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Design Philosophy On Data And Semantics
The purpose of methods is to give a piece of data capability. Think about that. A piece of data can have the capability to do something. I always want the focus to be on the data because it is the data that drives the functionality of your programs. Data drives the algorithms you write, the encapsulations you put in place and the performance you can achieve.
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june 2017 by vonc
Online SQL Editor: StackExchange - All sites
Online SQL Editor: StackExchange - All sites
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march 2017 by vonc
The First Two Months of D4D – Data for Democracy – Medium
Since its inception in December 2016, the small community of Data For Democracy volunteers has grown into a network of over 700 people, spanning a range of locations, timezones, and backgrounds — as…
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february 2017 by vonc
Which languages got the most GitHub stars in 2016?
A few weeks ago I decided to build an application to find which programming languages I star the most in GitHub. Why? Because lately I had been starring projects about Machine Learning, Data Science…
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january 2017 by vonc
Discovering Docker Datacenter – @lucjuggery – Medium
One thing really great about being a member of the Docker Captain program is that you are involved in private beta and can play with products very early before they go GA. It’s been quite some time I…
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november 2016 by vonc
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