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helm-show-kill-ring: void-variable ... · Issue #94 · emacs-helm/helm
This is an issue with how session.el saves variables to file. It abbreviates with "..." when the level is too deep or length too long.

See the variable session-save-print-spec

I have this in my init:

(setq session-save-print-spec '(t nil 40000))
To confirm this is the problem, check for "..." in your session saved file. You should find it in the kill-ring variable.
march 2013 by yasuyk
asok/helm-rails · GitHub
helm-rails is an extension for helm for working with Rails project. It is borrowing idea from helm-git that is asking git for a list of candidates.

use ert-expectations.el for test.
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march 2013 by yasuyk

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