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Understanding how uid and gid work in Docker containers – Medium
Understanding how usernames, group names, user ids (uid) and group ids (gid) map between the processes running inside a container and the host system is important to building a secure system. Without…
docker  container  image  uid  gid  user  right  important 
february 2017 by vonc
Minimalist Go package aimed at creating Console User Interfaces
go  golang  cli  gui  tui  user  interface  console 
january 2016 by vonc
sen - Terminal User Interface for docker engine
docker  python  cli  tui  user  interface  container  tools  UI 
january 2016 by vonc
gophers - Gophers is a tool you can use to scrape user information from a Github organisation or search results collection.
go  golang  github  scrape  information  user  organization 
august 2015 by vonc
The Basics of Visual Studio Code
This topic helps you get acquainted with the Visual Studio Code user interface.
visualstudiocode  gui  ihm  user  interface 
april 2015 by vonc
Setup your Git repositories to always use a specific identity based on the directory tree.

With karn, you never have to manually change the local repository configuration to a different identity from your global.

karn will change your repository's local user.name and user.email configuration if necessary, but will never modify your global configuration.
git  user  name  identity  switch  manage 
april 2015 by vonc
Echo is a fast HTTP router (zero memory allocation) and micro web framework in Go.
go  glang  http  router  fast  memory  handler  middleware  user  logger 
april 2015 by vonc
A cross platform simple GUI application for generating reports from a git repository. This application is implemented in python and webkit so it should work in OS which support Python.
This will show all the users who has committed in the repository, there total commits, percentage of commits and files they have modified.
git  python  report  usage  commit  user 
february 2015 by vonc
Prevent GIT from commiting when user / email has not been adjusted for repo
Never ever forget to set the user details on a #git before the first commit (happens to me every time): #gist #github
git  user  name  email  config  gitconfig  set  gist  github 
november 2014 by vonc
Termbox Termbox is a library that provides a minimalistic API which allows the programmer to write text-based user interfaces. The library is crossplatform and has both terminal-based implementations on *nix operating systems and a winapi console based implementation for windows operating systems. The basic idea is an abstraction of the greatest common subset of features available on all major terminals and other terminal-like APIs in a minimalistic fashion. Small API means it is easy to implement, test, maintain and learn it, that's what makes the termbox a distinct library in its area.
go  golang  cli  user  interface  windows  graphic  graphical  terminal 
january 2014 by vonc
GOCUI - Go Console User Interface Minimalist Go library aimed at creating Console User Interfaces.
go  golang  graphical  cli  user  interface  window 
january 2014 by vonc
Votre client mail est-il trop bavard ? « Korben Korben
Le site Email Privacy Tester permet de savoir si votre client mail ou webmail laisse fuiter votre IP et le User Agent de votre client mail lorsque vous ouvrez un email. Pour cela, l'outil utilise différentes techniques d'appel aux images, css et autres iframes pour tenter de choper votre adresse IP en lançant des appels à un serveur. Par exemple en insérant une vidéo : ou en appelant une CSS : En entrant votre adresse email dans Email Privacy Tester, vous saurez jusqu'à quel point votre client mail protège votre anonymat et quelles sont les choses à bloquer (si cela est possible) afin d'éviter que votre adresse IP ne fuite.
email  reverse  identity  hidden  masked  privacy  agent  user  client  webmail  ip  address 
november 2013 by vonc
Ensure effective administration and security in Rational ClearCase 8.0.1
ACLs model, policies, and rolemaps Rational ClearCase VOB ACLs are administered with two types of objects that are defined in the VOB: policies and rolemaps. Each rolemap is associated with one policy. Policies and rolemaps use principals to identify users. Principal A principal is the identity used as part of an access control entry (ACE). Principals come in several kinds, most notably Role, User, and Group. Policies Policies have four sections: VOB, policy, rolemap, and element. Each section specifies an access control list, or ACL, which is a list of ACEs. Each ACE identifies a principal and the permissions granted to that principal. Policies typically specify Role principals, thereby defining role names used in the policy. Policies can also list specific users or groups. Rolemaps Rolemaps assign specific users or groups to the roles defined in the associated policy.
rolemap  identity  element  control  acl  vob  policy  list  clearcase  access  ace  user 
june 2013 by vonc
Automate management of Rational Team Concert users
IBM® Rational Team Concert™ is collaborative project planning and change management software. A single Rational Team Concert server can host multiple project areas. Project areas serve as work areas for different teams.
A Rational Team Concert administrator controls rights of users either through the available UI or through a Java API. Selection of the interface depends on the volume of work.
The UI approach is practical if the changes that you need to make only a few changes and they are limited to a small user group.
However, an API-driven approach is more suitable when there are multiple changes to make or when the changes affect a large group of users. Two examples:
Adding a large number of users in Rational Team Concert through a migration process
Managing access control based on changes in another system (for instance, archiving a user account in case it is removed from the enterprise directory)
In both of those situations, choosing the API approach eliminates system administrato
ldap  import  api  user  concert  team  ibm  rtc  rational 
may 2012 by vonc
Git - How to use .netrc file on windows to save user and password
#Git - How to use .netrc file on windows to save user and password -
git  windows  netrc  user  name  password  proxy  http 
november 2011 by vonc
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