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The Case for Copying
Great episode of PBS's The Art Assignment, on art, originality, and remix.
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september 2017 by warnick
Author Rights & the SPARC Author Addendum
Important resource for academics: "The SPARC Author Addendum is a legal instrument that you can use to modify your copyright transfer agreements with non-open access journal publishers. It allows you to select which individual rights out of the bundle of copyrights you want to keep."
openaccess  publishing  creativecommons  copyright 
july 2016 by warnick
How Mickey Mouse Evades the Public Domain
Zachary Crockett, in Priceonomics: "It’s a sad truth for crusaders of the public domain: the more powerful and recognizable a piece of corporate property is (and thus, the more coveted it is by society at large), the less likely it is to be relinquished."
copyright  disney  fairuse  law 
january 2016 by warnick
How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views
Jason Kottke points to Kurzgesagt's newest video: "Facebook just announced 8 billion video views per day. This number is made out of lies, cheating and worst of all: theft. All of this is wildly known but the media giant Facebook is pretending everything is fine, while damaging independent creators in the process. How does this work?"
jasonkottke  youtube  video  economics  facebook  copyright 
november 2015 by warnick
Louis Menand asks, "Are copyright laws too strict?"
"This almost instinctive distinction between what is proper in the analog realm and what is proper in the digital realm is at the center of a global debate about the state of copyright law. Statutes protecting copyright have never been stricter; at the same time, every minute of every day, millions of people are making or using copies of material—texts, sounds, and images—that they didn’t create.... The law seems to be completely out of whack with the technology."
louismenand  newyorker  copyright 
october 2014 by warnick
it’s history, not a viral feed
Amen to this: "Feeds like @HistoryinPics make it impossible for anyone interested in a picture to find out more about it, to better understand what it is showing, and to assess its accuracy. As a teacher and as someone who works in a cultural heritage institution, I am deeply invested in the value of studying the past and of recognizing that the past is never neutral or transparent."
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january 2014 by warnick
Goldieblox and the Three MCs
Andy Baio tackles the history and case law related to fair use, as applied to Goldieblox v. Beastie Boys. Long story short: "If even judges can't agree on fair use, what chance do the rest of us have of understanding it?"
copyright  fairuse  beastieboys  goldieblox  law  advertising  andybaio 
november 2013 by warnick
The CRAPL: An academic-strength open source license
Great idea from Matt Might: "Science thrives on openness. In modern science, it is often infeasible to replicate claims without access to the software underlying those claims. Let's all be honest: when scientists write code, aesthetics and software engineering principles take a back seat to having running, working code before a deadline. So, let's release the ugly. And, let's be proud of that."
mattmight  academia  software  license  copyright  code 
october 2013 by warnick
Buffy vs Edward Remix Unfairly Removed by Lionsgate
A long, carefully documented saga about fair use. Great case study.
copyright  fairuse  youtube  casestudy  3844 
january 2013 by warnick
Know Your Copy Rights
Nice set of resources on copyright and fair use for teachers.
copyright  fairuse 
september 2012 by warnick
How Can I Find It? Can I Use It?
Jessamyn West's excellent presentation (and list of helpful links) about copyright, fair use, Creative Commons, etc., on the web.
jessamynwest  copyright  fairuse  creativecommons  pedagogy  internetculture 
july 2012 by warnick
Jonathan Coulton on music, file sharing, and the future
"I have no doubt that this fight over mp3s is just the first of many fights we're going to have about this stuff. Our laws and ethics already fail to match up with our behaviors, and for my money, those are the things we should be trying to fix. The change is already happening to us, and it's a change that WE ARE CHOOSING. It's too late to stop it, because we actually kind of like a lot of the things that we're getting out of it."
jonathancoulton  music  copyright  free  ethics 
june 2012 by warnick
How We Will Read: Kevin Kelly
A great interview with Kevin Kelly about the future of publishing, reading, and books: "My real focus is actually making it as easy as possible for someone to read the work. Make it easy as possible for them to hear about it, make it as easy as possible for them to get it, make it easy as possible for them to get into it, to read it. Right now any kind of impediment in any of those fields and you’re gone. Making it free was just one step in that direction."
kevinkelly  findings  reading  copyright  future  books  publishing 
march 2012 by warnick
The CCC Online Now (and before and before and for how long)
Steve Krause recaps some history behind the CCC Online controversy that baffled so many of us at the Computers & Writing conference in 2010.
cwcon  cccc  publication  copyright  stevekrause 
february 2012 by warnick
Don't Make Me Steal
"I promise never to illegally download a movie if there was a legal alternative following the criteria on this page..." Ah, if only the MPAA could be reasoned with.
movies  media  manifesto  filesharing  copyright 
february 2011 by warnick
Bound by Law
Online comic book about copyright and fair use. Created by the Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke.
comic  copyright  fairuse  publicdomain  creativecommons  resources 
august 2010 by warnick
Cory Doctorow on the Google Book Search settlement
"[N]o one, not Google, not Santa Claus, should have this kind of leverage over the entire world of literature. It's abominable. No one benefits when markets consolidate into a single monopoly gatekeeper -- not even the gatekeeper, who is apt to lose its edge without competition to keep it sharp."
corydoctorow  boingboing  googlebooks  publishing  copyright  law 
april 2009 by warnick
Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia
Finally! A helpful list of tips for using multimedia artifacts in teaching and in student projects. Of course, nothing can stop someone from suing you and/or your university, but the long list of organizations and government agencies supporting these guidelines should provide some level of reassurance for nervous educators.
fairuse  copyright  multimedia  law  pedagogy 
march 2009 by warnick
Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism: Teaching Writing in the Digital Age
"The essays in this volume explore the complex issues of originality, imitation, and plagiarism, particularly as they concern students, scholars, professional writers, and readers, while also addressing a range of related issues, including copyright conventions and the ownership of original work, the appropriate dissemination of innovative ideas, and the authority and role of the writer/author."
writing  pedagogy  digital  plagiarism  copyright  ownership  authority  toread 
august 2008 by warnick
Center for Social Media: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video
"Mashups, remixes, subs, and online parodies are new and refreshing online phenomena, but they partake of an ancient tradition: the recycling of old culture to make new."
fairuse  video  copyright  reference  law 
august 2008 by warnick

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