GeoNetwork - The portal to spatial data and information
GeoNetwork opensource allows to easily share geographically referenced thematic information between different organizations.
geography  database  maps  data  gis  FAO 
15 hours ago
ZEF Data Portal opened by Center for Development Research (ZEF)
ZEF opens parts of its data stock to the scientific as well as non-scientific public by establishing a new web-based Data Portal. A particular aim is to share data with ZEF’s partners in the Global South. Due to the interdisciplinary character of our research, the data range from bio-physical measurements to socio-economic surveys.
data  database  databases  Research  statistcs  development_research  sociology 
15 hours ago
The 2017 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals: a new visual guide to data and development | The Data Blog
The World Bank released the 2017 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals. With over 150 maps and data visualizations, the new publication charts the progress societies are making towards the 17 SDGs.
data  dataviz  database  km4dev  world_bank  SDGs  SDG  2017  maps 
3 days ago
Web farmer database contributes to efficient project implementation in Indonesia | Sector Network Natural Resources and Rural Development Asia
BRIA seeks to improve rice value chains and rice based nutrition in four Southeast Asia. To embrace a paperless work culture, BRIA Indonesia has been collecting and managing data of farmers participating in the BRIA programme with the BRIA database application system to avoid data repetition and manual data entry errors since 2015.
web2fordev  km4dev  maps  gis  GIZ  Indonesia  ASEAN  rice  Agriculture  farmers 
3 days ago
How business can tackle ocean plastic pollution - 26-27 October 2017 - London | Innovation Forum
This two-day, multi-stakeholder forum will bring together the business community, government, innovators and NGOs. It aims to take a practical and realistic look at the steps business can take to improve practices and eradicate plastic pollution in the ocean.
plastic  ocean  environment  business  conference  innovation  technology 
5 days ago
Customer Empowerment in Finance | CGAP
A growing number of financial tools like ApplePay and Venmo put choice and control in the hands of higher-income customers. Yet the concept of customer empowerment is rarely applied to the design of tools for poor people. CGAP's latest publication shares practical guidance on how to design financial solutions that give low-income customers what they want: choice, respect, voice and control.
base  empowerment  poverty  banking  microenterprise  MFIs  manual 
6 days ago
Local2030 is an innovative grassroots hub of networks and resources where UN agencies and external stakeholders working in collaboration can seek solutions and implement strategies to advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

Under the aegis of the Secretary General, it is an expansion of the Subnational Climate Action Hub that grew out of preparations for UNFCCC CoP21. Building on the Climate Action Hub concept, an idea was seeded to incubate local action across all 17 SDGs as it reaches out to include the furthest behind first.
SDG  SDGs  SDGlocal  local-government  local_government  urban  Rural 
9 days ago
ASEAN Economic Integration Brief (AEIB)
The ASEAN Economic Integration Brief (AEIB) was released on 30 June 2017. The AEIB provides regular updates on ASEAN economic integration progress and outcomes. The launch of the AEIB demonstrates ASEAN’s continued communication and outreach efforts to raise stakeholder awareness of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).
ASEAN  AEC  Asia  South_Asia  Regional  Integration  Economics  statistics 
10 days ago
The Tamarack Institute is a connected force for community change. Institute is a connected force for community change.
The founder's hope was to create an institute that would deeply understand community change and would help organizations and citizens work better together for a collective impact.
change  change_management  Community  Evaluation  Impact  USA  citizenscience  welthandeln 
11 days ago
PEGNet Policy Brief on Land use competition in Sub-Saharan Africa's rural areas
The Policy Brief titled “Land use competition in Sub-Saharan Africa's rural areas" has been authored by Kerstin Nolte from the GIGA German Institute of Global Area and Kacana Sipangule from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

The authors argue that the recent rise in the interest for agricultural land in Africa has not only been driven by foreign investments but also by domestic investors and emerging medium - scale farmers. The authors then proceed to show that this interest in agricultural land may have adverse consequences on land pressure and land use competition between commercial interests, local livelihoods and ecosystem services. Finally they argue that land poor smallholders and pastoralists are rendered the most vulnerable by these ongoing rural transformations and that policy should focus on raising their agricultural productivity and exploiting their potential.
poverty  land  Agriculture  Africa  pastoralists  rural  livelihoods  Research 
12 days ago
Practising Development shares research and knowledge among practitioners
Practising Development aims to explore ideas, discuss issues and share learning around research, information and development. Managed by INASP Oxford.
km  km4dev  Research  knowledge  knowledge-networking  INASP 
12 days ago
Development-Oriented Refugee Assistance - Learning from the Past to Plan for the Future
Central factors for implementing development-oriented refugee aid: political will on the part of states; a specific framing of support; and treatment of refugees as actors.
Refugees  migration  migrants  displaced  self-help 
13 days ago
Monitoring, Evaluating, and Improving by Dr. Samuel Taddesse
In Monitoring, Evaluating, and Improving, Dr. Samuel Taddesse highlights the building blocks for a robust approach to managing development results and outcomes. He recommends understanding the root causes of challenges, which requires involving stakeholders who can help brainstorm the best course of action.
Evaluation  monitoring  Monitoringandevaluation  Learning  improving  mande  books 
14 days ago
Global Education Website of the North-South Centre
The North-South Centre’s work for the development of Global Education started in 1997 when the Global Education Charter was drafted and became its reference background document. Since then, the North-South Centre has been contributing to the dissemination and enrichment of Global Education through a number of initiatives.
globaldev  citizenship  Learning  education  didactics  Methods  teaching 
14 days ago
Desertification is one of humankind’s greatest challenges - World Future Council
Desertification is one of humankind’s greatest challenges: land degradation and drought are increasing with climate change, and claim more lives than any other environmental disaster. This year’s Future Policy Award celebrates laws and measures that successfully combat desertification. The shortlist has now been published.
Desertification  globaldev  environment  land  Agriculture  future 
24 days ago
WWINYE — What Works in Youth Employment
ILO Site to build the evidence base on youth employment programmes.
ILO  youth  Employment  Evaluation  evidence-based  km4dev  work  skills 
25 days ago
Knowledge Sharing Platform on Skills for Employment (Global KSP) links education and decent work
The Global Public-Private Knowledge Sharing Platform on Skills for Employment (Global KSP) aims to help strengthen the links between education and training to productive and decent work by sharing approaches, knowledge and experiences that governments, employers, workers and international organizations have found effective in addressing these issues of common concern across the world.
work  education  skills  ILO  km4dev  Employment  labour 
25 days ago
Sustainable Development Goals Advocates support the SDGs
The Sustainable Development Goals Advocates consist of 17 eminent persons assisting the UN Secretary-General in the campaign to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
SDG  SDGs  advocacy  leadership 
27 days ago
Free Resources for Evaluation and Social Research Methods
The Global Social Change Research Project offers
Free Resources for Evaluation and Social Research Methods.
Evaluation  evaluierung  Methods  social  social_development  Research 
27 days ago
UNHCR Refworld | The Leader in Refugee Decision Support
Refworld is the leading source of information necessary for taking quality decisions on refugee status. Refworld contains a vast collection of reports relating to refugees.
unhcr  Refugees  migration  displacement  crisis  news  report 
28 days ago
EuropeAid Academy is a new learning platform on European development cooperation
The EuropeAid Academy is an open learning platform, covering a large number of topics such as development policies, thematic areas, methodological approaches and financial management. The resources come in different learning formats, including e-learning courses, webinars, video and documents.
EuropeAid  elearning  Learning  European_Commission  Cooperation  coop4dev 
5 weeks ago
GDI Klimalog for interlinkages between climate and development policy
With the Klimalog the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) promotes awareness for interlinkages between climate and development policy and furthers a goal-oriented dialogue between pertinent actors in politics, academia, civil society and the private sector. It will focus on key issues in the ongoing round of UN climate negotiations and their implications for international co-operation with developing countries and emerging economies.
climate  climate  action  climate  change  research  CoPs  policy 
7 weeks ago
Enactus uses entrepreneurial action to create a better world
An international community of student, academic and business leaders who used entrepreneurial action to create a better world for 1,950,000+ people last year
academics  school  business 
8 weeks ago
European Journalism Centre announces new grants for innovative reporting on development - News - Journalism Grants
The European Journalism Centre is launching three new grants rounds for both freelancers and media organisations. Impactful stories inform public opinion and debate and change the way people understand an issue. They provide citizens with the information to make decisions and form opinions about their lives, communities, societies and the world.
media  journalism  grants  fundraising  europe 
8 weeks ago
Evaluating Impact Investing | Assessing private capital for the public good
This website is a public good knowledge centre on strategies and methods for evaluating impact investing. It is intended to meet the needs of various sectors, including impact investing, evaluation, policy, development finance, and others.
Impact  finance  impact_investment 
9 weeks ago
Private Capital for Sustainable Development | Evaluating Impact Investing
The report summarises the findings of a study on the strategies and tools available to donor agencies and their partners to leverage and deploy private capital for sustainable development.
impact_investment  Danida  finance  financial  markets 
9 weeks ago
ILO Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment (FAIR) for fair recruitment practices across specific migration corridors
This global project seeks to contribute to the promotion of fair recruitment practices globally and across specific migration corridors in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Target countries for pilot projects include Tunisia, Jordan, Nepal and the Philippines.
labormarket  migration  rights  work  ILO  employment 
10 weeks ago
Center for Social Development is to create and study innovations in public policy
Founded in 1994, the Center for Social Development’s (CSD) mission is to create and study innovations in public policy that enable individuals, families, and communities to formulate and achieve life goals, and contribute to the economy and society. Through innovation, research, and policy development, CSD makes intellectual and applied contributions in social development theory, evidence, community projects, and public policy.
social  research  policy  advice 
11 weeks ago
Programme Solidarité Eau working towards universal access to water and sanitation
pS-Eau (Programme Solidarité Eau, which stands for Water Solidarity Programme) is non-profit organisation working towards universal access to water and sanitation. It was first created by the French government in 1984 and became an independant association in 2000. "Our aim is to increase and enhance the actions being undertaken to improve access to water and sanitation in developing countries"
water  toilet  drink  eau  france  francophonie  sanitation 
11 weeks ago
Blue Action Fund funds Ocean conservation efforts
The oceans and their coasts are also among our most valuable resources. While their critical importance is well understood, human pressure continues and oceans and coasts are under severe threat. Additional funding is necessary so that existing conservation efforts can be completed and scaled up and new ones commenced. To respond to the need for new financial resources, in December 2016 the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through the KfW Development Bank (KfW), established the Blue Action Fund.
ocean  water  sea  biodiversity  kfw 
12 weeks ago
Business and International Development Tools and Resources Bureaucrat of the Web
Links to country profiles, demographics, infrastructure, corruption indexes, cultural etiquette, government agencies, public health, human rights, trade agreements, and more. Click on "Tools & Resources" and you'll find links to calculators, calendars, dictionaries, translation sites, and government portals.
toolbox  toolkit  reference  country  studies  information  database 
may 2017
WorldVu - International Postal Code, Address, and Telephone Formats
WorldVu LLC is a provider of up-to-date information needed to maintain contact and customer information from multiple countries, available in print and on-line references and in electronic formats.
toolbox  addresses  information  standards  reference 
may 2017
DevCom - OECD Development Communication Network to share lessons, test ideas and collaborate
Communication is central to building support for development and giving citizens the information they need to hold their governments accountable. The OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom) is a unique international forum for development communicators to share lessons, test ideas and collaborate to engage with the public and inform public opinion.
communiation  communications  information  media  km4dev  c4d 
april 2017
OECD Forum on developing more integrated, and inclusive economies and societies | 28-29 May 2013.
This year's Forum will be organised around 3 cross-cutting themes: Inclusive Growth, Digitalisation and Trust and will highlight the importance of continuing our focus on developing more integrated, and inclusive economies and societies.
int_development_effectiveness  major_events  policy_news  dpir  development_policy  oecd 
april 2017
G20 - T20 Blog by Think Tanks
The T20 blog is an initiative of the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW). Both institutes have been encouraged by the German government to organise the T20 process during Germany’s G20 Presidency in 2016 and 2017. The T20 organises the collaboration of global think tanks and high-level experts in order to provide analytical depth to ongoing G20 discussions and produce ideas to help the G20 on delivering concrete and sustainable policy measures.
g20  think  tanks  T20  blogroll 
april 2017
SDG Toolkit • SDGs as a Network of Targets / Base View • Kumu
This map shows the network of SDGs and their connections to each other based on whether the goals have shared targets. SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals has been left out as it touches all of the SDGs by definition.
SDGs  sdg  indicators  evaluation 
april 2017
Policy Support and Governance | FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
This portal was generated through a wide collaborative effort within FAO. The policy messages it contains reflect the outcomes of the global political and policy debates for which FAO occupies the unique position of being the super partes forum and global hub, where all national, political, public and private interests compete and collaborate.
fao  ifad  policy  policy  advice  policymaking  rural  food  security  governance 
april 2017
EU Delegations Report 2017 | Towards a more effective partnership with CSO | CONCORD
The 2017 report aims to assess, from a CSO perspective, how EUDs support an enabling environment for civil society at country level and promote their participation in policy making and development.
EU  DEL  EuropeAid  European_Commission  Concord  Civil  Society  Civil_Society  ngo 
april 2017
tralac Trade Law Centre | Building capacity to help Africa trade better
tralac is a capacity-building organisation developing trade-related capacity in east and southern Africa. Adopting an inter-disciplinary approach, tralac aims to enhance the trade law and policy capacity in this region. tralac works with governments and non-state actors; these include private sector and civil society organisations.
trade  africa  ACP  acpeutrade  commerce  commerciallaw  trade  links  sadc 
march 2017
The GIZ Online-Library Sustainable #Economic Development is still avaliable
The Online - Library Sustainable Economic Development provides selected manuals, materials, workshop documentation, and technical literature as well as field reports and discussion papers from projects conducted by GIZ and other development institutions.
GIZ  library  publication  Economics  development  business 
march 2017
Beehive Productions has methodologies and learn from and with each other
Beehive Productions creates opportunities for us all to step through the doorways of our unique and wonderful methodologies and learn from and with each other; to become more effective at what we do - bringing people together for meaningful conversation and positive social change.
learning  learning  change  capacity  development  methodology  participatory 
march 2017
Borderless Alliance is a vision for competitive trade in West Africa – of eliminating barriers to trade.
Borderless is a collaboration developed by Publicis Ghana for the USAID West Africa Trade Hub and public and private sector stakeholders including ECOWAS, UEMOA, USAID, the World Bank, - See more at:
ECOWAS  West  Africa  trade  commerce  integration  customs  freight  logistics  value  chains 
march 2017
Making Global Trade More Gender-Inclusive | Center For Global Development
The benefits of global trade are numerous and well documented, but trade channels can still be made more inclusive for women
entrepreneurs and wage workers. Incorporating preratification conditions into the trade agreement negotiation process to remove legal barriers against women’s equal participation in the economy (and therefore equal advantages from trade), as well as instituting follow up enforcement mechanisms, can help to ensure trade benefits women and men more equally going F
trade  gender 
march 2017
World Happiness Report 2017 – Happiness is both social and personal #Happiness2017
This year’s report emphasizes the importance of the social foundations of happiness. However 80% of the variance of happiness across the world occurs within countries. In richer countries the within-country differences are not mainly explained by income inequality, but by differences in mental health, physical health and personal relationships: the biggest single source of misery is mental illness. Unemployment causes a major fall in happiness, and even for those in work the quality of work can cause major variations in happiness.
happiness  social  psychology  health  employment  SDSN 
march 2017 is the European Commission’s knowledge sharing platform for development cooperation is the European Commission’s knowledge sharing platform for development cooperation where you can share, learn and collaborate with over 20,000 members. Launched in 2009 members include EU staff, as well as development professionals from EU member states, partner governments, civil society, academia and the private sector.
Europa  EuropeAid  European_Commission  ACP  km4dev  platform 
march 2017
The Kirkpatrick Model is the worldwide standard for evaluating the effectiveness of training
The Kirkpatrick Model is the worldwide standard for evaluating the effectiveness of training. It considers the value of any type of training, formal or informal, across four levels. Level 1 Reaction evaluates how participants respond to the training. Level 2 Learning measures if they actually learned the material. Level 3 Behavior considers if they are using what they learned on the job, and Level 4 Results evaluates if the training positively impacted the organization.
evaluation  training  capacity  development  capacity_building 
march 2017
GLOBAL VALUE - Managing Business Impacts on Developmen
GLOBAL VALUE is one of the largest EU-funded research projects to date addressing the measurement and management of business impacts on global sustainable development. It aims to create a framework and toolkit that multinational companies can use to comprehensively assess and better manage their impacts.
business  csr  Impact  human_rights  trade  corporate  corporations 
march 2017
Addis Ababa Action Agenda, outcome document
The final text of the breakthrough outcome document adopted at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 13–16 July 2015) and endorsed by the UN General Assembly in its resolution 69/313 of 27 July 2015.
hlf4  Impact  financing  ODA  Development  Effectiveness 
march 2017
EU Delegations Report 2017 | Towards a more effective partnership with CSO | CONCORD
The new EU Delegations report of CONCORD, titled “Towards a more effective partnership with civil society”, offers recommendations to encourage EU Delegations, EU headquarters, EU Member States as well as Civil Society Organisations to improve their partnership, dialogue and coordination. The report based on a broad survey is enriched with five country examples : Cambodia, Honduras, Kenya, Mali and Tunisia.
European_Commission  EU  DEL  Concord  Civil_Society  Report  EuropeAid 
march 2017
Global Citizenship Education (GCED) has a Clearinghouse
Global Citizenship Education (GCED) aims to equip learners of all ages with those values, knowledge and skills that are based on and instil respect for human rights, social justice, diversity, gender equality and environmental sustainability and that empower learners to be responsible global citizens. The GCED Clearinghouse is a global database on GCED jointly set up by UNESCO and APCEIU to facilitate information sharing and enhance knowledge and understanding of GCED.
education  GCED  citizenship 
february 2017 supports knowledge-sharing and capacity building in the field of social protection is a member-based platform with more than 1700 participants, offering free access to over 2200 publications, webinars, multi-language online communities and other learning material on a myriad of topics, which support knowledge-sharing and capacity building in the field of social protection.
social  social  innovation  social-security  social_protection  social_development  km4dev  network 
february 2017
Development Partners Network on Decentralisation and Local Governance (DeLoG) is an informal knowledge hub
The „Development Partners Network on Decentralisation and Local Governance“ (DeLoG) is an informal network of 29 bi- and multilateral development partners in the field of decentralisation and local governance (DLG). It was established in in 2006 and functions as a knowledge hub and a network for knowledge exchange among different organisations as well as a platform for joint learning.
urban  Local  SDG13  GIZ  decentralisation  decentralization  decentralization_in_government 
february 2017
Localizing the SDGs
Identify areas relevant to your territory, community, political agenda or project and click to find flexible tools you may tailor to your needs. They can be adjusted to various settings, adaptable to different contexts and development challenges.
Using these resources, you will have unparalleled access to applicable and locally generated content.
SDGs  Local  economic  development  local_government  Agenda  21  SDG13 
february 2017
PovcalNet opens World Bank's poverty research to the public
PovcalNet is an interactive computational tool that allows you to replicate the calculations made by the World Bank's researchers in estimating the extent of absolute poverty in the world. PovcalNet also allows you to calculate the poverty measures under different assumptions and to assemble the estimates using alternative country groupings or for any set of individual countries of the user’s choosing
poverty  statistcs  research  database  world  bank  poor  poverty  library  research 
february 2017
Africa and its partners: building alliances for sustainable development - International Development Blog #T20Africa
For the first time since the establishment of the Think20 (T20) process, Think Tanks from across Africa have met with T20 Think Tanks to discuss the G20 agenda and potential opportunities for Africa – G20 cooperation. The T20 Africa conference provided a forum to discuss how Africa and the G20 could build alliances to promote sustainable development both on the continent as well as globally.
february 2017
Social Media and International Development: Academic Texts | Social Media for Development
Useful updated list from Social Media for Development of social media and international development academic resources
c4d  culture4dev  culture  communication  social  media 
february 2017
Redrawing the line: comics’ new superheroes
A Positive.News article looks at how comics are exploring social taboos to create social change and new superheroes.
comic  novel  change 
february 2017
RFE - Déclaration d'Appui à EvalAgenda2020 | Réseau Francophone d'Evaluation
More VOPEs around the world are endorsing the EvalAgenda2020. One of them is Le Réseau Francophone de l’Evaluation (RFE) which officially endorsed the EvalAgenda2020 at its last AGM held in Marrakech, Morocco. That Declaration was posted on the RFE portal. RFE will continue to encourage Francophone VOPEs to join to declare the EvalAgenda2020.
francophonie  evaluation  evalsocieties  SDGs 
february 2017
The BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework organises different evaluation options into seven clusters.
The BetterEvaluation Rainbow Framework organises different evaluation options (methods and strategies) in terms of different tasks in an evaluation, organised into seven clusters. The Rainbow Framework can help you plan an evaluation by prompting you to think about each of these tasks in turn, and to select a package of methods and strategies that cover all the tasks.
evaluation  tools  method  ToR  guidelines 
february 2017
Scott Chaplowe's Monitoring and Evaluation Training Resource Page
Scott Chaplowe's book Monitoring and Evaluation Training has and accompanying Resource Page which includes over 150 resources for M&E practice and capacity development, hand-picked from the authors’ research for the book (and most hyperlinked and freely available online).
free  evaluation  capacity  development  mande  M&E  Wirkung 
february 2017
European Development Days #EDD17 will take place in Tour & Taxis on 7 - 8 June 2017 in Brussels, Belgium
European Development Days (EDD 2017) will take place in Tour & taxis on 7 - 8 June 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The EDD 2017 will promote a new global strategy to address the most pressing current global development challenges and bring together development actors committed to tackling poverty worldwide with a particular emphasis on engaging the private sector as a partner in economic development. Together, we can shape global policy, share knowledge and promote real innovation.
EuropeAid  European  Union  European_Commission  ACP  development  DG  Dev 
january 2017
Sustainable Energy for all. The United Nations’ Sustainable Energy for All initiative (SE4All)
SEforALL is working towards three ambitious objectives for 2030:

• ensuring universal access to modern energy services

• doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix

• doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency
energy  energie  renewables  sustainable  enegry  SDG7 
january 2017
Poor people's energy outlook 2016 - Practical Action Policy and Practice
´The Poor People’s Energy Outlook (PPEO) presents evidence and methods on putting energy poor people’s (i.e. customers’) needs, rather than government assumptions, at the centre of energy planning. The PPEO is published yearly by the NGO Practical Action, which was just awarded the renowned Zayed Future Energy Prize of the United Arab Emirates at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. The German PPEO launch on 02 February in Bonn aims to spark a discussion illustrating that current practices have been unable to deliver on global priorities and that 21st century methods and technologies are required to address the 21st century issues and promises outlined in the SDGs and Paris Accord. We warmly welcome registrations from civil society, academia, policy making, international organisations and the media.
energy  poverty  sustainability  renewable  renewables 
january 2017
Vienna Master Course Global Political Economy of Sustainable Development
Master Program „Global Political Economy of Sustainable Development (MSc)“.
unido  Economics  course  academic  industry  sustainable  development 
december 2016
T20 Germany is the research and policy advice network for the G20
The Think20 (T20) is a network of research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries. The T20 provides research-based policy advice to the G20, facilitates interaction among its members and the policy community, and communicates with the broader public about issues of global importance.
g20  think  tanks  economic  policy  advice  Germany 
december 2016
Goal 16 Advocacy Toolkit - TAP Network SDG16
This toolkit provides civil society and other nongovernmental stakeholders with guidance on how to engage with their governments and other local, regional or international stakeholders to support the planning, implementation, follow-up and accountability of Goal 16.
citizenscience  toolkit  SDGs  SDG16 
december 2016
DataShift uses citizen-generated data to monitor sustainable development progress
DataShift is a demand‑driven initiative that builds the capacity and confidence of civil society to produce and use citizen-generated data to monitor sustainable development progress, demand accountability and campaign for transformative change.
citizenscience  data  SDGs  monitoring 
december 2016
Our World In Data at the Oxford Martin School
Explore the ongoing history of human civilization at the broadest level, through research and data visualization. A web publication by Max Roser.
data  statistical  population  visualisation  research  statistics 
december 2016
German Association of Postgraduate Programmes with Special Relevance to Developing Countries (AGEP)
Prospective and current students from around the world will find all relevant information about the AGEP postgraduate courses, their common events and about living and studying in Germany in a clearly structured and easy to use way. Furthermore the AGEP homepage offers you access to the AGEP group in the Alumniportal Deutschland, the largest online platform for international cooperation.
Germany  study  post-graduate  university  development  studies 
december 2016
SCP Clearinghouse lists sustainable modes of production and consumption
The 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production brings together actors from all regions and all sectors to bring together expertise, resources, innovation and commitment towards a shift to more sustainable modes of production and consumption.
sustainable  sustainable  development  SDGs  consumption  production  cleantech  consumer  citizenship 
december 2016
G20 must specify how it will support SDG agenda | D+C - Development + Cooperation
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the UN's agenda to follow up on Millennium Development Goals. The G20, the informal forum of the leaders of the world's largest economies, has pledged support. Kathrin Berensmann of the German Development Institute assesses what the G20 is doing in this context.
2030-Agenda  SDGs  g20  indicators 
december 2016
GEAERD – Global Educators Association for Educational Research and Development
GEAERD™ is an educators driven and governed platform, this platform provides them the opportunity to do research in their core subject or interest areas, that can also help strengthen the quality of education and can provide revolutionary innovative approaches or ideas to institutions worldwide.
education  learning  learning  change  globalization  india 
december 2016
Bonn Call to Action | Increasing Resilience of Communities through Volunteering
Almost 150 representatives of organisations engaged in volunteering at home and across borders met in Bonn on 9th-12th October 2016 for the annual conference of the International Forum for Volunteering in Development, focusing on the theme of Increasing Resilience of Communities through Volunteering. Representing civil society, government agencies, UN bodies, academia and the private sector, Forum members work in partnership for a more just and sustainable world.
volunteer  volunteering 
december 2016
CARIAA Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia for climate change resiliance
More than one billion people live in deltas, semi-arid lands, and glacier- and snowpack-dependent river basins in Africa and Asia, hot spot regions that are the most vulnerable to climate change. CARIAA builds resilience in these hot spots by supporting collaborative research on climate change adaptation to inform adaptation policy and practice.
climate  climate  change  resilience  africa  asia  research  science 
november 2016
Theory Maker makes any kind of causal diagram
Theory Maker is a free web app by Steve Powell for making any kind of causal diagram, i.e. a diagram which uses arrows to say what contributes to what. You make the diagrams just by typing the names of the elements (called variables) in a structured way into a (resizeable) window, and you get a live diagram as output which reflects what you type.
evaluation  theory  Impact  toc  change  apps  software 
november 2016
Doing Development Differently | The DDD Manifesto Community
This is the online platform of the DDD Manifesto Community. As an emerging community of development practitioners and observers, we believe that development initiatives can – and must – have greater impact.
evaluation  Impact  network  practice  mande  development  deveval 
november 2016
Human Rights Due Diligence Info Portal - supporting companies to get started and advance their human rights practice
The Human Rights Due Diligence Info Portal supports companies in setting up and improving their human rights due diligence processes. The Portal is hosted by the Global Compact Network Germany and was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
human_rights  human  rights  companies  corporate  csr  standards 
november 2016
Citizen of the World - CitiZen Gardens, Global eXchange and Where Do Refugees Come From?
Citizen of the World serves as a framework for specialized projects – CitiZen Gardens, Global eXchange and Where Do Refugees Come From?. The work of each project crosses over fluidly into the others, much like how people and ideas cross political borders.
global  citizenship  society  Refugees  urban-gardening  photography 
november 2016
EU not ready for necessary transformation to successfully implement the 2030 Agenda. Leida Rijnhout in Global Governance Spotlight 6|2016 | sef
Is the EU ready for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with its potential to provoke a paradigm shift in the concept of development? Leida Rijnhout does not think so yet, and therefore explores in Global Governance Spotlight 6|2016 crucial aspects of a necessary transformation to successfully implement the Agenda.
2030-Agenda  SDGs  europe  eu  European  Union  sustainable 
november 2016
Urbanet: Governance. Urban Development. Decentralisation
URBANET promotes:

- the exchange of knowledge and information to a broader public,
- debates on key challenges and opportunities regarding sustainable urban development, municipal and local governance and decentralisation, and
- interdisciplinary cooperation among various actors in urban and local development.

URBANET is supported and implemented by GIZ’s Sector Project “Policy Advise for Local and Urban Development”. Commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and working with strategic partners such as Cities Alliance and ICLEI, the project aims to embed the concept of cities as key actors of sustainable development in international policy processes. The project’s efforts are based on the three German key messages in the Habitat III process.
GIZ  urban  urbanplanning  urbanisation  cities  stadt  urban  wissenschaft 
november 2016
Steps in planning and managing an evaluation | Better Evaluation
While most evaluation resources are written for individuals who undertake evaluations, this guide is intended for program and project managers. As commissioners of evaluations, they define the purpose, scope, budget, and timing of an evaluation; they determine what evidence will be most useful; and they support the use of evaluations within their organizations. Their roles are crucial in ensuring high quality evaluation.
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october 2016
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