ggerganov/kbd-audio: Tools for capturing and analysing keyboard input paired with microphone capture
Tools for capturing and analysing keyboard input paired with microphone capture - ggerganov/kbd-audio
security  sniffing  audio  microphone  permissions 
5 days ago
How to collect gender data – Samsung Internet Developers – Medium
So you are writing a form or building a website where you’re collecting data from your users, you want to add in a gender field. Why? Asking for someone’s gender may be for a variety of purposes…
demographics  survey  forms  copywriting  gender  data_collection  best_practices 
10 days ago
Respectful Collection of Demographic Data – Sarai Rosenberg – Medium
Demographic data may be critical to your mission. This article establishes guidelines for respectful design and language for collecting demographic data.
forms  copywriting  user_experience  demographics  data  collection  content_strategy  gender 
10 days ago
Fast Path to a Great UX — Increased Exposure Hours – Medium
As we’ve been researching what design teams need to do to create great user experiences, we’ve stumbled across an interesting finding. It’s the closest thing we’ve found to a silver bullet when it…
user_research  design_ethnography  best_practices  exposure  notetaking  study  user_testing 
18 days ago
Describing Personas – Indi’s Essays – Medium
People seem to fall into a hole when writing personas, even when they’re doing it based on research: they use demographics to divide between segments and to represent thinking styles. This is a…
personas  user_experience  design  research  assumptions  behaviour  intent 
18 days ago
Atomic Design by Brad Frost
Learn how to create and maintain digital design systems, allowing your team to roll out higher quality, more consistent UIs faster than ever before.
methodology  css  style_guide  design_system  reference 
19 days ago
Designing for Cognitive Differences · An A List Apart Article
Brandon Gregory considers how to design accessibly for cognitive differences like anxiety disorders, inattention, and depression.
accessibility  psychology  design  cognition  reference  tips 
7 weeks ago
Only One Deliverable Matters | Big Medium
Too much design effort goes into artifacts that are not part of the working software. There’s a better way to work.
process  strategy  design_system  work  conversation  prototyping 
7 weeks ago
Rhythm in Web Typography | Better Web Type
Horizontal rhythm mostly impacts the legibility, while vertical rhythm impacts the readability of the text and establishes a sense of visual hierarchy.
typography  web  layout  legibility  reference  css 
7 weeks ago
La tragédie des communs était un mythe | CNRS Le journal
La propriété commune d’une ressource conduit nécessairement à la ruine de celle-ci, concluait en 1968 un biologiste dans la revue Science. Son article, « La tragédie des communs », a façonné les raisonnements économiques et politiques de ces dernières décennies. L’historien Fabien Locher nous expose les enjeux de ce débat et en souligne les limites dans le cadre d’une pensée de l’environnement. Ce Point de Vue fait partie du Top 10 des articles les plus lus sur notre site cette année...
lang:fr  economics  politics  commons  sharing 
7 weeks ago
Empathy Prompts
Prompts to consider when making things for others to use.
accessibility  empathy  training  examples  resources 
7 weeks ago
Sans Forgetica - RMIT
Sans Forgetica is a typeface that has been scientifically designed to aid memory retention. It was designed by a multidisciplinary team of academics and designers at RMIT University to aid students when studying.
learning  typography  font  memory  psychology  typeface_design 
8 weeks ago
All the reasons you don't need a modal — and what to use instead.
interface  gui  interaction_design  mode  ux  alternatives  resource 
9 weeks ago
Forging a New Path for Disabled Design: An Interview with Liz Jackson | Adobe Blog
Matt May sat down with Liz Jackson to learn about her new fellowship, WITH, and discuss how interaction designers can evolve their approach to inclusivity.
industry  design  work  accessibility  inclusion 
9 weeks ago
A plan for accessible charts – Benjy Stanton
A list of user research findings, accessibility report findings, best practice, resources and good ideas that I’ve collected over the past 2 years.
chart  graph  visual  data_visualisation  vision  perception 
10 weeks ago
Why I’m done with Chrome – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
This blog is mainly reserved for cryptography, and I try to avoid filling it with random "someone is wrong on the Internet" posts. After all, that's what Twitter is for! But from time to time something bothers me enough that I have to make an exception. Today I wanted to write specifically about Google Chrome,…
privacy  chrome  ux  google  browser  dark_pattern  user_consent 
10 weeks ago
Can Fonts Really Help Those With Dyslexia? | | Eye on Design
As a child, a cat always became a bat. My name was not Maddy but Mubby. Stranger still, a dog would often take the shape of a bog. My German mother would sit me at the kitchen table and tell me to read aloud from a German book; although I was fluent in the language and loved stories, the exercise was painfully boring
typography  dyslexia  type_design  inclusive_design  text  reading 
11 weeks ago
How We’re Making Code of Conduct Enforcement Real — and Scaling it.
In 2017 the Open Innovation team set goals envisioning Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines as a tool not only for consequence, but as a measure and strong influence of community health…
open_source  community  work_ethics  culture  participation  harassment 
11 weeks ago
Innovating inaccessibility: designing novel forms of disability
I was at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London yesterday. They have a new entrance plaza. It looks lovely. It does however, include a new form of textured paving that is quite awesomely bad for…
architecture  building  materials  access  welcome  visitors  accessibility 
11 weeks ago
Ethics in design: What exactly does that mean?
Is calling for ethics in design a moral argument, a business argument, or both?
ethical_technology  design  industry  standards 
september 2018
Five Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Changes the Face of Web Accessibility - 24 Accessibility
Denis Boudreau gives us a prospective sense of where we’re headed with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and what this means for accessibility and inclusion.
accessibility  ai  future  research  resource  examples 
august 2018
Brutalist Web Design
Guidelines for web design that adhere to the tenets and ethos of Brutalism
performance  web  design  best_practices  methodology  simple 
july 2018
Natural Language Processing is Fun! – Adam Geitgey – Medium
Computers are great at working with structured data like spreadsheets and database tables. But us humans usually communicate in words, not in tables. That’s unfortunate for computers. A lot of…
nlp  tutorial  programming  python  summarisation  introduction 
july 2018
Omni Calculator
Omni Calculator solves 541 problems anywhere from finance and business to health. It’s so fast and easy you won’t want to do the math again!
tools  math  calculator  conversion 
july 2018
Why Is Google Translate Spitting Out Sinister Religious Prophecies? - Motherboard
Google Translate is moonlighting as a deranged oracle—and experts say it’s likely because of the spooky nature of neural networks.
neural_network  interpretation  strange  machine_learning  translation 
july 2018
Starbucks’ Plan to Ban Straws Will Harm Disabled People | Bitch Media
Straws are easy to target, but cities and companies still rely on environmentally harmful practices.
accessibility  disability_culture  environment  ecology  society 
july 2018
How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C
Do you remember a time when people around you broke out in laughter, but you didn’t hear the joke?
Be careful not to leave out information for some people in your audience. For example, if you say “you can read it on the slide”, you are probably excluding people who cannot see the slide.
presentation  talk  accessibility  public_speaking  slides 
july 2018
Itty Bitty | How it works
itty bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. (Including this one!) This means they're portable, private, and easy to share.
sharing  html  hack  hash  portable  encoding  compression 
july 2018
Home - Excel Unusual
Science, engineering, games in Excel
art  electronics  code  excel  office  spreadsheet  gui 
july 2018
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