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The Robinhood app is a very nice-looking way to go broke | The Outline
"The main differences between picking stocks and betting on, like, horse racing is that you don’t have to wear a suit to go down to the track"
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10 days ago by yorickdupon
This Is How We Radicalized The World
"In most countries, reliable publications are going behind paywalls. More services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are locking premium entertainment behind subscriptions. Which means all of this — the trolls, the abuse, the fake news, the conspiracy videos, the data leaks, the propaganda — will eventually stop being a problem for people who can afford it.

Which will most likely leave the poor, the old, and the young to fall into an information divide."
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11 weeks ago by yorickdupon
Can Mark Zuckerberg Fix Facebook Before It Breaks Democracy? | The New Yorker
"I found Zuckerberg straining, not always coherently, to grasp problems for which he was plainly unprepared. These are not technical puzzles to be cracked in the middle of the night but some of the subtlest aspects of human affairs, including the meaning of truth, the limits of free speech, and the origins of violence."

"Among other fixes, they discovered that, by offering the site in more languages, they could open huge markets. Alex Schultz, a founding member of the Growth Team, said that he and his colleagues were fanatical in their pursuit of expansion. “You will fight for that inch, you will die for that inch,” he told me. Facebook left no opportunity untapped. In 2011, the company asked the Federal Election Commission for an exemption to rules requiring the source of funding for political ads to be disclosed. In filings, a Facebook lawyer argued that the agency “should not stand in the way of innovation.”"

"David Madden, an entrepreneur based in Myanmar, delivered a presentation to officials at the Menlo Park headquarters, pointing out that the company was playing a role akin to that of the radio broadcasts that spread hatred during the Rwandan genocide."

"In conversation, Zuckerberg is, unsurprisingly, highly analytical. When he encounters a theory that doesn’t accord with his own, he finds a seam of disagreement—a fact, a methodology, a premise—and hammers at it. It’s an effective technique for winning arguments, but one that makes it difficult to introduce new information. Over time, some former colleagues say, his deputies have begun to filter out bad news from presentations before it reaches him. A former Facebook official told me, “They only want to hear good news. They don’t want people who are disagreeing with them. There is a culture of ‘You go along to get along.’ ”"

"The caricature of Zuckerberg is that of an automaton with little regard for the human dimensions of his work. The truth is something else: he decided long ago that no historical change is painless. Like Augustus, he is at peace with his trade-offs. Between speech and truth, he chose speech. Between speed and perfection, he chose speed. Between scale and safety, he chose scale. His life thus far has convinced him that he can solve “problem after problem after problem,” no matter the howling from the public it may cause."
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september 2018 by yorickdupon
Phones are boring, so now we're making up conspiracy theories about them
"For those of us living in reality, this is all rather strange. But I would argue it is all highly symptomatic of the world we live in today. A world where distrust of Big Media is a popular theme, and insurgent voices have appeal not because they offer us a more believable interpretation of reality, but one we find more palatable. I won't edge into topics that are inappropriate for this venue, but I do want to be clear this is an edge that cuts both ways, and that there is nothing political about phone rumors: merely that the same forces are at work here that manifest in other spheres of our society and culture."
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september 2018 by yorickdupon
The Impossible Job: Inside Facebook’s Struggle to Moderate Two Billion People - Motherboard
"Facebook’s constant churn of content moderation-related problems come in many different flavors: There are failures of policy, failures of messaging, and failures to predict the darkest impulses of human nature. Compromises are made to accommodate Facebook’s business model. There are technological shortcomings, there are honest mistakes that are endlessly magnified and never forgotten, and there are also bad-faith attacks by sensationalist politicians and partisan media."

"Facebook has gotten significantly better at moderating over the years, but there’s simply no perfect solution, save for eliminating user-generated content altogether—which would likely mean shutting down Facebook."

"Size is the one thing Facebook isn’t willing to give up. And so Facebook’s content moderation team has been given a Sisyphean task: Fix the mess Facebook’s worldview and business model has created, without changing the worldview or business model itself."

"“The idea is to give everyone in the community options for how they would like to set the content policy for themselves. Where is your line on nudity? On violence? On graphic content? On profanity? What you decide will be your personal settings,” he wrote. “For those who don't make a decision, the default will be whatever the majority of people in your region selected, like a referendum.”"

"The slides viewed by Motherboard show over and over again that, though Facebook believes in a borderless world, the reality is that enforcement is often country-specific. This is to comply with local law and to avoid being kicked out of individual markets. Bickert told Motherboard that Facebook sometimes creates country-specific slides to give moderators “local context.” And, as Zuckerberg wrote in his letter, Facebook believes that eventually it will have to have culture- and country-specific enforcement."

"As Reuters reported, this is in part because, until recently, Facebook had few moderators who spoke Burmese. Rosen, Facebook’s head of product, told Motherboard the company’s hate speech-detecting AI hasn’t yet figured out Burmese, which, because of Myanmar’s isolation, is encoded by computers differently than other languages. Facebook launched in Myanmar in 2011."
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august 2018 by yorickdupon
James Bridle: ‘Data maken de wereld slechter'
"‘De voormalige hooggeplaatste medewerker van het Amerikaanse National Security Agency (NSA) vertelde dat het massaal vergaren van data door de inlichtingendiensten voor 99 procent nutteloos is. Het volume van data overstelpt de analisten en maakt het moeilijker de relevante informatie eruit te filteren en zo specifieke dreigingen aan te pakken. In Amerikaanse rapporten wordt ‘mass surveillance’ beschouwd als niet-essentieel voor het voorkomen van aanvallen. De nuttigste informatie komt meestal van informanten en meldingen van verdachte gedragingen. Van mensen dus.’"
Privacy  AI  internet 
august 2018 by yorickdupon
The End of Internet History and the Last Ad - Rambling Space
"It fits with our existing thoughts -advertising sucks-, provides some cherry picked data that fits that narrative -Facebook is great-, and the conclusion seems to be self-evident. “What else are you going to do?” says ad man."

"A key is this: human intervention is kept to a minimum. This is partly matter of technical principle (“automation is good”), a shield against ethical criticism (“algorithms are less biased than people”) but is largely driven by good old financial motives. Like most other business, personnel costs are the biggest line items in pure tech. And once you take a hit of software margins, it’s hard to give it up."

"Interestingly enough, I remember the internet before Facebook too, and it was…OK. We didn’t have the ability to poke that cutie in AP Physics, but we managed. Keeping in touch with friends far and away was harder, but wasn’t impossible. It certainly wasn’t more expensive."
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august 2018 by yorickdupon
As Google shifts to mobile, its referrals to news sites keep growing | Poynter
"In February, Chartbeat reported that traffic from Google search to publishers’ websites had risen by more than 25 percent globally since January 2017. This Google search growth was more than enough to overcome the decline in traffic from Facebook that came after an algorithm change to deemphasize publishers."
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august 2018 by yorickdupon
Let’s all go back to Tumblr | The Outline
"Meanwhile, if people had enough of an issue to talk about it, they’d be reblogging it on their blogs, for the purpose of talking to their community — a much more achievable and worthwhile pursuit than trying to craft the argument that would appeal to everybody in the world all at once. I’d never see that; my day would go on. We’d be in our little worlds, feeling out the kinks of the potential arguments on our own schedule."

"The ethos of Tumblr is more easily recognizable in a platform like Tinyletter, where people craft small batch blogs for a curated following, the downside being that they’re entirely siloed in their own worlds with no chance of outside interaction. But considering how hectic and intrusive the modern internet can feel, this isolation feels like an asset, not a bug. Snail mail might never make a comeback, but the pleasures of one-on-one communication are evergreen."
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august 2018 by yorickdupon
10 years of podcasting: Code, comedy, and patent lawsuits | Ars Technica
"And perhaps we haven't even fully tapped into the best environment for podcast listeners. Presumably, as Bluetooth and Internet connectivity in cars becomes cheaper and more prevalent, downloading, storing, streaming, and/or playing a podcast in the car will be as common as those tasks are on your phone or computing device"
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august 2018 by yorickdupon
Podcasting’s next frontier: A manifesto for growth (beyond the already converted) » Nieman Journalism Lab
"We have to get out of our bubbles and understand the real bottlenecks to the growth of podcasting, because it just isn’t growing that fast."

"Now we are getting to one of the more dangerous perceptions — that podcasts cost money. This is a flat out misconception, but it’s one that we created with our continual insistence that people “subscribe” to our show."

"And the most obvious thing you need to be able to do when you get to that website is to listen to the show. Sure, have your subscribe buttons here — but maybe explain them. Or maybe change the language to “Follow my show to receive it free every week.”

"Answer that question for your show. What is the magic, big idea that gives your show its reason to earn that listen? Is it: We say funny things about the movies? Or is it: A futuristic western theme park turns to terror when the robot hosts begin killing guests?"
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august 2018 by yorickdupon
How Long Can Instagram Distance Itself From the Facebook Backlash? - The Ringer
And if a valuable, younger demographic of users is gravitating toward Instagram, it’s not absurd to think that Facebook will find a way to put its many years of AI research to work there, too.
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april 2018 by yorickdupon
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