'I wanted to make sure that idiot was safe' - YouTube
This is the most Boston thing ever and it's glorious.

WATCH --> 'I wanted to make sure that idiot was safe' https://t.co/2xaRR9zZ2k
– Caroline O. (RVAwonk) http://twitter.com/RVAwonk/status/899084875503980544
2 days ago
We Fight for the Users - DreamHost.blog
"DOJ recently asked DreamHost to provide all information available about website, its… https://t.co/1lcRbDE3I6 https://t.co/dmrgkCYPh8
7 days ago
What is the BlockChain? - YouTube
A basic video overview of the technology and principles behind the #blockchain & distributed ledger technologies… https://t.co/7hBzCdS5kO
7 days ago
The Michael Walker Weekly Reader
The Michael Walker Daily is out! https://t.co/Alrl7UiGQm Stories via @RecessDuty @tombrandtt @wiobyrne #edchat #edtech
– Michael Walker (micwalker) http://twitter.com/micwalker/status/896890606286405633
edtech  edchat 
8 days ago
Saving this for the Zines this year... https://t.co/HjEUsxmg4e
– Glenn Chance (gchance668) http://twitter.com/gchance668/status/896873991243087872
8 days ago
@mrkrndvs @proteanteacher It's really useful to think of reading texts through lenses to produce original ideas. Le… https://t.co/04w10g18Zh
– Benjamin Doxtdator (doxtdatorb) http://twitter.com/doxtdatorb/status/896726185568292866
8 days ago
More people will be connected in 2026, but experts say more people will also choose to withdraw or not participate… https://t.co/yEFekEDOEc
– PewResearch Internet (pewinternet) http://twitter.com/pewinternet/status/896461544678203392
9 days ago
Issue #110 of the TL;DR Newsletter - Human nature is a violent breed.
Issue #110 of my TL;DR Newsletter - Human nature is a violent breed. #bullying #justice… https://t.co/51s4d0JO90 https://t.co/5QZqfJ21p2
bullying  justice 
10 days ago
How to Teach Children to Critically Evaluate Information Online
RT @grammasheri: How to Teach Children to Critically Evaluate Information Online by .@wiobyrne https://t.co/Xv1HedfUJR
11 days ago
Here’s how we’ll measure Internet health – Home
A project update from Mozilla on how they'll measure Internet health in current/future… https://t.co/xBcnwHXrEW https://t.co/8TnaMjHgRc
11 days ago
Using Google Sheets for collecting, organizing, & sharing information - YouTube
A video overview on how to use Google Sheets for collecting, organizing, & sharing information online #gafe https://t.co/kGP1QcF0Iv
11 days ago
How to Teach Children to Critically Evaluate Information Online
RT @UNRLiberalArts: How to Teach Children to Critically Evaluate Information Online: https://t.co/wqj0HALbPB via @wiobyrne #OnlineResearch…
11 days ago
RT @EduQuinn: Useful article on critical evaluation of internet texts via @wiobyrne #MURSD https://t.co/fU3RTBHF9Y
11 days ago
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