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GrimoireLab - Software Development and Community Analytics platform
GrimoireLab is a 100% free, open source software platform for software development and community analytics. The project is part of the CHAOSS Software community
development  metrics  opensource  free  git  visualization  dashboard  important 
december 2019 by vonc
Using Go Templates for Effective Web Development – Levelup Your Coding
As much as I like the Go language and its standard library documentation, I have always had difficulty grasping exactly how to use the standard Template package. The Go template library is small…
go  golang  nested  template  web  article  development 
march 2019 by vonc
QA Environments on Demand with Kubernetes – DSC Engineering
Several years ago the Engineering team at Dollar Shave Club had a challenge: we only had one pre-production staging environment where we could test features (we called it “QA”), and it was getting…
kubernetes  development  environment  article 
november 2018 by vonc
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