novemberfiveco/symbol-spacer-sketch-plugin: automatically trigger Sketch’s “reset to original size” function when deselecting symbol
automatically trigger Sketch’s “reset to original size” function when deselecting symbol - novemberfiveco/symbol-spacer-sketch-plugin
sketchapp  plugins 
Strive: The 2019 UX Research Conference
Strive: The 2019 UX Research Conference. June 6-7, 2019. Toronto, Canada.
ux  research  conferences  2019  Toronto  June 
TechSmith Academy
TechSmith Academy provides free learning materials to anyone interested in building or improving skills in video creation and visual communication.
video  howto  tutorials  free  videos  education 
19 days ago
One Square Inch
possibly the quietest place in the United States. Located in the Hoh Rain Forest at Olympic National Park, it is 3.2 miles from the Visitor’s Center above Mt. Tom Creek Meadows on the Hoh River Trail. Hiking time from the parking lot at the Visitor’s Center to the site is approximately two hours along a gentle path lined by ancient trees and ferns. The exact location is marked by a small red-colored stone placed on top of a moss-covered log at N 48.12885°, W 123.68234°, 303 fee...
silence  sound  travel  WA  nature  nationalparks 
25 days ago
Orfield Labs
Anechoic chamber open to the public. $125/person, $250 minimum.
I must go!
travel  MN  minneapolis  sound  silence  soundart 
25 days ago
Soundproofing Air Vents | 6 Simple Ways to Reduce Noise (With Guide)
Learn how to soundproof your air vent and stop the noise from traveling through. From blocking it completely to more subtle solutions!
sound  home  projects 
25 days ago
Getting The Sketch Workflow Right: Meet “The Sketch Handbook” — Smashing Magazine
Sketch lets you design interfaces, websites and icons with ease. To help you get the most out of this mighty tool, The Sketch Handbook will show you every aspect of it. Not in theory, but backed up by practical examples that you can follow along, step-by-step.
sketchapp  books 
28 days ago
Taming Advanced Color Palettes In Photoshop, Sketch And Affinity Designer — Smashing Magazine
Creating large, harmonious and uniform color palettes can be a challenge. Good intentions and confident plans can be abandoned when things get a little unwieldy.
But you can equip yourself with some tools to manage the complexity. With the right techniques, large color palettes can be created, refined and refactored at will. Large [color palettes](https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/04/web-developer-guide-color/) can be tamed.
sketchapp  color  webdesign  howto  tutorials 
28 days ago
filamentgroup/tablesaw: A group of plugins for responsive tables.
A group of plugins for responsive tables. Contribute to filamentgroup/tablesaw development by creating an account on GitHub.
ui  tables  responsive  mobile  webdesign 
4 weeks ago
nina goede retrospective
Insane wormhole of a website. A proliferation of gaudy links. A typographical tragedy.
artist  portfolios 
4 weeks ago
SoundHound Inc.
SoundHound Inc. is pioneering solutions for a voice-enabled world. We turn sound into understanding and actionable meaning through our versatile and adaptable Houndify platform.
voiceinterfaces  making  audio 
5 weeks ago
On snot and fonts / Luc Devroye
An encyclopedic treatment of type design, typefaces and fonts.
typography  Design  Resources  fonts  history  reference 
5 weeks ago
Type Theory
Type Theory is a journal of contemporary typography featuring news, views, reviews and interviews.
typography  graphicdesign  inspiration  fonts  language 
7 weeks ago
on the Julian Calendar, etc.
old calendar vs new calendar. Julian vs Gregorian
Odoxy  time  history  pascha  Xmas  holidays 
7 weeks ago
Solo Traveler World
good resource for traveling alone
travel  resources  introversion 
7 weeks ago
Hiring Hand
deck of cards with probing questions to ask an interviewee
career  wishlist  questions 
8 weeks ago
Sketch hacks: Make a Resizable button with Icon & Label, totally native edition
creating a button with an icon and label, which can be stretched while…
sketchapp  tips  tutorials  webdesign 
8 weeks ago
Plant – version control app and Sketch plugin for designers
Version control for designers, App and Plugin for Sketch. Sync design versions, collaborate and manage projects.

Competitor of abstract.
design  webdesign  sketchapp  tools  software  ui  ux 
8 weeks ago
Key Codes · Many Tricks
Did use this app but it looks handy. Used Karabiner instead, to remap a windows keyboard to mac.
apps  tools  programming  coding  mac 
9 weeks ago
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