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what about the food causes something, in what quantities
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december 2018 by yencarnacion
Comparably - Transparent Compensation & Culture
Jason Nazar Co-founder and CEO of Comparably,
Website where employees publicly rate their employers and where they can see how much they are getting paid. Has solutions for companies to help them with the employer brand and recruitment marketing
Goal is to make workplaces more transparent
appeared on siriusxm business radio launchpad on 2018-10-17
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november 2018 by yencarnacion
Simple Habit | The Best Meditation App for Busy People
2018-10-17 on Launchpad on Ch 132 Business Radio of Siriuxxm
two sided market for connecting meditation experts with people wanting to meditate
cost to subscribe is ~12/month; yearly is about ~8/month
$10/month subscription seems to work with millenials
about 1/3 of library is free
guides paid ~20% of net revenue based on popularity of content
2% to 5% conversion to paid is considered healthy
generating about 5million in revenue a year
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november 2018 by yencarnacion

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