Camera Historica: The Sean Flynn Leica M2 - Japan Camera Hunter
Camera Historica: The Sean Flynn Leica M2 - Japan Camera Hunter via Instapaper
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8 weeks ago
Best of Series: Onsen : JapanTravel
Hey everyone!One of the consistent points of feedback that we received over the last few weeks is for us as a subreddit and mod team to try and facilitate some of the lower level recommendations and suggestions in a way that better serves the community. One suggestion that we liked was to create a megathread series on various topics. So, welcome to our best of edition on the topic of Onsen in Japan!Here's how it works:All top level comments will be cities, prefectures, and/or regions in Japan.Have a favorite Onsen? Post it under the appropriate region comment. Post whatever you like, but we suggest you at least post a name and an address or Google Maps link to the place. Longer reviews are welcome. The aim here is for this to be a resource of information for people looking for up to date info on Onsen in Japan.Been to a place that's already been posted? Upvote it and let everyone know its a great spot. Do us a favor, though, and don't downvote if you dislike a spot unless you also explain very specifically why.The only top level comments in this thread that are allowed are those from moderators. AutoMod should remove any other top level posts. The thread is in contest mode, so the scores are hidden, threads are auto-collapsed and top level threads are randomized.Simple, right? Lets get it started! And make sure to let us know what you think of this type of content the next time we have a meta thread. via /r/JapanTravel
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8 weeks ago
Shokuhin Matsuri aka Foodman cooks up footwork on 'oiss'
Shokuhin Matsuri aka Foodman cooks up footwork on 'oiss' | The Japan Times via Instapaper
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11 weeks ago
OpenAI Five
OpenAI wins best of 3 against human professional team
dota2  ai  openai 
12 weeks ago
Disney's 1998 copyright term extension expires this year and Big Content's lobbyists say they're not going to try for another one / Boing Boing
Disney's 1998 copyright term extension expires this year and Big Content's lobbyists say they're not going to try for another one via Instapaper
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12 weeks ago
Even as Americans kick the habit, Zippo's eternal flame burns bright in rural Pa. - Philly
Even as Americans kick the habit, Zippo's eternal flame burns bright in rural Pa. via Instapaper
IFTTT  Instapaper  zippo  history  lighters  smoking 
august 2018
I Don't Know Anything About Rayman, and That's Why I Love Him - Waypoint
I Don't Know Anything About Rayman, and That's Why I Love Him via Instapaper
IFTTT  Instapaper  videogames  rayman  ubisoft  michelancel  relaxe  selfcare 
july 2018
Learning Dexterity
Process for teaching AI
ai  learning  openai 
july 2018
How the Data That Internet Companies Collect Can Be Used for the Public Good
How the Data That Internet Companies Collect Can Be Used for the Public Good via Instapaper
IFTTT  Instapaper  bigdata  socialmedia  internet 
july 2018
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