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The CHA/V (CHEAP, HACKY, A/V) is an audiovisual synthesizer.
modular  synth  diy  video 
august 2016 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Camcorder - Record VHS Home Videos on the App Store
Enjoy capturing amazing old school VHS style filtered videos with The Camcorder! Film home videos that feel like they were recorded in the 80s & 90s straight from your iPhone.
retro  app  ios  video 
october 2015 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter (2.6, 2.7, or 3.3+), and it is not platform specific. We also provide a Windows executable that includes Python. youtube-dl should work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like.
youtube  video  software  python  download 
december 2014 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Paul McCartney Interview (1980) Part1 - YouTube
McCartney in 1980 talking about McCartney II w/ Tim Rice
beatles  mccartney  interview  video 
october 2014 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
instantwatcher.com - Streaming Movies and TV to watch instantly on Netflix
“A must for Netflix subscribers everywhere that streaming is offered” — The New York Times
movies  streaming  netflix  video  tv 
february 2014 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
WalVisions - Home Page
WalVisions has been created to help with the many aspects of large screen video display installations, with the primary focus being on home theater front projection syste
projection  tv  video 
september 2012 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Bruce Springsteen Dream Baby Dream - YouTube
you're right and Suicide were a massive inspiration for his Nebraska album, you can it hear it especially at the end of bruces State Trooper the screaming into the mic the same way Vega did in "Frankie Teardrop" at around the midway mark. Bruce is a fan.
cover  music  video  suicide 
Create Your Own Parodies for ‘Downfall’ and Other Films - NYTimes.com
Once Movie Maker is running, download a scene from “Downfall” at www.mediafire.com/downfallscenes. “Original bunker scene” is the most popular. Save it to the desktop, then choose File->Import from Movie Maker to load it for editing. It appears in Movie Maker as a series of consecutive clips. At the bottom of Movie Maker’s window is what’s called a timeline. Drag each clip, from first to last, into the timeline, keeping them in the same order.
fun  humor  tech  video 
february 2012 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
SmallDVD is a simple DVD authoring utility for MacOSX that will take video files and create a DVD image from them that can be burnt using Disk Utility.
dvd  osx  software  video 
december 2011 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Window Quartz Composer PlugIn
its a window that essentially gives you a monitor for inspecting the chain at a place
quartz  video  utility  plugin 
The Journeyman Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Journeyman Project is a time travel adventure computer game developed by Presto Studios.
adventure  awesome  game  classic  games  project  windows  video  mac 
september 2010 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Nate Harrison
Bassline Baseline is a video essay that investigates the invention, failure and subsequent resurrection of the mythic Roland TB-303 Bass Line music machine in the last two decades of the 20th century. The narrative seeks to invite thoughts on technological mediation within product innovation and creative expression. The dead-panned 'documentary' video attempts to explore how and why creative tools fail and how increasingly more options, parameters or intermediaries devised during a tool's research and development phase don't necessarily lead to increased expressivity or virtuosity during the tool's lifetime of actual use, unless the super-structure of its cultural context is dramtically reconsidered.
tb303  303  roland  audio  bass  electronic  electronics  video  techno  synth  download  instruments  history  hardware  culture  documentary  design  film  gadget 
Use Quicktime X in Mac Snow Leopard for Easy Screencasting
Honestly, I was expecting a series of difficult steps to take to produce a good screencast. I couldn’t be more wrong. Screencasting using QuickTime X is as easy as pressing the record button.
screencasting  screencast  quicktime  snowleopard  leopard  apple  howto  video  osx 
september 2009 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
John Fell Ryan as SETH in "Mr. Lee" on Vimeo
John Fell Ryan as SETH (of EXCEPTER) in "Mr. Lee" ☥ Pyramid video synth by Jon Williams △
    wizardishungry  video  egypt  boobs  excepter  Pyramid  Power  Midnight  Mummy  Bushwick  Babalon  Sirius  Snowy  nyc  2009  synth  triangle  tintin 
august 2009 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
YouTube - John Fell Ryan as SETH in "Mr. Lee"
John Fell Ryan as SETH (of EXCEPTER) in "Mr. Lee" ☥ Pyramid video synth by Jon Williams △
    wizardishungry  video  egypt  boobs  excepter  Pyramid  Power  Midnight  Mummy  Bushwick  Babalon  Sirius  Snowy  nyc  2009  synth  triangle  tintin 
august 2009 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
UbuWeb Sound - Bidoun Magazine - Art & Culture from the Middle East
Electronic Music and Films from the Middle Eastern Avant-Garde (1959-2001) In collaboration with Bidoun Magazine, UbuWeb is pleased to bring you the first installment of a trove of rarely heard and seen Middle Eastern culture. We begin by featuring six historic electronic musicians and sound poets: Dariush Dolat-Shahi Electronic music, Tar and Setar (1985) and Otashgah (1986) ; Halim El-Dabh Leiyla Visitations (1959) ; Forough Farrokhzad Radio Tehran Sessions (1962-1964) ; Ali Reza Mashayekhi Electronic Music (1970-2001) ; Bijan Mofid Shahreh Ghesseh (1967); and Ilhan Mimaroglu Electronic Music (1964-1983). We are also pleased to present three films: Forough Farrokhzad's The House is Black / Khaneh Siyah Ast (1962); Albert Lamorisse's Baadeh Sabah / The Lovers' Wind / Vent Des Amoureux (1970/1978); and Ali Akbar Sadeghi's Malek Khorshid (1975). Keep checking back for future installments: there's much more to come.
persian  resource  arabic  literature  magazine  theory  writing  movies  photography  film  audio  soundart  music  art  video  culture  sound 
CoGe - Open Source Semi-Modular VJ Software Powered by Quartz Composer
Beacuse many people asked me how to use the mixer and the effects in the new beta, i made a very simple, short example, uploaded to Vimeo:
quartz_composer  quartzcomposer  sequencer  osx  video 
v002 » v002 Optical Flow
v002 Optical Flow is port of Andrew Bensons HS Flow implementation on the GPU.
video  quartz  datamoshing 
april 2009 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
v002 » v002 Screen Capture
nb: does not work in native quartz composer host
quartz  capture  screen  java  programming  osx  video 
march 2009 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
YouTube - gang gang dance LIVE ft Tinchy Stryder
shot at the session for the recording of the track "princes" for gang gang dances new album, saint dymphna tim and barry tv bring another excluse!!!
grime  video  gang_gang_dance  noise  music 
january 2009 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Viral for new Ghostbusters or actual leak?
movies  ghostbusters  viral  blog  video 
january 2009 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
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