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Sermons – Cities Church
Listen to Jonathan Parnell's and Joe Rigney's sermons
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november 2018 by wyclif
St. David's Anglican Church - Charlottesville, Virginia
Bishop Peter Robinson will be the new rector beginning in 2017
anglican  church  virginia  christian  travel 
october 2016 by wyclif
All Saints Church in Stour Row, SP7
All Saints Church is a simple chapel with quite a dramatic single bellcote situated beside Duncliffe Hill three miles south west of Shaftesbury. The church was built in 1868 of snecked rubble with ashlar dressings and a tiled roof with stone copings. It has now been closed as a place of worship.
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september 2016 by wyclif
Begging the Question about Episcopacy / Colvinism
"It is dismaying to me to see the jure divino position making gains in our day even among Anglicans who ought to know better."
christian  anglican  history  theology  church  judaica  newtestament  bible  blog  ministry 
july 2016 by wyclif
PZ’s Ten Ways to Grow Your Church | Mockingbird
A mixed bag. #5 & #6 would be off the table, but the rest is good—particularly the movie and book recommendations
christian  church  theology  ministry 
august 2015 by wyclif
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