‎WiFi Map - Get Free Internet on the App Store
There's an app called "WiFi Map". The largest database of WiFi networks and passwords I know. And it can work offline, if you pre-load specific area you're interested in. Never disappointed me in my trips. Oh, and it has not only airports, but every possible WiFi network. Some people even give access to their home WiFi.
wifi  network  password  ios 
16 hours ago
arp collision on Cisco ASA from Airport E… - Apple Community
Turn off the IPv6 in the AE. Under Internet options tab. Change it to link local only.
arp  apple  airport  lol 
5 days ago
The Offensive Security, Incident Response, and Internet Security Lab is a student-run cybersecurity research lab located in RH219 at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. It is a part of the university's Center for Cyber Security.
nyc  security  todo 
7 days ago
ZBar bar code reader
ZBar is an open source software suite for reading bar codes from various sources, such as video streams, image files and raw intensity sensors. It supports many popular symbologies (types of bar codes) including EAN-13/UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, Code 128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 and QR Code.
barcode  library  opensource  programming  qrcode 
9 days ago
FruityWifi is an open source tool to audit wireless networks. It allows the user to deploy advanced attacks by directly using the web interface or by sending messages to it.
wifi  security 
11 days ago
5 Things To Know Before You Buy A Draft 11ax Router - SmallNetBuilder
So if we were to connect it to an 11ac router that suports contiguous 160 MHz bandwidth (the AC9260 does not spec 80+80 support), we should be able to potentially double the usual 867 Mbps maximum link rate to 1733 Mbps. But this could already be achieved with an AC router that supports contiguous 160 MHz, such as NETGEAR's R7800 Nighthawk X4S...no 11ax required!
wifi  802.11ax 
14 days ago
LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge - Wikipedia
A LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Bridge is a network bridge that joins the physical layer of the AppleTalk networking used by previous generations of Apple Computer products to an Ethernet network. This was an important class of products in the late 1980s and early 1990s, before Ethernet support became universal on the Mac lineup.

Some LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Bridges only performed Appletalk bridging. Others were also able to bridge other protocols using ad-hoc standards. One example was the MacIP system that allowed LocalTalk-based Macs to send and receive TCP/IP (internet) packets using the bridges as a go-between.
retrocomputing  apple  mac  classic 
14 days ago
WikiDevi is a user-editable database for computer hardware
computers  hardware  linux  wiki  reference 
14 days ago
Server side email encryption with Dovecot - blog.onefellow.com
If you are running custom mail server in order to protect users privacy and security it is good idea to encrypt local mailstore. Finally we have good way of doing that (yeah there were trees before, but usually admins want something that is maintained by core team) and it is mail-crypt plugin for Dovecot.
email  server  cryptography 
15 days ago
Null Routing IP Addresses in FreeBSD and OpenBSD
!route add -net -blackhole
routing  bgp  openbsd 
23 days ago
ebnf - GoDoc
Package ebnf is a library for EBNF grammars. The input is text ([]byte) satisfying the following grammar (represented itself in EBNF):
24 days ago
PHC string format
This document specifies string encodings for the output of a password hashing function.
reference  crypto 
26 days ago
Untitled Goose Game is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2019 | TechRadar
Untitled Goose Game is slapstick-stealth-sandbox which sees you playing as a horrible goose, intent on terrorising an unsuspecting village. So how exactly would you go about that? Stealing hats, pulling pranks, honking and just generally being a bit of a dick.
goose  wishlist  switch 
26 days ago
GMMK-TKL - TENKEYLESS- Customized - Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Glorious PC Gaming Race
The tenkeyless, RGB, modular mechanical keyboard. Select your own combo of switches & keycaps. Will require you to insert switches/keycaps before using.
keyboard  diy  mechanical 
28 days ago
‎There was a Sequel to this Movie????? !!!!, a list of films by Phil Sternwise • Letterboxd
this list doesn't include 2010 (2001), the two jakes (chinatown) or Texasville (last picture show)
29 days ago
cpu - How to disable HyperThreading on Mac OS X Yosemite? - Ask Different
Indeed there is a solution, but you have to have Xcode installed.
osx  intel  xcode  openbsd  security  smt 
4 weeks ago
'Disable SMT/Hyperthreading in all Intel BIOSes' - MARC
intel  openbsd  security  smt 
4 weeks ago
PacketShader - GPU-accelerated Software Router
For the IP forwarding, we offloaded longest prefix matching to GPU. Forwarding table lookup is highly memory-intensive, and GPU can acclerate it with both latency hiding capability and bandwidth.
router  gpu  simd  openflow  ipsec 
4 weeks ago
High-speed multimedia radio - Wikipedia
Using professional grade hardware or modified consumer grade hardware it is possible to operate on 802.11a channels 116–140 (5.57–5.71 GHz) and channels above 165 (> 5.835 GHz). These frequencies are outside of the FCC allocated Part 15 unlicensed band, but still inside of the 5.8 GHz (5 cm) amateur radio band. Modifying consumer hardware to operate on these expanded channels often involves installing after-market firmware and/or changing the "country code" setting of the wireless card. When buying professional grade hardware, many companies will authorize the use of these expanded frequencies for a small additional fee.
wifi  radio 
5 weeks ago
AMPRNet - Wikipedia
The Internet protocol (IP) addresses in this block are in the network and are available to any licensed amateur radio operator.[1] The assigning of addresses is done by volunteer coordinators with the proviso "we do not provide the same level of response as a commercial organisation." These addresses can possibly be made routable over the Internet if fully coordinated with the volunteer administrators. Radio amateurs wanting to request IP addresses within the 44/8 network should visit the AMPRNet Portal.[2]
networking  hamradio  ham 
5 weeks ago
Realtime BGP Monitor
information about your BGP
bgp  internet 
5 weeks ago
DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Channel 14 illegal?
Yes.. You are breaking the law. There are trucks that drive up & down the streets with their directional monitoring equipment looking for guys like you..

You WILL go to jail for a long long time.
wifi  channel14  radio 
5 weeks ago
✔ AirPort Utility v5.6.1 | Zyniker Computer Services
The Launcher is a small utility for OS X (compatible versions listed, supra). Using the Launcher, it is possible to run AirPort Utility v5.6.1 under versions of OS X that would otherwise reject the application. This older version of AirPort Utility is needed to configure older AirPort units (both AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme). For whatever reason, Apple updated AirPort Utility and the new version does not support older AirPort units; obviously, this presents a problem for people who still own these older units.
mac  hack  apple  airport 
5 weeks ago
Airport Utility 5.6.1 on Mountain Lion | MacRumors Forums
1. Download Airport Utility 5.6.1 from Apple's website.

2. Download this Automator Workflow (which will pull the 5.6.1 app file out of the .dmg).

3. Drag and drop the Airport Utility 5.6.1 DMG onto the Automator Workflow file.

4. Wait a few seconds for the workflow to finish and it will output the Airport Utility 5.6.1 app.

Just rename it to "older Airport Utility" or "AU 5.6.1" or whatever you like and drop the file into your Applications->Utilities folder where it can sit right along with the newest version. **You can actually store the app anywhere you want to, I just choose to put it in the same folder as the latest AU to make them easier to locate.
todo  airport  apple  wifi 
5 weeks ago
Guest Wireless VLAN Via Airport Express – Geek-Tips
The answer lies in what Apple does to the packets that come in over the guest network. As you might have already speculated, there’s no magic here, Apple simply tags the packets with a VLAN id, which happens to be hard-coded to 1003.
routing  router  plan  airport 
5 weeks ago
Web server connected to Internet via NYCMesh, running on this cute Raspberry Pi 3 (NYCMesh node 354)
nycmesh  plants  rpi 
5 weeks ago
The Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue (CRASAR) is a nonprofit corporation organized to foster unmanned systems being effectively used by formal emergency management agencies
robots  drones 
5 weeks ago
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