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annotated free music stuff.
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december 2016 by vlandham
1,000,000 Minutes of Newsreel Footage by AP & British Movietone Released on YouTube | Open Culture
1,000,000 minutes of newsreel footage by AP & British Movietone released on YouTube
august 2015 by vlandham
Data - Building Inspector by NYPL Labs
Oh, hey! The @NYPL_Labs Building Inspector has an API:
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april 2015 by vlandham
How to access Pew Research Center survey data | Pew Research Center
Great resource for researchers & students: How to access @pewresearch's trove of survey data
march 2015 by vlandham
What the Hell is R.docx - Google Drive
"What the Hell is R? & All the other questions you're afraid to ask." & my TIPSHEET, now online:
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march 2015 by vlandham
Today I Am Releasing Ten Million Passwords
I made a little twitter bot from today’s big release of old passwords: (read about it: )
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february 2015 by vlandham
Music Recognition: The Shazam Algorithm | Toptal
e will have 44 chunks of data to analyze in every second of the song. That’s good enough density for the d
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february 2015 by vlandham
Expected Points Part 1: Building a Model and Estimating Uncertainty | the spread
Afternoon re-up: Learn how to build an expected points model and include uncertainty .
data  python  from twitter_favs
february 2015 by vlandham
harmony:specification_drafts [ES Wiki]
ecmascript drafts could be fun to visualize
december 2014 by vlandham
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