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It’s Kind of Cheesy Being Green
Paul Ford, on the consequences of Apple's subtle (and petty?) choices: "Apple uses a soothing, on-brand blue for messages in its own texting platform, and a green akin to that of the Android robot logo for people texting from outside its ecosystem.... There are all sorts of reasons for them to use different colors.... However, one result of that decision is that a goofy class war is playing out over digital bubble colors. Their decision has observable social consequences."
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february 2015 by warnick
Exhibiting .gifs: An Interview with curator Jason Eppink
Some nice theorizing about GIFs here: "I propose the primary purpose of the reaction GIFs is gesture: they’re a language tool that allows the user to perform a gesture in a context that is mainly text-based."
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november 2014 by warnick

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