went it alone • The Register
Asked about the possibility of having had accelerated growth through VC funding, he observed: "Everybody wants to be a unicorn but it's the cockroaches that survive a nuclear holocaust."
storage  venturecapital  sme  ovum 
12 days ago
Former Yahoo CEO apologizes for data breach, blames Russians
Of course. But then again, you have to look at what use one billion accounts would have been a few years later...
russia  yahoo  dataleak  trump 
12 days ago
Mellanox NICs Xilinx FPGA to save backplane slots and CPU cycles • The Register
the incoming Innova-2 adapters extend that ability to "offload functions that aren't that friendly to software on the host CPU, and to make the networking functions go faster by accelerating difficult functions in the FPGA".
fpga  sdn  nfv  networking  chips  mellanox  ovum 
12 days ago
Opinion: Broadcom Will Kill Qualcomm
On Twitter, Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy, who has three decades of knowledge about chips, says "Broadcom would slice, dice, destroy." Anshel Sag, also at Moor, says, "Buy. Chop up. Sell off. Raise prices. Rinse. Repeat." How about Ben Wood from CCS Insight? "Still astounded this has even got this far."
qualcomm  broadcom  chips  ovum 
12 days ago
We Need To Talk About Nigel...
During the fallout Hancock denied claims by Mátyás Eörsi, a Hungarian parliamentarian and member of the group, that he had failed to declare all of his visits to Russia, claiming he couldn't count them up as his passport had "fallen into the sea".
russia  trump  brexit  'kippers 
13 days ago
MantisTek GK2's Keylogger Is A Warning Against Cheap Gadgets
The first way to stop the keyboard from sending your key presses to the Alibaba server is to <strike>ensure the MantisTek Cloud Driver software isn’t running in the background</strike> hurl it out of a window and set it on fire
keyboard  keylogger  hacker  security  internet_of_shit 
13 days ago
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