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Cross domain policy problems under Chrome

Under OS X,
open /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app --args --allow-file-access-from-files
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march 2013 by yasuyk
javascript - Using Jasmine to spy on a function without an object - Stack Overflow
If you are defining your function:

function test() {};
Then, this is equivalent to:

window.test = function() {} /* (in the browser) */
So spyOn(window, 'test') should work.

If that is not, you should also be able to:

test = jasmine.createSpy();
march 2013 by yasuyk
roberto/gist-io-chrome · GitHub
* Chrome Extension API のモック化+jasmine-spyでテスト
* require.js を使ってbackgroundscriptやcontentscriptをテスト時に動的に読み込む。
* chrome .extention 以下をモック化しているのでテストがブラウザに依存しなく実行できる(コマンドライン、CI)
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january 2013 by yasuyk

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