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Cross-Browser Testing Tool - BrowserStack
An online way to test websites across all browsers with pre-installed debugging tools.
browser  testing  useful  webdesign 
september 2011 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery
Welcome to guidebook, a website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces, as well as various materials related to them.
os  osx  mac  webdesign  windows  screenshots  reference  gallery  gui  hci  history  archive  apple  accessibility  computers  design  icons  images  inspiration  interface  ui  usability  web  user  software  technology  icon  graphics  computer 
isnoop.net CSS Superdouche
This tool can significantly reduce the size and complexity of your CSS by programmatically stripping unneeded content, stripping redundant calls, and intelligently grouping the remaining element names.
tools  css  optimization  webdesign  optimizer  design  tool  web 
september 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
blueprintcss - Google Code
Blueprint is a CSS framework, which aims to cut down on your CSS development time. It gives you a solid CSS foundation to build your project on top of, with an easy-to-use grid, sensible typography, and even a stylesheet for printing.
ajax  blog  code  css  framework  webdesign  design  tools  web  layout  grid 
august 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
HTML Entity Character Lookup › Left Logic
Type a character, get a list of similar-looking characters and their respective HTML entities.
html  ascii  unicode  character  codes  blog  blogging  ajax  entity  reference  webdesign  tools  tool  webdev 
Stripe Generator - diagonal stripes background tiles
Tired of pixel-by-pixel painting, trying to create seamless stripes textures?
webdesign  generator  web2.0  tools  graphics  patterns  design  css  ajax  backgrounds  background 
april 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
svendtofte.com - max-width in Internet Explorer
he key is using Internet Explorers relatively little known expression() property. Microsoft has their page on what they call "Dynamic properties". XSS HOLE?
css  ie  max-width  web  design  javascript  webdesign  hacks  formyjob  xss 
january 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Attach icons to anything with CSS
i know css attribute selectors, but there are some nice ideas
css  icons  webdesign  tutorial  webdev  web  howto  dhtml  todo  selectors  tips  design 
january 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Blog Bling - Yelp
inject a google map with pop ups of your recent Yelp! reviews
google  webdesign  hacks  maps  mashup  reviews  social  blog  community  javascript  widget 
december 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Snap Preview Anywhere enables anyone visiting your site to get a glimpse of what other sites you're linking to, without having to leave your site. By rolling over any link, the user gets a visual preview of the site without having to go there, thus elimin
ajax  computer  tools  web  web2.0  webdesign  badges  linkrolls  playtagger 
december 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
userstyles.org is a collection of styles that puts you in control of the appearance of websites and of Mozilla applications.
greasemonkey  userscripts  applications  browser  business  community  computing  collaboration  firefox  stylish  extensions  mozilla  webdesign  css  extension  design 
december 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Resize any web page text area with a bookmarklet - Lifehacker
That comment box on your favorite blog not quite big enough to type out your thoughts? Web designer Cameron Adams offers a bookmarklet that makes any web page text area resizable in Firefox and Internet Explorer.
bookmarklet  dhtml  firefox  text  webdesign  ie  usability  myspace  interesting 
november 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Create a simple liquid layout - .net magazine
Basically, how to make CSS based layouts that scale with variable screen width
formyjob  article  css  design  development  howto  html  inspiration  internet  magazine  programming  tech  tips  toread  tutorial  tutorials  ui  web  web2.0  webdesign  webdev  work  layout  liquid 
october 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Pop Art Inspired by Lichtenstein - Online Tutorial at Melissa Clifton page 1
Designer Melissa Clifton has a great step-by-step tutorial for turning your photographs into Lichtenstein-inspired pop art.
advice  art  by  cartoon  cartoons  comics  cool  creative  design  drawing  fun  graph  graphic  graphics  howto  illustration  image  images  lifehacks  photo  photography  photos  photoshop  pictures  pop  reference  retro  software  style  tips  toread  tutorial  useful  webdesign  tutorials  read_later 
october 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
curvyCorners - Ultimate Rounded Corners.
curvyCorners is a free JavaScript program that will create on-the-fly rounded corners for any HTML DIV element, that look as good as any graphically created corners.
api  art  articles  blogs  browser  cheatsheet  code  coding  cool  css  design  development  documentation  effect  form  frameworks  free  hacking  howto  html  images  java  javascript  js  libraries  library  links  photo  php  programming  rails  reference  tab  table  tech  technology  tips  tool  toread  ui  usability  web  webdesign  webdev  work  www  formyjob 
august 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
FireBug - JoeHewitt.com
lets you explore the far corners of the DOM by keyboard or mouse. All of the tools you need to poke, prod, and monitor your JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax are brought together into one seamless experience, including a debugger, error console, command line
ajax  console  debug  development  DOM  extensions  firefox  javascript  js  monitoring  mozilla  plugin  plugins  programming  software  tool  tools  web  webdesign  webdev  formyjob  formysite 
Hamachi : Stay Connected
Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking application with an open security architecture and NAT-to-NAT traversal capabilities.
api  apple  applescript  applications  apps  blogs  business  code  computer  control  cool  crypto  css  del.icio.us  design  desktop  firewall  free  freeware  game  games  gaming  hacking  hardware  home  howto  internet  irc  itunes  linux  music  neat  network  networking  news  osx  p2p  privacy  programming  proxy  reference  security  service  social  software  storage  sysadmin  technology  tool  tools  unix  useful  utility  vpn  web  webdesign  webdev  win32  windows  work  zeroconf  zip 

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