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Fiktive Geschichte des Internets
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january 2015 by weberwu
Internet Observatory
Internet Observatory is a free service that monitors global traffic 24 hours a day in several regions of the world. Unlike ipoque’s Internet studies that have been a reliable source for Internet traffic statistics ever since they were first published in 2006, Internet Observatory is not jus a snapshot of Internet traffic patterns during a certain time period. It is traffic statistics in real-time. But see yourself.
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november 2012 by weberwu
The World Wide Web, by the Numbers
Tim Berners-Lee's vision for the World Wide Web was predicated on two core ideas: universality and connectivity. But now that the web has been around for a generation -- and, you know, changed the world, revolutionized information, etc., etc. -- how has it actually been adopted? Is the web, its obvious success notwithstanding, ultimately living up to its vision and its potential?
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september 2012 by weberwu
Online-Generationen 2010 - eduFutureCoaching
Pew Survey Internet use in USA by Generation
december 2010 by weberwu
Download: Wo ist Klaus? -
Very scary - do you know where on the Internet your children are?
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february 2010 by weberwu
klicksafe Werbespots -
Die Initiative für mehr Sicherheit im Netz - mit dem Spot "Wo ist Klaus?"
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december 2009 by weberwu
Why We Must Shift Our Attention from “Save Newspapers” to “Save Society”
Clay Shirky makes some great points about what newspapers are for and how they have to reinvent themselves.
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august 2009 by weberwu
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
A great list of common misinterpretations of copyright.
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september 2006 by weberwu

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