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Digital Activism: Relationships and Stories
Jeff Swift: "Digital media allow activist communities to spread their stories farther and faster than they could otherwise, but studies of digital activism repeatedly suggest that this capability doesn’t necessarily create an entirely new kind of activism."
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may 2015 by warnick
Pipeline Information Network
Created by a class of Virginia Tech students. Great case study in online advocacy.
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may 2015 by warnick
Fight 215: Stop the Patriot Act's Mass Surveillance
Great video by Kirby Ferguson. The whole site is a nice example of effective online activism.
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april 2015 by warnick
Millennials and the Age of Tumblr Activism
NY Times: "[W]hether passion on Tumblr translates into participation in the real world is up for debate. Ms. Katwiwa described a time when she used Tumblr to promote a protest in New Orleans. She was disappointed when of the thousand or so people who promised to show up, only 400 materialized."
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january 2015 by warnick
In defense of “slacktivism”: The Human Rights Campaign Facebook logo as digital activism
Stephanie Vie, in First Monday: "This article suggests that even small moves of support, such as changing one’s Facebook status to a memetic image, assist by demonstrating a supportive environment for those who identify with marginalized groups and by drawing awareness to important causes. Often dismissed as 'slacktivism,' I argue instead that the digital activism made possible through social media memes can build awareness of crucial issues, which can then lead to action."
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january 2015 by warnick
Beyond Cyber-Optimism and Cyber-Pessimism
Mary Joyce: "Digital technology does not have uniquely positive or negative effects on activism. Much depends on context, on the political system in which activists are operating, and on the complexity of the problem that they seek to remedy."
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may 2013 by warnick
New Digital Activism Data!
Mary Joyce: Last month my other initiative, the Digital Activism Research Project, released version 1.0 of the Global Digital Activism Data Set (GDADS), a collection of digital activism cases from around the world, created as an open resource to scholars."
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april 2013 by warnick
Why Social Movements Should Ignore Social Media
Evgeny Morozov's long, detailed takedown of Steven Johnson's new book, Future Perfect.
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february 2013 by warnick
"Causes is a free online platform that provides easy-to-use tools for driving change. We help passionate people share ideas, find supporters, raise money, and make an impact."
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december 2012 by warnick
Understanding Digital Civics
Ethan Zuckerman: "I’m beginning to think that certain types of civic participation are simply organic to the internet. Once we have the ability to create and share our own information, we create and spread media to promote the causes we care about and raise money to support the causes we value."
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november 2012 by warnick

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