We block fraud, avert scams, prevent harassment and secure the accounts of your users.
span  security  saas  tools  online  api 
5 days ago
OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple
Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker and Kubernetes
kubernetes  serverless  raspberrypi  arm  docker 
11 days ago
Cropping & Scaling Images Using SVG Documents
SVG-based object-fit alternative for IE
svg  ie  css  polyfill 
13 days ago
The community platform for the future.

The internet was built for communities.

But, as the web has changed and improved radically, community software has hardly improved since the heyday of messageboards and IRC.

Spectrum makes it easy to grow safe, successful online communities that are built to last.
chat  community  discussion  tools  messaging  online 
29 days ago
Welcome to Stylable - CSS for Components
At Wix, we agree. We ♥ CSS. Its simple, declarative syntax that is native in browsers is easily the fastest way to add styles to web pages and web apps. But when writing CSS that is scoped to individual components, developers have to maintain highly-specific selectors, using elaborate conventions to fake namespacing. Writing and maintaining CSS across large teams and large projects can be tricky.
css  code  component  preprocessor 
4 weeks ago
RSS Generator - FetchRSS
First of all it's an online RSS feed generator.
This service allows you to create RSS feed out of almost any web page. Your only task is to provide us with target URL and point on desired blocks in our visual RSS builder.

Scraping / Scraper
generator  rss  tools  online  crawling  scraping 
5 weeks ago
Common Crawl
We build and maintain an open repository of web crawl data that can be accessed and analyzed by anyone.
opensource  research  web  data  crawling 
6 weeks ago
What Happens When You Visit ft.com?
This is an overview of how the Financial Times serves requests to www.ft.com. Starting with our domains, going all the way down to our Heroku applications, and through everything in between.
infrastructure  hosting  webdesign  newspaper 
7 weeks ago
keycastr/keycastr: KeyCastr, an open-source keystroke visualizer
KeyCastr, an open-source keystroke visualizer

Useful when eg. doing a demo during a presentation
mac  osx  keyboard  screencast  tools 
7 weeks ago
The Neon Project
Don’t Let Node Plugins Scare You!

Neon makes writing native Node.js modules safe and fun, so you can hack without fear.
rust  native  nodejs  code 
7 weeks ago
Adactio: Journal—Hooked and booked
At Booking.com, they do a lot of A/B testing.

At Booking.com, they’ve got a lot of dark patterns.

I think there might be a connection.

A/B testing is a great way of finding out what happens when you introduce a change. But it can’t tell you why.
ux  abtest  data  antipattern 
7 weeks ago
npm graveyard
A resting place for unmaintained npm packages. All projects here are up for adoption, open an issue in the project you want to adopt.
npm  opensource  nodejs 
7 weeks ago
faircodeio/faircode-license: The Faircode License
It's a young and experimental license for people who want to make a living from their code by selling licenses to companies and organizations (but keep their code free for individuals and small businesses).
license  opensource  business 
8 weeks ago
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