Radio bulletin BBC Minute expanded its news service to young audiences around the globe with 60-second videos | Media news
The project will allow partner stations to share lively 60-second news videos on their own websites and social media channels
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12 weeks ago
Théorie du déversement — Wikipédia
La mise en œuvre du progrès technique dans les activités agricoles, (par ex sous l'effet de la mécanisation de la production ou de l'amélioration des méthodes de travail) génère des gains de productivité.
october 2017
Jean-Baptiste Say - Wikipedia
Jean-Baptiste Say was born in Lyon. His father, Jean-Etienne Say, was born to a Protestant family which had moved from Nîmes to Geneva for some time in consequence of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. (His brother Louis Auguste (1774–1840) was also an economist). Say was intended to follow a commercial career, and in 1785 was sent, with his brother Horace, to complete his education in England. He lodged for a time in Croydon, and afterwards (following a return visit to France) in Fulham: during the latter period he was employed successively by two London-based firms of sugar merchants, James Baillie & Co and Samuel and William Hibbert.[3][4] At the end of 1786 he accompanied Samuel Hibbert on a voyage to France which ended in December with Hibbert's death in Nantes. Say returned to Paris, where he found employment in the office of a life assurance company directed by Étienne Clavière.
october 2017
eMarketer Updates US Time Spent with Media Figures - eMarketer
eMarketer estimates that adults will spend an average of 12 hours, 1 minute per day with major media in 2017.
october 2017
8 things I’ve learnt at ChatbotConf 2017 – Chatbots Magazine
What’s a really good news is Messages Objective is coming soon to Facebooks Ads, so we’ll be able to optimize our advertisements onto Messenger, and to our Messenger chatbot.
october 2017
Here’s why fighting fake news is harder on WhatsApp than on Facebook | Poynter
While Facebook and Twitter are highly public spaces where news, photos and videos generally flow freely, WhatsApp is more compartmentalized. Groups are limited to 256 people, making it hard for fact-checkers to see when and where fake news goes viral, and all messages are automatically encrypted. Those problems are compounded by the fact that there’s currently no analytics system that journalists can use to monitor activity on the platform.
october 2017
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