Courier: Dropbox migration to gRPC | Dropbox Tech Blog
Dropbox runs hundreds of services, written in different languages, which exchange millions of requests per second. At the core of our Service Oriented Architecture is Courier, our gRPC-based Remote Procedure Call (RPC) framework.
rpc  java  go  golang  grpc 
7 days ago
Web Authentication (WebAuthn) Credential and Login Demo
Try the Web Authentication demo to register a credential and login with biometrics. WebAuthn spec enables public key-based credentials for securely authenticating users using hardware authenticators.
12 days ago
Regily – we make registrations easy
Our solution allows our partners to grow faster by removing friction in the sign-up process.
4 weeks ago
Statusfy - A marvelous Open Source Status Page system
Statusfy is a Status Page System, easy to use and completely Open Source. You can easily create a fast System either Static Generated or Server Rendered and easily deploy it to a variety of hosting services.
8 weeks ago
A better way to sell your home
We give you a guaranteed sale price for your home, eliminating months of uncertainty. Get an instant valuation online or call us on 020 3858 0695.
9 weeks ago
Så tar du in riskkapital
Ta in externa ägare och riskkapital i bolaget? Investerarna Lennart Ohlsson och Jean Kallmyr från Stockholms affärsänglar, Stoaf, guidar dig till en finansieringsstrategi som inkluderar riskkapital.
9 weeks ago
Three Sales Mistakes Software Engineers Make
PipelineDB is an open-source relational database that runs SQL queries continuously on streams, incrementally storing results in tables.
11 weeks ago
How to optimize SaaS landing pages for rapid comprehension
When you’re paying for traffic to a landing page in the search for new users, new customers, or both, you can’t afford to take chances with your page design. Every conversion is important, and you…
startup  marketing 
11 weeks ago
Open Sourcing Subzero – Square Corner Blog – Medium
Late last year, Square began offering the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin with Cash App. As part of that launch we invested heavily in building out our cryptocurrency infrastructure to help protect…
12 weeks ago
Ozone Paragliders > InfoZone > Tips & Advice > Dealing with deflations
Ozone paragliders is one of the world's leading paraglider manufacturers and distributors.
october 2018
Skywings Magazine
Skywings is a full colour monthly magazine published by the BHPA to inform, educate and entertain Paragliding and Hang Gliding pilots. The BHPA supports a network of recreational clubs and registered schools throughout the UK, and provides the infrastructure within which hang gliding and paragliding thrive.
october 2018
Pixelmash - Create Pixel Art From Photos Or Sketches | Nevercenter
Pixelmash - Easily Create Pixel Art From Photos Or Sketches.
september 2018
I Love The Seaside - The Surf And Travel Guide
I Love the Seaside is a continuous inspiration for all seaside-loving people travelling and surfing the shores of Europe. Buy the guide online!
september 2018
A frontend library to develop zoomable user interfaces
august 2018
Galileo Offline Maps - vector maps for iOS and Android
No matter where you go, feel safe and confident while traveling with Galileo Offline Maps app.
maps  iphone  ios 
august 2018
Black Design – Get your hands dirty!
Black Design demystifies the design process for early stage startups. We translate relevant design know-how to actionable tools for founders.
business  startup  pitch  mvp 
august 2018
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