Google's trying to win at hardware. Meet the woman altering its design | WIRED UK
"Well, it seems that Google has finally realised that it can’t grow through software alone. It has to own more of the experience to point to a new vision for search and artificial intelligence that is ubiquitous across all aspects of our lives."
google  Tech  hardware  design 
4 days ago
All-American Nazis: Inside the Rise of Fascist Youth in the U.S. – Rolling Stone
"“The goal,” an analyst says, “is to destabilize people’s worldviews and fill them with your own. If you make racism funny, you can subvert the cultural taboo.”"
neonazi  us  Politics 
6 days ago
This Is How We Radicalized The World
"In most countries, reliable publications are going behind paywalls. More services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are locking premium entertainment behind subscriptions. Which means all of this — the trolls, the abuse, the fake news, the conspiracy videos, the data leaks, the propaganda — will eventually stop being a problem for people who can afford it.

Which will most likely leave the poor, the old, and the young to fall into an information divide."
Politics  Social  internet  radicalisation  InternetRadicalisatie 
17 days ago
The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected - The New York Times
"It could happen that the children of poorer and middle-class parents will be raised by screens, while the children of Silicon Valley’s elite will be going back to wooden toys and the luxury of human interaction."

"“The digital divide was about access to technology, and now that everyone has access, the new digital divide is limiting access to technology,” said Chris Anderson, the former editor of Wired magazine."
Tech  education  Silicon_Valley  culture 
18 days ago
Jon Paczkowski over Bloomberg hack
"worth noting that a senior security engineer directly involved in Apple’s internal investigation told me last week that Apple was not provided with a malicious chip or motherboard to examine. “We were given nothing. No hardware. No chips. No emails."
china  TheBighHack  apple  us  amazon  tech  hacking 
5 weeks ago
Bloomberg China chip story comment by @securelyfitz
"All the details that were even remotely technical seemed to have been lifted from the conversations I'd had about *theoretically* how hardware implants worked." "100% of what I described was 'confirmed' by his sources."
china  TheBighHack  apple  us  amazon  tech  hacking 
5 weeks ago
Say Goodbye to @sweden, the Last Good Thing on Twitter
"The account brought to life what Twitter was originally meant to do: connect people. It flattened the distance between here and Sweden, made you feel like you had a new Swedish best friend every week."
Social  Twitter 
5 weeks ago
Bloomberg stands by Chinese chip story as Apple, Amazon ratchet up denials | Ars Technica
"Luckily, we're likely to know the answer one way or the other in the coming days. If the Bloomberg story is true, there are thousands of compromised motherboards out there, and companies will be scouring their data centers for them. People have already identified the specific circuit board featured in the graphic at the top of the Bloomberg article, though it's not clear if this is a real photograph or a Bloomberg-made mockup. If the story is accurate, sooner or later someone will produce a compromised board and do a public teardown."
china  TheBighHack  apple  us  amazon  tech  hacking 
5 weeks ago
Why Supply Chain Hacks Are a Cybersecurity Worse Case Scenario | WIRED
"Security researchers and analysts emphasize, though, that the Bloomberg report raises crucial questions about the threat of hardware supply chain attacks, and the industry's lack of preparedness to deal with them."

"Ultimately, fixing supply chain incidents will take a new generation of protections, implemented swiftly and widely, to give the industry an appropriate recourse. But even the most extreme hypothetical solution—treating electronics as critical infrastructure and nationalizing manufacturing, an entirely improbably outcome—would still be at risk of an insider threat."
china  TheBighHack  apple  us  amazon  tech  hacking 
5 weeks ago
Chinese spy chips would be a ‘god-mode’ hack, experts say - The Verge
"But the mere idea of a malicious chip implant has already sent shock waves through the security world, which has traditionally focused on software attacks. Nicholas Weaver, a professor at Berkeley’s International Computer Science Institute described an alarming attack. “My initial reaction was ‘HOLY FUCKING SHIT’ [sic],” Weaver told The Verge. “This is a ‘god mode’ exploit in the system management subsystem.”"

"George Hotz, the legendary jailbreaker-turned-self-driving-entrepreneur, was skeptical of the Bloomberg story, but said a successful supply-chain attack would still be nearly impossible to mitigate with conventional security tools. “If you cannot trust your hardware, you cannot trust anything that the hardware checks,” Hotz says. “Fundamentally, there is no way to check for this in software.”"
china  TheBighHack  apple  us  amazon  tech  hacking 
5 weeks ago
UK cyber security agency backs Apple, Amazon China hack denials | Reuters
"“We are aware of the media reports but at this stage have no reason to doubt the detailed assessments made by AWS and Apple,” said the National Cyber Security Centre, a unit of Britain’s eavesdropping agency, GCHQ."
china  TheBighHack  apple  us  amazon  tech  hacking 
5 weeks ago
British spy agency casts more doubt on spy chip report - The Verge
"Tavis Ormandy, a star researcher at Google’s Project Zero, argued on Twitter that the reporting might be overblown, saying, “there are a whole bunch of plausible explanations that don’t require fraud.”"
china  TheBighHack  apple  us  amazon  tech  hacking 
5 weeks ago
The Big Hack: Global Supply Village Is Stuck With Trapdoors - Bloomberg
"The reporting highlights the grave risk of a bedrock element of technology: the sprawling, interconnected and global nature of computing."
china  TheBighHack  apple  us  amazon  tech  hacking 
5 weeks ago
The Big Hack: Amazon, Apple, Supermicro, and Beijing Respond - Bloomberg
Amazon: "It’s untrue that AWS knew about a supply chain compromise, an issue with malicious chips, or hardware modifications when acquiring Elemental. It’s also untrue that AWS knew about servers containing malicious chips or modifications in data centers based in China, or that AWS worked with the FBI to investigate or provide data about malicious hardware."

Apple: "On this we can be very clear: Apple has never found malicious chips, “hardware manipulations” or vulnerabilities purposely planted in any server. Apple never had any contact with the FBI or any other agency about such an incident. We are not aware of any investigation by the FBI, nor are our contacts in law enforcement."

Supermicro: "While we would cooperate with any government investigation, we are not aware of any investigation regarding this topic nor have we been contacted by any government agency in this regard."

Ministerie buitenlandse zaken China: "We hope parties make less gratuitous accusations and suspicions but conduct more constructive talk and collaboration so that we can work together in building a peaceful, safe, open, cooperative and orderly cyberspace."
TheBighHack  amazon  apple  china  hacking 
5 weeks ago
The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies - Bloomberg
"Apple was an important Supermicro customer and had planned to order more than 30,000 of its servers in two years for a new global network of data centers."

"The first pass uncovered troubling issues, prompting AWS to take a closer look at Elemental’s main product: the expensive servers that customers installed in their networks to handle the video compression. These servers were assembled for Elemental by Super Micro Computer Inc., a San Jose-based company (commonly known as Supermicro) that’s also one of the world’s biggest suppliers of server motherboards..."

"In all, 17 people confirmed the manipulation of Supermicro’s hardware and other elements of the attacks. The sources were granted anonymity because of the sensitive, and in some cases classified, nature of the information."

"“Think of Supermicro as the Microsoft of the hardware world,” says a former U.S. intelligence official who’s studied Supermicro and its business model. “Attacking Supermicro motherboards is like attacking Windows. It’s like attacking the whole world.”"

"Documents seen by Businessweek show that in 2014, Apple planned to order more than 6,000 Supermicro servers for installation in 17 locations, including Amsterdam, Chicago, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, San Jose, Singapore, and Tokyo, plus 4,000 servers for its existing North Carolina and Oregon data centers. Those orders were supposed to double, to 20,000, by 2015."

"As for Apple, one of the three senior insiders says that in the summer of 2015, a few weeks after it identified the malicious chips, the company started removing all Supermicro servers from its data centers, a process Apple referred to internally as “going to zero.”"
TheBighHack  amazon  apple  china  hacking 
5 weeks ago
Is the podcast bubble bursting? - Columbia Journalism Review
"In the case of podcasting, there are a lot of shows consisting of armchair pundits (mostly white men) talking about something they saw or read, without adding much insight."

"The ironic thing about podcasts is that despite their flaws, they remain one of the best ways for a media outlet or publisher, even an individual, to connect with an audience of passionate supporters and pull them into a long-term relationship."
podcasts  media 
6 weeks ago
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