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"Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS."
programming  framework  webapp  javascript  html  css 
16 days ago by warnick
LOOPY: a tool for thinking in systems
"Raw code is too inaccessible. Also drag-and-drop is too mainstream. But with LOOPY, you can model systems by simply drawing circles & arrows, like a wee baby."
programming  webapp  simulation  dataviz 
17 days ago by warnick
"From useful tools that solve problems at work, to cutting-edge VR experiences, smart bots, and apps that help advance important causes, Glitch is a unique community where people have built over a million projects for you to discover, with new ones are popping up every day."
coding  programming  webapp  collaboration 
17 days ago by warnick
"Create engaging infographics and reports in minutes."
infographics  design  webapp  dataviz  charts  graphs 
17 days ago by warnick
Web-based tool for creating diagrams, wireframes, flowcharts, org charts, etc...
webapp  diagram  drawing  wireframes 
february 2018 by warnick
Interesting app for shift scheduling. Not sure how long it will be free, though....
scheduling  work  webapp  tlos 
january 2018 by warnick
"Kumu is a powerful data visualization platform that helps you organize complex information into interactive relationship maps."
dataviz  webapp  tlos  networkanalysis 
november 2017 by warnick
Web-based tool for editing podcasts and other audio files. Delete words from a trascript and the audio gets edited, too. Stuff like this is making multimedia production easier and easier for novices.
audio  podcast  digitalstorytelling  transcription  webapp 
november 2017 by warnick
Let's Enhance
Straight out of CSI, but for real: "free online image upscale and enhancement with neural networks."
photography  photoshop  ai  webapp 
november 2017 by warnick
"Establish a typographic system with modular scale & vertical rhythm."
css  webdesign  grid  webapp  framework 
january 2017 by warnick
Native Apps Are Doomed
Eric Elliott makes the case for building progressive web apps for mobile devices: "Steve Jobs’ recommendation to build web apps for iPhone was called his 'biggest mistake' by Forbes, because native apps became a smashing success. Looking back today, it seems obvious that he was really onto something — just way ahead of the capabilities of the existing web standards of the day."
webapp  ios  webdevelopment  app  programming 
november 2016 by warnick
New platform for creating interactive fiction. Kind of like Twine, but supposedly easier to use.
fiction  digitalstorytelling  webapp 
november 2016 by warnick
"Webrecorder is a web archiving service anyone can use for free to save web pages. Making a capture is as easy as browsing a page like you normally would. Webrecorder automatically archives the page, along with any additional content triggered by interactions."
web  internet  archive  webapp 
october 2016 by warnick
WAVE Web Accessibility Tool
Enter one of your URLs and discover just how much work you still need to do.
accessibility  usability  webdesign  webapp  4814 
july 2016 by warnick
Metaflop's font modulator
Useful tool for learning how different aspects of typography work.
typography  fonts  design  webapp 
november 2015 by warnick
"Airtable looks like a fast and flexible spreadsheet, but it's actually a relational database that can store almost anything."
database  spreadsheet  webapp  collaboration  tlos 
november 2015 by warnick
"Quick and simple user testing to help you make data-driven design decisions."
ux  usability  webdesign  webapp 
november 2015 by warnick
Juxta Commons
"Juxta is a tool that allows you to compare and collate versions of the same textual work.... Juxta Commons is an online space powered by the Juxta Web Service that lets you collate sets and share visualizations with your peers."
digitalhumanities  webapp  tool  text 
august 2015 by warnick
Tools for the Web
New site from Reclaim Hosting guru Tim Owens that catalogs some of his favorite apps.
timowens  reclaimhosting  app  webapp 
june 2015 by warnick
Interesting new tool from the MIT Media Lab: "FOLD is an authoring and publishing platform for creating modular, multimedia stories."
cms  publishing  webapp  multimodal  3844  digitalstorytelling 
may 2015 by warnick
What are some great online tools for startups?
Quora question with lots of good answers. Plenty of stuff to dig through.
startup  webapp  entrepreneurship  quora 
may 2015 by warnick
"Bridgy is a service that pulls comments, likes, and reshares on social networks back to your web site. You can also use it to post to social networks — or comment, like, reshare, or even RSVP — from your own web site."
webdevelopment  socialmedia  cms  comments  webapp  blogging 
may 2015 by warnick
My Reviewers
A new online peer review system, from the University of South Florida. I wonder how this compares to Eli.
peerreview  webapp  edtech 
april 2015 by warnick
"Draftback is a Chrome extension that lets you play back any Google Doc’s revision history (for docs you can edit). It’s like going back in time to look over your own shoulder as you write."
writing  process  googledocs  etherpad  workflow  chrome  webapp 
march 2015 by warnick
I Need a Resume
Web-based tool for building a quick (and decent-looking) resume.
resume  bizcomm  webapp  jobs 
march 2015 by warnick
Nice timeline generator from the Open Knowledge Foundation Labs.
timeline  digitalhumanities  webapp  tools 
february 2015 by warnick
SIMILE Widgets
Several free, open-source web tools for data visualization, including a nice timeline generator.
timeline  webapp  digitalhumanities  tools 
february 2015 by warnick
New tool that allows users to "crawl and explore a web corpus." Described as a "work in progress," so it might not be ready for prime time.
digitalhumanities  textmining  webapp 
february 2015 by warnick
Poetry generator that assembles your tweets into sonnets, rondels, or indrisos. It even gets the rhyme scheme right (sometimes).
twitter  poetry  generator  webapp 
february 2015 by warnick
Fantastic tool for finding out what software, tools, platforms, etc., are powering a website.
webdesign  webdevelopment  server  webapp  tool  4814 
january 2015 by warnick
10 Free Online Markdown Editors
Do I need another list of Markdown editors? Probably not, but here's one anyway.
markdown  webapp 
december 2014 by warnick
Text Mechanic
"A collection of simple, single task, browser based, text manipulation tools."
textmining  webapp  digitalhumanities  tools  text 
november 2014 by warnick
Regular Expressions 101
For when I finally get around to teaching myself regex.
regex  webapp  learning 
november 2014 by warnick
New service that imports and organizes your Kindle notes.
kindle  evernote  webapp  annotation 
november 2014 by warnick
How I reverse-engineered Google Docs to play back any document's keystrokes
James Somers explains Draftback, his new tool that brings back my favorite feature from Etherpad: the ability to create time-lapse movies of changes to your document.
googledocs  etherpad  webapp  writing  process 
november 2014 by warnick
Nice web-based diagram tool.
webapp  diagram  wireframes  drawing 
october 2014 by warnick
Nice color scheme designer.
webdesign  color  webapp  4814 
october 2014 by warnick
Digital Methods Initiative Tool Database
A massive collection of tools for scraping, searching, sorting, analyzing, visualizing, etc., all sorts of data.
tools  webapp  journalism  digitalhumanities 
september 2014 by warnick
" Simple, powerful bookmarking — Make more of your links." Hmm... not sure that anything could drag me away from Pinboard, but I'll be interested to see what this looks like once it launches.
bookmarking  webapp  pinboard 
september 2014 by warnick
Stylify Me
Nifty online style guide generator. Plug in a URL and "quickly gain an overview of the style guide of a site, including colours, fonts, sizing and spacing."
webdesign  styleguide  css  webapp  4814 
september 2014 by warnick
Stéfan Sinclair introduces his new tool: "At one level Novel seems like an ideal context for experimenting with hybrid analytic approaches. We still have a lot to learn about interpretive analysis at various scales, and especially about developing methodologies that allow for flexible movement between different scales, so the Novel project, with its focus on variable geometries of text collections, represents an ideal testbed. My focus continues to be on the development of digital tools for humanists, but my experience has been that those efforts are most effective and rewarding when guided directly by real research questions on specific text collections."
digitalhumanities  webapp  methods  textmining 
september 2014 by warnick
Very cool tool that lets you track language use over time in the NY Times.
nytimes  ngram  webapp  history  digitalhumanities 
september 2014 by warnick
Displays any text using all of the fonts installed on your computer. Great tool for selecting a typeface.
typography  webdesign  fonts  webapp  4814 
august 2014 by warnick
Fontface Ninja
Cool browser plugin/extension that lets you inspect — and tinker with — the fonts on any website.
webdesign  @font-face  typography  webapp  4814 
july 2014 by warnick
Nice WYSIWYG layout designer for Bootstrap 3.
webdesign  bootstrap  webapp  grid  4814 
july 2014 by warnick
"Taco is a truly unified task list with a single view into all of your existing tasks, from more than 40 services."
productivity  webapp 
july 2014 by warnick
Very cool data extraction tool for use on sites that don't offer APIs: "Instantly Turn Web Pages into Data. No Plugin, No Training, No Setup."
api  scraping  data  webapp 
july 2014 by warnick
Web-based tools for scrubbing and analyzing texts.
digitalhumanities  textmining  webapp 
july 2014 by warnick
"Odyssey.js is an open-source tool that allows you to combine maps, narratives, and other multimedia into a beautiful story."
javascript  multimodal  digitalstorytelling  mapping  webapp  digitalhumanities 
july 2014 by warnick
A Better Queue
A vastly superior tool for finding good things to watch on Netflix.
netflix  movies  webapp 
july 2014 by warnick
Online Markdown editor. Looks pretty robust.
webapp  markdown  editor 
july 2014 by warnick
Interesting new web-based collaborative writing tool. Complete with old-school editing marks.
webapp  writing  editing  collaboration 
july 2014 by warnick
"Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert developer or just getting started."
meteor  javascript  webdevelopment  framework  opensource  webapp 
july 2014 by warnick
Web-based interface builder for Bootstrap. Not free, but maybe worth paying for.
bootstrap  webdesign  interface  webapp  4814 
june 2014 by warnick
Free online OCR
"You can use this service to extract text from any image you supply. This service is free, no registration necessary. We also do not need your email address."
ocr  tool  webapp  free 
may 2014 by warnick
Project Naptha
Chrome extension that automatically OCRs images that contain text. Awesome concept, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I tried it on several images and ended up with gibberish.
ocr  chrome  images  webapp 
april 2014 by warnick
Browser-based, drag-and-drop interface builder for Bootstrap.
webdesign  bootstrap  webapp  layout  4814 
march 2014 by warnick
Teachers get Basecamp for free
Very generous offer from the fine folks at Basecame: "Over the years, Basecamp has proven to be very popular with teachers, classrooms, and students. We want to take it to the next level by absorbing the cost and offering it free for teachers to use with their students."
basecamp  webapp  teaching  discount 
march 2014 by warnick
And then I was like...
Cool little web app: "Express yourself with gifs using your webcam."
gif  webapp  webcam 
march 2014 by warnick
8 Ways to Add a Responsive Navigation Menu on Your Site
Some helpful links to sites that will generate markup for responsive menus.
webdesign  responsive  menus  navigation  4814  webapp 
march 2014 by warnick
ReCal: reliability calculation for the masses
"ReCal is an online utility that computes intercoder/interrater reliability coefficients for nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio-level data. It is compatible with Excel, SPSS, STATA, OpenOffice, Google Docs, and any other database, spreadsheet, or statistical application that can export comma-separated (CSV), tab-separated (TSV), or semicolon-delimited data files."
research  methods  reliability  calculator  webapp 
march 2014 by warnick
"A Playable Touch Synthesizer Using Web Audio API." Very cool.
audio  music  webapp  html5 
february 2014 by warnick
New web app for listing public events and getting people to RSVP. Looks great.
webapp  events  cath 
february 2014 by warnick
Nice web-based tool for creating maps with points of interest, custom fields, multimedia attachments, etc.
mapping  webapp  digitalhumanities  tool 
december 2013 by warnick
Something must be in the water; so many new minimalist writing apps popping up lately. "Authorea is the online collaborative word processor for research papers. Write, share, cite, comment, export, and track changes in your articles."
writing  wordprocessing  collaboration  markdown  latex  git  webapp 
november 2013 by warnick
Another web-based, Markdown-powered, distraction-free writing app. Looks very similar to Editiorially.
writing  webapp  collaboration  markdown  wordprocessing 
november 2013 by warnick
Collaborative, web-based productivity management software. Looks interesting.
collaboration  webapp  productivity 
november 2013 by warnick
CATMA - Computer Aided Textual Markup & Analysis
"CATMA is a practical and intuitive tool for literary scholars, students and other parties with an interest in text analysis and literary research. By helping perform many of the procedures useful for literary analysis that normally have to be carried out entirely manually, CATMA permits to save a great amount of time and work."
digitalhumanities  tools  webapp  methods 
october 2013 by warnick
New web-based Markdown editor for collaborative writing. Produced by an all-star lineup; this might be worth watching.
markdown  writing  webapp  collaboration  3844  4814 
september 2013 by warnick
Cool tool for converting files to new formats. 140 different file types supported.
converter  webapp  3844  4814 
september 2013 by warnick
"Tridiv is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS." Very cool, but very complex.
css  webapp  art  generator 
september 2013 by warnick
Github for Writers
Loren Burton explain Penflip, his new collaborative writing tool that sits on top of GitHub.
github  collaboration  writing  software  webapp  3844 
august 2013 by warnick
Browser-based app for creating responsive websites. Allows you to download all assets when you're done. Really promising.
webdesign  responsive  webapp  4814 
august 2013 by warnick
Mr. Data Converter
Finally, a *good* way to generate HTML tables from tabular data! This is pretty fantastic.
webdesign  tables  converter  webapp  html  4814 
august 2013 by warnick
Hypothes.is just might make the web relevant again
Ryan Brazell's: "Hypothes.is right now is in very early (alpha) testing, but already I see a lot of promise and opportunity. In the future I’d like to be able to follow the activity of users, tags, and URLs; to save an archive of my annotations and host them on my own domain (much like Twitter’s archive download currently works); and to mark up not only text but also images, video, datasets, and other kinds of media."
annotation  webapp  review  collaboration 
august 2013 by warnick
Just what it says: "Free Online Sign Up Forms"
volunteering  webapp  forms 
august 2013 by warnick
"[A] D3.js based front-end charting application that facilitates easy creation of simple beautiful charts."
dataviz  infographics  charts  webapp 
august 2013 by warnick
Why mobile web apps are slow
Drew Crawford explains (in detail! with citations!) why mobile web apps are slower than native apps.
ios  webapp  mobile 
august 2013 by warnick
Web app for creating multimedia stories. Looks promising.
digitalstorytelling  webapp  ebooks  3844 
july 2013 by warnick
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