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Quiz on Christological Heresies / Colvinism
"Say whether the following statements are orthodox, Arian, Nestorian, Docetist, Apollinarian, Eutychian, or Pneumatomachist."
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6 weeks ago by wyclif
The Dead Sea Scrolls and St. John's Gospel by Leon Morris, B.Sc., M.Th., Ph.D. / BiblicalStudies.org.uk
The Campbell Morgan Memorial Bible Lectureship, No. 12 Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate, London, S.W.1, 1960
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november 2019 by wyclif
Saint Augustine on Pirates - Marginal Revolution
"With justice thus removed, what are kingdoms if not robberies? For what are robberies even, if not small kingdoms?" ~ City of God Book IV, Chapter IV
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may 2019 by wyclif
"That They All May Be One," by James Beaven (1859)
"We shall not, as some do, attach ourselves to the language of the Prayer-book, to the disparagement of that in the Articles; nor, as others, attach ourselves to that of the Articles, to the setting aside of that in the Prayer-book."
anglican  christian  theology  history  sermon  canada 
may 2019 by wyclif
In Defense of Discrimination: Why Richard Hooker Still Matters - The Davenant Institute
"It is telling that the word “discrimination,” which used to be considered a virtue, is now wholly negative in connotation. To understand the difference between one thing and another, to draw relevant distinctions, refusing to blur important boundaries between objectively different things—all of this is essential to politics, to law, to theology, and to thought in general. But today, we are inclined to deconstruct any such claims to objective distinction as just so much subjective prejudice. Richard Hooker, a master of discrimination, knew better."
anglican  christian  history  theology  philosophy 
march 2019 by wyclif
A Brief History of Martial Law / Gregorio Brillantes / Esquire PH
An account of Marcos-era martial law from one of the Philippines' best writers
philippines  history  politics  writing 
february 2019 by wyclif
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