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Amazon.com: Omon Ra (9780811213646): Victor Pelevin, Andrew Bromfield: Books
Omon Ra imagines that the "unmanned" probes Russia sent to Venus and Mars during the 60's space race were secretly piloted by child astronauts. After the kids landed and completed their mission, they offed themselves with a handgun, letting the Soviets celebrate another triumph of pure technology.
technology  soviet  scifi  fiction 
august 2012 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database
recommended by Ian J: The ISFDB is a community effort to catalog works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It links together various types of bibliographic data: author bibliographies, publication bibliographies, award listings, magazine content listings, anthology and collection content listings, and forthcoming books.
scifi  fiction  reference  database  books 
april 2012 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Nude time travel in Terminator Universe - Science Fiction and Fantasy - Stack Exchange
Two rules in particular, Local optimum, and Satisficing, prevent Skynet from doing more than the minimum planning necessary. First, when considering the sub-goal of how to send a cyborg through a time-field that seemed to only work on flesh-covered objects, Skynet would run through its list of available assets, realize that it already had flesh-covered cyborgs, and move to the next step - how to arm the newly-arrived Terminator.
scifi  terminator 
february 2012 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
BLIT - a short story by David Langford
He found he'd been careless, easy in this false twilight and through these lenses: there were tacky patches on his fingers as he re-rolled the Parrot. A few hours on, in thick morning light, the brown women would be playing the wink game.... Jesus, how long since he'd been a kid and played that? Must be five years. The one who'd drawn the murder card caught your eye and winked, and you had to die with lots of spasms and overacting. To survive, you needed to spot the murderer first and get in with an accusation -- or at least, know where not to look.
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march 2010 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Video: ABC's 'V'--The Live Feed
attack of the remakes. not sold on this; think battlestar remake is >>>>> this. Also no OG Diana
remake  blah  2009  1980s  scifi  abc  attack_of_the_remakes 
1632 series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
explores the effect of transporting a mass of people through time — in the case of this series, the small fictional town of Grantville, West Virginia from the United States in the year 2000 to central Germany in the year 1631
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Vinge's BRILLIANT "Rainbows End" as a free download - Boing Boing
db told me i'd like it -- maybe try out my iphone as a book reader friday
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“I hear voices from another star.” | MetaFilter
A Day In The Afterlife of Philip K Dick - An Arena documentary first broadcast by the BBC in 1994
documentary  dick  video  bbc  pkd  scifi  bio 
Image:FY221c15.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
View of a Schwarzschild wormhole as would be seen by a free falling observer on a Schwarschild black hole.
wikipedia  image  wormhole  scifi  black_hole  white_hole  time_travel  desktop 
so not gonna happen 3
NSFW: a fat dude reenacts zardoz
zardoz  scifi  cosplay  ilx  wtf  naked  bear  gun  NSFW  videogames 
april 2008 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Darth Vader is watching you from the Washington National Cathedral at FraudWasteAbuse
Pretty cool if I do say so myself. And I do. Who would have ever thought that one of the most famous villains of all time would end up as a decoration on a church? If you’re ever in Washington, D.C. be sure to check it out. And don’t forget your binoc
starwars  architecture  scifi  sculpture  Funny  religion 
october 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Hey, if dogs can sense Terminators, can they be used to find replicants?
Skynet=true origin of the Matrix. The "Terminator" movies are merely test simulations on how to deal with possible resistance figures. They are not depictions of actual events, which is why the illogical-seeming predestination/time paradox thread keeps ap
ilx  humor  nerds  terminator  alien  star_wars  star_trek  scifi  wtf 
october 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Cheap Truth
In the early 1980's SF author Bruce Sterling, under the pseudonym "Vincent Omniaveritas", edited a series of one-page newsletters titled Cheap Truth.
cyberpunk  fiction  history  literature  publishing  science  toread  scifi  brucesterling  sf 
april 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Montauk Project (book) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Using the time travel conceit the characters alter history with visits to Jesus Christ, altering the outcome of Civil War and World War II battles and often doing battle over the Scientology characters.
scientology  scifi  cranks  ww2  history  fiction  time_travel 
march 2007 by WIZARDISHUNGRY
Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies
Time travel has been a staple in Science Fiction since H.G. Wells. Unfortunately, much of what passes for intelligence in this area is poorly considered.
movie  scifi  time_travel  obsessive  interesting  science  logic  wtf 
march 2006 by WIZARDISHUNGRY

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