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Wind-Ways | The Dark Mountain Project
"Today our forecasts might be shaped with the aid of satellite images and fantastically complex computer models, but the assumption is the same: that the invisible patterns of wind can be interpreted to understand the future."
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october 2017 by warrenellis
Technoccult News: The Real Wizard Was Inside You All Along
..."textualism and the pre-Islamic practices of taking holy words and phrases and turning them into charms, written on slips of paper or inscribed into metal or pottery. The idea being that the very words would be imbued with the holy power of the one who spoke or wrote them, and since, in God would have created the words and spake them in Arabic, then that would make the very language of Arabic, and even the letters of the Arabic language, holy."
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april 2017 by warrenellis
transmediale | unMonastery
"Ancient Greek mystery cults and technology will be paralleled to contemporary religious and industrial practice. The long lineage of Gods and mortals from antiquity to present will be explored, tracing chthonic and often mirroring personas such as Plouto (Underworld) and Ploutos (Wealth) or Demeter (de-meter / mother earth) and her daughter Persephone (pherein-phonon / to bring death). Participants will explore (hands-on) some of the benefits and ill effects of confrontations between inactivity/radioactivity, mortality/divinity, remedy/poison.

"Tales of toxicity will be interwoven with mythology and possible ancient anti-solutions which are now being used to combat the toxicity and will influence our future civilizations."
occult  myth  hauntology  future  cities 
january 2015 by warrenellis
Tangled Nodes: Self Observation Notes #2 | Hawthonn
"Can you imagine rising early in the morning, trudging to the cloister of Desmodus and kneeling on the sodden earth to lick the dew from the rough superfices of the rock? To tongue and bite the celestial mosses that adhere to the surface, and rub cheeks against the rough scabs of lichen? To take a blessed chipping, a pebble relic, and grind it between your front teeth? To lie with the slug, face down on the rock, and kiss the shadow-mouth of your own daemon as it reclines beneath you? To hope that it will whisper the secrets of the dragon’s angle, or the chain of winds, or an impulsive rite: chew on the holly leaf; sculpt your god from mud; take up arms against the brambles."
writing  hauntology  myth 
october 2014 by warrenellis
Scarlet Imprint: Babalon - Embodiment of Mystery
"Her lovers include gods, men, women, beasts; thus in her love-making she: shatters the boundaries that differentiate the species, those between divine and human, divine and animal, human and animal.[4]How revealing it is when Gilgamesh rejects her that he lists her past conquests and the fates they suffered,[5]and with harsh disapproval rebukes her:

"And what will happen to me when your heart turns elsewhere and your lust burns out? […]Which of your husbands did you love forever? Which could satisfy your endless desires?

"Her desire for power seems never to be sated by the slaking of her desire nor attainment of power: there is always a conquest beyond."
magic  myth  history 
september 2014 by warrenellis

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