TeamSIK – Password-Manager Apps
Flaws in various password-manager apps
7 weeks ago
Die Reform der Doctorpromotion
Mommsen: Die Promotionsreform 1895
7 weeks ago
Gephi Tutorials
A tool for using SPARQL on various endpoints
semantic-web  SPARQL 
8 weeks ago
Rechtsprechung der niedersächsischen Justiz
Entziehung des Doktorgrades und Rückforderung der Doktorurkunde
vroniplagwiki  plagiat  dissertation 
12 weeks ago
A database for searching for DMCA filings and defamation assertions
legal  dmca 
january 2017
The President’s Role in Advancing Criminal Justice Reform
Obama published in the Harvard Law Review a few days before leaving office
january 2017
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