The Ghost Ship Anchored at Foggy Bottom
In the event of an early crisis on the Korean Peninsula, there are no U.S. Ambassadors in China, South Korea, and Japan. In the event of an early crisis on the Subcontinent, there is no U.S. Ambassador in India, as well as in China.
16 hours ago
Felixstowe Dockers: The five key trade challenges for a post-Brexit Britain
negotiating an independent role within the World Trade Organization (WTO) – including agreeing WTO commitments;
negotiating a new settlement between the EU and the UK;
reaching free-trade agreements with the 53 countries the UK deals with via the EU > no biggy then!
negotiating a continuation of generalised system of preferences (GSP) with 92 developing nations; and
negotiating free-trade agreements with countries with no agreements in place through the EU.
brexit  trade 
17 hours ago
No-op: The case of Case and Deaton - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
Interesting idea that journalists struggle unless something is framed as "the opposition"
statistics  badscience  journalism 
20 hours ago
Left out of AHCA fight, Democrats let their grass roots lead — and win - The Washington Post
Like the Jan. 14 rallies, the town hall tactic mirrored what the tea party movement did in 2009
totaldefence  trump  'baggers  organising 
22 hours ago
Londoner's Diary: Jeremy, FGM and a positively orgasmic poser | London Evening Standard
“He walks in and he rolls up his sleeves, and he says he’s just done a night shift at the hospital.” His first question? “What I really want to know, Nimco, is, can girls like you have an orgasm?”Ali says she was “really shocked at the time”, but “four years later you have to laugh about it. My reply was: ‘It depends how good you are, Jeremy’.This man is the Secretary of State for Health but he had no idea about FGM. I don’t think he reads his briefings.”
jeremycunt  tories 
23 hours ago
De-risk the valuation methodology, not the assets! – Michael Otsuka – Medium
Remarkably, therefore, the temporary state of financial markets at the close of the 31 March 2017 date of the upcoming valuation will determine the fate of our pensions > not this shit again
frs17  pensions  ucu 
SpaceX is about to make history by relaunching a used Falcon 9 rocket - The Verge
This is the first time that SpaceX will attempt to reuse one of its rockets.
spacex  rocket  reuse 
The Slip-Up That Caught the Jewish Center Bomb Caller - The Daily Beast
So the wave of bomb hoaxes came from some troll in Israel who went to impressive lengths to cover his tracks...but not quite enough
wifi  hacker  trolls 
Is Housing Driving the Rise in Profits? | Dietrich Vollrath
If you believe in imputed rent you should probably also believe swings in house prices must mean swings in GDP, which is weird because GDP shouldn't care about asset prices
growth  economics  housing 
Brexit can’t cure Britain’s crisis of control, new poll suggests | New Economics Foundation
· 81% feel they have little or no control over the Westminster government
· 79% feel they have little or no control over their local council
· 79% feel they have little or no control over public services in their area
· 75% feel they have little or no control over their neighbourhood
· 70% feel they have little or no control over companies that provide essential services > > ironically, this ordering reverses the shitty reality. you can certainly influence the government; shout at your MP! but try getting a rise out of Sodexho.
takebackcontrol  to_blog  polls 
Why do young people hate Jeremy Corbyn?
I would like to rage about Furedi's kid going into the family VRCs-hawking business, but unfortunately he's right about the Corbs' general scented-candle uselessness
corbyn  labour 
Man who registered 26 non-existent babies jailed - BBC News
Rory McWhirter, of Edinburgh, collected identity details from people he had deceived into applying for fake jobs at a Glasgow hotel. He used the details to obtain their marriage certificates before using them to register the fake births. McWhirter then used the birth certificates to claim benefits.
Philip May: Tory activist, City insider . . . and Europhile?
Huh. May's husband seconded the post-Westland Tory policy motion to back the Single European Act
tories  theresamay 
Era of Dance: How Riga Brought Techno Music to the Soviet Union | Deep Baltic
Bilzens is one of the most important and, at the same time, underrated people of the last decades. He is a man of the era.

I would say he is one of the most notable cultural diplomats of the ’80s and ’90s. He has been connected with the sphere of electronic music since the end of the ’60s when there was no DJ culture. In fact, he became one of the first outsiders who entered into the electronic music environment. Here it’s worth mentioning Cologne in the ’60s and the University of Düsseldorf, which at that time was almost the only university where it was possible to study electronic music machines and their structure.
music  baltics  latvia  germany 
Article 50 author Lord Kerr: I didn’t have UK in mind – POLITICO
At that time, the rise of Austrian far-right leader Jörg Haider was a big worry for mainstream EU leaders and some southern European EU members had returned to democracy only in recent decades. Kerr imagined that the exit procedure might be triggered after an authoritarian leader took power in a member country > maybe it has been.
kerr  europe  article50 
It's not WhatsApp that was at fault in the Westminster attacks. It's our prisons
The sad thing is that not so very long ago a Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice was thinking seriously about prison and re-offending. While there was room to critique some of Michael Gove’s solutions to that problem, they were all a hell of a lot better than “let’s ban WhatsApp”.
prison  radicalisation  terrorism  crypto 
CenturyLink says CORD will reduce costs, increase broadband response times | FierceTelecom
“BNGs are the second most expensive router you can buy so there’s a reason we were interested in modernizing this part of the network.”
centurylink  sdn  nfv  att  cord  ovum 
AT&T’s Tse: We could not wait for open optical standards | FierceTelecom
"colourless, directionless, and contentionless reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer". Colourless, directionless, and contentionless. Like your mum.
optical  networking  roadm  sdn  att  ovum  wavelength 
Inside Alabama’s Auto Jobs Boom: Cheap Wages, Little Training, Crushed Limbs - Bloomberg
There were no gangways, no cables, no handrails. The only training the workers got from the plant’s German supervisors, according to Walker, was in how to rinse off the ventilation ducts so they weren’t so slippery > I wonder to what extent we should see this as Daimler-Benz outsourcing to a third-world country?
manufacturing  alabama  osha  mercedesbenz 
2 days ago
Q&A with Bill Flanagan | The Official Bob Dylan Site
For The New Basement Tapes, T Bone Burnett put together a group with Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Jim James, Marcus Mumford and Taylor Goldsmith, to finish songs based on old lyrics of yours. Did you hear any of those songs and say, “I don’t remember writing that?”

Did you say Taylor Swift?
BobDylan  music  from twitter_favs
4 days ago
Donald Trump: TIME Interview on Truth and Falsehoods |
Brussels, I said, Brussels is not Brussels. I mean many other things, the election’s rigged against Bernie Sanders. We have a lot of things.
trump  drawmeaclock 
6 days ago
Swearing Trojan Continues to Rage, Even After Authors’ Arrest | Check Point Blog
Attackers operate fake base transceiver stations (BTSs) that send phishing SMS messages masquerading as ones coming from Chinese telecom service providers China Mobile and China Unicom
swearingtrojan  hacker  openbts  gsm  ovum  china 
6 days ago
The dangers of resetting everything at once
So here's the trick: any time you see an announcement on date X of something bad that happens after item Y has been up for more than Z days, calculate what X + Z is and make a note in your calendar. That's the first possible date you should see a cluster of events beginning
6 days ago
An Inside Look At How PacketZoom Is Accelerating Performance In China's 1.3B Mobile User Market - Dan Rayburn -
China suffers from 9.2% transfer failure rate (similar to Malaysia, India and Brazil), and a high packet loss. These two parameters have severe impact on content download time and overall performance.
china  cdn  lte  ovum  latency 
6 days ago
4 possible outcomes for Avaya | Network World
The company has been aggressively transitioning away from hardware and toward software and services. Last year, Avaya reported software and services represented 74.9 percent of total revenue (up from 71.3 percent from the prior year). Recurring revenue was 52.1 percent of total revenue.
avaya  voip  voice2  ovum 
6 days ago
Scrolling on the web: A primer - Microsoft Edge Dev BlogMicrosoft Edge Dev Blog
So terribly sad that scrolling is perfect for sticky-bun fingers blurging over Facebook for iPad and shit for keyboards...
scroll  javascript  webdev 
6 days ago
To censor or not to censor? YouTube's double bind | Technology | The Guardian
Part of the problem here is that censorship of any kind inherently must reflect the prejudices of the censoring party. It might optionally also reflect those of the censoring agent, but not necessarily. But the prejudices of the party demanding the censorship must be in there or it wouldn't be censorship
youtube  advertising  video  censorship  editorial  to_blog 
6 days ago
Battery Status Not Included: Assessing Privacy in W3C Web Standards
Riskified is a provider of fraud detection tools for e-commerce. It appears to use Battery-related attributes as a part of a user reputation score (as a behaviometric feature). We highlight that Battery Status API was not designed to allow behavioral profiling with aim of fraud detection.
battery  privacy  firefox  webdev 
6 days ago
The million dollar engineering problem
The Terrible Secret of AWS: sub-linear scaling, aka economies of scale, is what powers growth ever since the Industrial Revolution. But the delightful linear scaling of AWS pricing denies YOU precisely that, and the wedge between the two is why Jeff Bezos is rich.
aws  architecture  cloud  scalability  ovum 
6 days ago
Banks and Tech Firms Battle Over Something Akin to Gold: Your Data - The New York Times
Yodlee is the biggest aggregator, but it has also been the most controversial because of what it does with the data it collects.

In particular, the company has been criticized for taking the billions of credit card transactions running through its pipes and selling them to hedge funds and other investment firms.
databroker  fintech  creepy  surveillance 
6 days ago
Qualkia – Constructing the 5G Myth | Creative Connectivity
So expect to hear a lot more of the Qualkia myth over the next few years. Of course, it could be Qualsson or Qualwei instead of Qualkia. But the Qual is always there. Which is an interesting reflection on which company, largely unknown to consumers, has been most effective in driving our mobile industry to where it is today. They’ve realised that there are better ways to succeed than spending billions of marketing dollars on “Intel Inside” stickers. All you need to do is keep making up a better story. Until the day your audience stops believing.
qualcomm  nokia  qualkia  5g  ovum 
6 days ago
Meet Google - the new telephone company - Chris Kranky
AWS will struggle to match Google anytime soon in these network capabilities. Retail is not a media heavy application and the bulk of AWS services aren’t time sensitive
aws  google  meet  voice2  ovum  googlenext 
6 days ago
Sprint’s Gigabit Class LTE network goes live in New Orleans – Cellular Insights
Sprint is murdering the uplink to chase the 1Gig number in downlink. I wonder what their 99%ile RTT is like
sprint  lte  tdd  cellular  ovum 
6 days ago
The Corbyn Effect, or 'you're nobody til everybody hates you' - Banditry
The important distinction between net and gross favourability
politics  corbyn 
6 days ago
The F-35 will fail, until the US learns to share | Hush-Kit
Too much woo woo rah rah, but a very good point that the Repro is a huge bottleneck and single point of failure.
f35  software  open-source  ipr  trainwreck  to_blog 
6 days ago
What to do when you feel out of your league – #WomenEd #IWD17 – Laura McInerney
I like the 10% braver thing, because it doesn’t commit you too far. “Always speak up” or “100% braver” sounds at least like you’d end up taking a lot of risks and at worst that you might turn into Liam Fox. But 10%? That sounds about right. And of course you can adjust the x% factor to suit.
10%braver  selfimprovement 
6 days ago
Datapanik In The Year Sheero | FreakyTrigger
The falling count of distinct Top 40 songs leads us towards the endgame: nothing but Ed Sheeran.
music  sheeran 
6 days ago
Innovation_rpt_v03C.indd -
All good but the big question is surely "why not just try MONEY?" The CBI would have to eat far too much humble pie to say that, though
6 days ago
Why populists are gluttons for punishment
Who needs solutions when you can make people hurt like you do? Happily for American liberals, they have now found their own version of populist rage. They have finally identified someone they want to punish: Trump.
trump  populistpapers  from twitter_favs
7 days ago
AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government
Manafort proposed in a confidential strategy plan as early as June 2005 that he would influence politics, business dealings and news coverage inside the United States, Europe and the former Soviet republics to benefit the Putin government, even as U.S.-Russia relations under Republican President George W. Bush grew wors
russia  trump  delay 
7 days ago
How Germany’s Anti-Keynesianism Has Brought Europe to Its Knees - wp_886.pdf
the German Reichsbank was actually an “independent central bank”
during both extreme episodes: the Weimar hyperinflation of 1922–23, and deflation of the early 1930s (Holtfrerich 1988). So one could rightly argue that Germany’s experience with central bank independence was actually very poor, with symmetry describing the kind of failures
produced; as did, for instance, Herbert Giersch, the godfather of “supply-side economics” in West Germany (see Giersch and Lehment 1981)

> also interesting: the idea of specialising in price insensitive exports
germany  economics  keynes  centralbank 
7 days ago
UK-based airlines told to move to Europe after Brexit or lose major routes | Politics | The Guardian
ritain is a member of an aviation agreement based on 35 shared pieces of EU legislation, a common regulator in the European Aviation Safety Agency, and a court acting as a referee on the shared rules, the European court of justice (ECJ).

However, asked during a select committee hearing last week whether the UK would continue to be part of the “open-skies” agreement after Brexit, the secretary of state for exiting the EU, David Davis, said: “Not that agreement ... One would presume that would not apply to us – doesn’t say anything about whether there would be a successor.”
aviation  brexit 
7 days ago
interfluidity » You tell me it’s the institution
Institutions are to groups what habits are to individuals.
7 days ago
The Long Demise of the German H-List
"exceptionally intrusive information and communications technologies"
armscontrol  surveillance  germany 
7 days ago
Ireland knew two Martin McGuinnesses: the man of war and the man of peace
What McGuinness remembered most clearly was failing the 11-plus, a “trauma” no child should suffer
mcguinness  ulster 
8 days ago
Where did all the GCSE pupils go – and why has no one noticed? | Education | The Guardian
hoocodanode. also, "Peter Atherton, a school data manager at Minsthorpe Community College near Wakefield, west Yorkshire, who blogs about schools’ results-boosting strategies". sounds like some blog!
education  statistics  michaelgove 
8 days ago
Over-optimistic ministers manipulate the Brexit debate
If these men were shocked that the EU turned out to be a tough interlocutor with interests of its own, imagine their first contact with the American industrial lobby or the Indian state.
showerjobby  brexit  disgracedfox  ushapedambush 
8 days ago
Hard Brexit will turn a quarter of small UK firms off from selling to EU says FSB
Hard Brexit will turn a quarter of small UK firms off from selling to EU says FSB via
SME  brexit  from twitter_favs
9 days ago
Un parfum de Françafrique s'empare de l'affaire Fillon - Page 1 | Mediapart
« Je n'ai jamais touché, comme on dit en Afrique, le “papier”, avait expliqué, le 4 octobre 2011, Robert Bourgi aux juges de l’affaire dite des Biens mal acquis. C'était des missionnaires qui arrivaient avec la valise diplomatique et que je conduisais chez le président de la République française, chez monsieur Chirac et chez monsieur Villepin. » Bourgi avait estimé à 20 millions d’euros le montant des espèces ainsi convoyées, entre 1995 et 2005.
france  fillon  bagsofcash 
9 days ago
Migrants have raised school standards in London, says Gove - BBC News
Jesus, what an arsehole. Also, he is trying to make out sharp-elbowed middle class types fighting like cats in a sack over catchment areas is something new caused by immigrants. It's been a cliché since the 1960s at least.
9 days ago
I always thought George Osborne was sincere in his commitment to the north. I was wrong
I always thought Osborne was a terrible chancellor. I always knew he was a cynic. But I thought his cynicism had led him stumbling, by some miracle, into a Damascene conversion in which he’d realised that the only way to fix this country, its economy and his party’s long term prospects, was to bridge the chasm down the middle of this island.

Turns out I’m an idiot > yes. Yes. Wasn't this always blindingly obvious?
9 days ago
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