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Commentary: Women's Friendships Hold Them Back in Careers | Fortune
I realized that despite the cultural moment female friendship is currently enjoying, the same strength, intensity, and deep connections being celebrated was also setting up a false dichotomy between personal relationships and the transactionality of business.

Women told me that when they asked a friend for business, they feared it would damage their personal relationships, took rejection personally, and became gun-shy about making another pitch. Even well-qualified women who had no qualms about asking (and were quite adept at it) were often met with avoidance, a brush-off, or no reply at all.

Women - who are able to successfully transact business with personal friends - do these things:

1. Ask how you can help (get specific, actionable responses) every time you meet with a woman—socially or professionally.
2. Recommend friends to friends (intentionally promoting each other as experts, leaders, and business resources).
3. Seek women out—don’t wait to be approached.
4. Take the meeting and play matchmaker. Even if you don’t have a pressing need, introduce her to a relevant contact in your network who does.
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