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everzet's capifony at master - GitHub
Capifony is a batch of Capistrano reciepts, writed for symfony framework. Capistrano is a utility and framework for executing commands in parallel on multiple remote machines, via SSH.
symfony  php  framework  deploy  capistrano  rails 
WIZARDISHUNGRY's symfony at 1.1 — GitHub
my mirror of the symfony repository at GitHub
git  svn  symfony  php  webdev  github  mirror  rails  mvc 
october 2008 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
WIZARDISHUNGRY's sflimetracker at master — GitHub
I have created a PHP BitTorrent tracker in the Symfony PHP framework (MIT-licensed) for Limewire.
github  git  php  symfony  rss  bittorrent  torrent  p2p  podcasting  atom  feed  tracker  opensource  limewire  WIZARDISHUNGRY 
august 2008 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
sfJqueryPlugin - symfony - Trac
Replacements for Symfony's prototype helper funcitions with JQuery versions. Wonder if they're 100% == both ways...
javascript  jquery  php  plugin  plugins  symfony  webdev  replace  prototype 
march 2008 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Ajaxy search targeting a bunch of API docs for commonly used toolkits and languages... radical
site_toolbar  work_toolbar  ruby  rails  symfony  xml  xpath  xsl  w3c  google  javascript  ajax  toolkit  java  j2ee  c  c++  useful  reference  programming  api  search  development  php  html  css  code 
december 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
symfony framework forum: General discussion => Anyone successfully combined AJAX + tinyMCE?
The solution here is crap but tinyMCE.execCommand('mceAddControl', true, '<?php echo $element_id;?>'); is the key
tinymce  ajax  formyjob  rich_text  html  ui  web2.0  symfony 
december 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
symfony PHP5 framework » Announcing symfony 1.0 beta 1
It's been a long time since the latest beta release (0.7.1915), and even a longer time since the last stable release (0.6.3). Today, we are happy to announce the release of symfony 1.0 Beta 1, and this is a major step towards the version 1.0, which should
framework  php  symfony  beta  news  announcement  yay  mvc  rails  formyjob 
november 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
A P R E S S . C O M : The Definitive Guide to Symfony
Symfony is arguably the most capable and popular PHP web application framework, enjoying widespread interest by PHP developers around the globe.
symfony  php  webdev  framework  formyjob 
august 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
askeet! ask questions, find answers
Example site written in Symfony PHP MVC framework. Developed in 21 day tutorial. Code is available under MIT style license.
svn  php  howto  symfony  framework  web  MVC  rss  dev  interesting  forum  for_psp  opensource 
february 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY

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