Moises separates song tracks using machine learning. It leverages the power of a state-of-the-art audio source separation algorithm developed by Deezer Research.
machinelearning  audio  sound  songs  acappella  stems 
14 hours ago
An interface for extracting and remixing loops
ai  audio  music  remix 
2 days ago
There is no news feed. Rather than showing you a massive inbox of new posts to sort through, you see a list of recently active individuals.
feeds  rss  extension 
3 days ago
Apple TV, Apple TV, Apple TV, and Apple TV+
Apple TV is a hardware device.

‪Apple TV is an app on Apple TV that curates content you can buy from Apple and also content you can stream through other installed apps (but not all apps, and there is no way to tell which ones).

Apple TV is an app on iOS/iPadOS devices that operates similarly to Apple TV on Apple TV.
6 days ago
Epicyon is an AGPL licensed ActivityPub protocol compliant federated social network server suitable for hosting a small number of accounts on low power systems requiring minimal maintenance, such as single board computers. It's the ActivityPub equivalent of an email server, storing posts as human readable JSON on file, rather than in a database. It also uses only a small amount of RAM.
fediverse  activitypub  mastodon 
7 days ago
IntegerScaler — nonblurry upscaling of games
IntegerScaler is a free utility for upscaling windowed games with an integer ratio and with no blur. Such scaling is known as integer (integer-ratio, integer-factor, integral) scaling, pixel-perfect scaling, and pixel doubling.

This allows playing games with no quality loss e. g. at Full-HD (1920×1080) resolution on 4K (3840×2160) monitors, unlike ever-blurry bilinear interpolation used for full-screen scaling by displays and graphics drivers.
scaling  retro  graphics  emulation 
8 days ago
Studio is a minimalist GUI for solid modeling with the libfive kernel. It is a design environment based on Guile Scheme, and should be familiar to OpenSCAD users.

The UI combines script-based design with direct modeling: click and drag directly on your models, and the changes will be back-propagated into the script!
3d  parametricdesign  cad  openscad 
august 2019
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