Setting up the Q# development environment | Microsoft Docs
Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Quantum Development Kit preview. The development kit contains the tools you'll need to build your own quantum computing programs and experiments. Assuming some experience with Microsoft Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code, beginners can write their first quantum program, and experienced researchers can quickly and efficiently develop new quantum algorithms.
microsoft  quantum 
11 days ago
The Unleashed Operating System
Unleashed is an operating system fork of illumos, which itself is a derivative of OpenSolaris and therefore has its roots in UNIX System V Release 4.
22 days ago
Computer Lib/Dream Machines - Wikipedia
Computer Lib is a 1974 book by Ted Nelson, originally published by Nelson himself, and printed with Dream Machines, another book by Nelson, as a two front cover paperback to indicate its intertwingled nature, and was republished with a foreword by Stewart Brand in 1987 by Microsoft Press. Computer Lib, subtitled "You can and must understand computers NOW," was influenced by Brand's Whole Earth Catalog.
book  history 
6 weeks ago
Apache Guacamole™
Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH.

Thanks to HTML5, once Guacamole is installed on a server, all you need to access your desktops is a web browser.
admin  cloud  computing  remote  ssh  webapp  homelab 
7 weeks ago
VGA Passthrough with OVMF+VFIO on Ubuntu 16.04
Your host operating system should be installed in UEFI mode, and your machine set to boot via UEFI
The graphics card you plan to passthrough should have a UEFI or Hybrid BIOS
Your CPU should fully support ACS if you don't want to worry about IOMMU groupings. If yo
pci  linux  howto  games 
8 weeks ago
Steam Link -
The best part? With SSH you get a root shell! Username: root password: steamlink (Change with passwd after first login)
steamlink  steam  ssh  linux  hack 
8 weeks ago
WD Easystore 8TB Compendium : DataHoarder
The Western Digital (WD) Easystore 8TB is an external hard drive sold exclusively by Best Buy. It's sought after by many /r/datahoarder folks because it often (but not always) contains a WD Red 8TB drive which can be "shucked" and used in a home server among other similarly shucked Easystore drives. As it regularly goes on sale it is a very cheap method to pickup large amounts of reliable storage. This post is to serve as a collection of relevant information about the drives.
deals  guide  nas 
8 weeks ago
Is the Ryzen stock cooler good? - Quora
So, the Ryzen stock coolers are pretty decent, and they even allow for some OK overclocking as well, however, I would NOT recommend getting it if you wish to overclock heavily, in that case I’d recommend getting a decent water-cooler or a good air-cooler.
amd  overclocking  cpu 
8 weeks ago
Task is a task runner / build tool that aims to be simpler and easier to use than, for example, GNU Make.
make  go  build  development  golang 
9 weeks ago
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