Compose From First Principles
Thousands of Developers from around the world attended Google I/O 2019 earlier this month. It was a particularly exciting I/O for me, as it…
android  kotlin  ui 
2 days ago
Capstone, a tablet for thinking
Cards and inking on a freeform canvas for the two-step creative process.
software  design  memex  personal-information-management 
4 days ago
Four Languages From Forty Years Ago (NewCrafts 2019)
The slides from my "Four Languages From Forty Years Ago" talk at #NewCrafts are now up at …
prolog  lisp  smalltalk  sql  ocaml 
4 days ago
Reitit, Data-Driven Routing with Clojure(Script) - Metosin
As many things we do, it started as a small experiment but ended up as a standalone library. We are happy to introduce Reitit, a new fast data-driven router for Clojure(Script)! Another routing library? There are already many great routing libraries for Clojure(Script), and we at...
clojurescript  library  routing  api  performance 
5 days ago
How to start making pixel art #1
This is a little article on how to start making pixel art, intended for those who are really starting out or never even opened a pixel art software. For now I’ll cover only the very basics, how to…
7 days ago
My Thoughts on Very Low Resolution
> Note: This is a guest post originally written by Pedro Medeiros
[https://twitter.com/saint11]. Pedro is a Brazilian artist and games developer,
author of the lovely pixel art in games like Towerfall
[http://store.steampowered.com/app/251470/TowerFall_Ascension/]and Skytorn
[http://skytorngame.com/]. Pedro is currently working on Celeste

> Below you can learn some tips that will help when drawing Pixel Art in low
resolution, like the 16x8 pixels of the Pixel Ki
14 days ago
How to start making pixel art #7
This article was supported by Patreon! If you like what I’m doing here, please consider supporting me there :) Lines are one of the most important art tools ever invented, they are there to emphasize…
15 days ago
Unraveling The JPEG
JPEG images are everywhere in our digital lives, but behind the veil of familiarity lie algorithms that remove details that are imperceptible to the human eye. This produces the highest visual quality with the smallest file size—but what does that look like? Let's see what our eyes can't see!
jpeg  compression  image 
20 days ago
Local-first software: You own your data, in spite of the cloud
A new generation of collaborative software that allows users to retain ownership of their data.
database  filesystem  collaboration  synchronization  crdt  decentralized 
22 days ago
How Building a Slack Bot Helped Us Send News Notifications
Using a Slack bot to help streamline the push alert workflow
journalism  notification 
25 days ago
A response to "Erlang - overhyped or underestimated"
A response to “Erlang - overhyped or underestimated” There is a blog post about Erlang which recently cropped up. It is well written and pu...
4 weeks ago
Goodbye Joe
Today, we've learned of Joe's passing away. I wasn't a super close friend of Joe, but I have known him and talked with him at various conferences over the last ten years or so. He's unsurprisingly been a huge influence in my career, and so I thought I should write this little post about him and his impact.
joe-armstrong  erlang 
4 weeks ago
The Egg Float Test
A weekly explanation in a sketch. Design, how-tos, science, observations, lifehacks and making complex things simple. Subscribe to receive new sketchplanations by email.
life-hack  eating 
4 weeks ago
OCaml, REborn: fullstack applications with ReasonML – António Monteiro - YouTube
OCaml is a systems language that’s been around for more than 20 years. Reason is a new syntax and toolchain that aims to make OCaml more accessible to everyone. This talk aims to present Reason / OCaml as a viable alternative to building modern, fullstack, data-driven web applications that share the types of their business objects between the backend and the frontend (much like Clojure programmers are used to with CLJC). I will also demonstrate how GraphQL, a data-driven query language for APIs, plays nicely with OCaml’s type system to achieve fully type-checked queries across the board, for instance disallowing clients to compile if they’re requesting a piece of data that the backend cannot provide. Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/anmonteiro/ocaml-reborn-fullstack-applications-with-reasonml
4 weeks ago
Erlang: The Movie - YouTube
Demo of the Erlang programming language Ericsson Migrated from my Google Video account.
4 weeks ago
Running in Circles - Signal v. Noise
Running in Circles: Why Agile Isn’t Working and How We Work Differently at Basecamp —>
agile  project  management 
5 weeks ago
A fork() in the road - Microsoft Research
The received wisdom suggests that Unix’s unusual combination of fork() and exec() for process creation was an inspired design. In this paper, we argue that fork was a clever hack for machines and programs of the 1970s that has long outlived its usefulness and is now a liability. We catalog the ways in which fork …
history  unix  research  osdev 
6 weeks ago
Shaping a butterfly
Creating a beautiful world map using open source data & software
maps  design  typography  cartography 
6 weeks ago
Creating Shaded Relief in Blender
Welcome! This is the long-awaited text version of my Blender relief tutorial, following on the video series I did a few years back. If you've already seen the videos and are returning for a refresher, note that I use a somewhat different method now, so don't be surprised if you encounter unfamiliar settings. This tutorial will…
maps  design  3D 
6 weeks ago
How to Make a Beautiful Map
There is something weird and wonderful about analogue maps. They are increasingly useless yet incredibly beautiful. The obsessive level of detail of Ordnance Survey Maps, the typographic excellence…
maps  design  opensource  typography  geography 
6 weeks ago
The influence of testing on design
Testing can affect our software design, both for better and also worse. How can we be sure it will have a positive effect?
architecture  design  testing  programming  tdd 
6 weeks ago
How did we end up with containers?
A short case study breaking down the interesting design aspects of containers.
devops  containers  architecture  docker 
7 weeks ago
The Laws of Simplicity / John Maeda
John Maeda. The Laws of Simplicity is a 100-page book I wrote just as the Apple iPod was starting to take off and while I was earning my MBA as a kind of hobby.
design  book  ux 
7 weeks ago
Deconstructing SOLID design principles
I've spent a year talking about design, let's reinterpret some common design advice in a new light.
design  oop  solid  best-practices  pattern  critic 
7 weeks ago
Inter font family
Inter is a typeface optimized for computer-user interfaces
font  typography  typeface  opensource 
7 weeks ago
Doug's Demo by Gary Bernhardt – Deconstruct
RT @garybernhardt: We just published my (!) Deconstruct 2018 talk, "Doug's Demo"!
memex  history 
7 weeks ago
Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity? - The New Stack
Can energy usage data tell us anything about the quality of our programming languages? Last year a team of six researchers in Portugal from three different universities decided to investigate this question, ultimately releasing a paper titled “Energy Efficiency Across Programming Languages.” They ran the solutions to 10 programming problems written in 27 different languages, …
ecology  language  computer-science 
7 weeks ago
Fold 'N Fly » Paper Airplane Folding Instructions
A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions, video tutorials and printable folding plans. Find the best paper airplanes that fly the furthest and stay aloft the longest.
paper  plane  game 
8 weeks ago
All you need to know about hyphenation in CSS
Automatic hyphenation on the web has been possible since 2011 and is now broadly supported. There is however far more control available to designers than just turning on hyphens.
css  typography 
8 weeks ago
Testing at the boundaries
There's more to testing than unit tests, and there's more to design than coding.
testing  tdd  critic  type-system 
8 weeks ago
Amethyst | ianyh
A tiling window manager for macOS
tiling-window-manager  macos 
9 weeks ago

nact ⇒ node.js + actors
actor  javascript  node.js  reasonml  erlang 
9 weeks ago
Js_of_ocaml and BuckleScript
When compiling Reason / OCaml applications to JavaScript, there are two main options: BuckleScript and Js_of_ocaml. In this article, we will explain briefly the origins of each one of them, show the…
ocaml  javascript 
9 weeks ago
The Abilene paradox

The paradox of how groups of people are able to take actions that no one in the group actually thinks is a good idea. Though individually we each may think that an idea is a bad one, we may go along with the group decision thinking that it’s just us that disagree when, in fact, no one thinks it’s a good idea.
sketch  science  sociology 
9 weeks ago
Efficient synchronisation of state-based CRDTs
Efficient synchronisation of state-based CRDTs Enes et al., arXiv’18 CRDTs are a great example of consistency as logical monotonicity. They come in two main variations: operation-based CRDTs send operations to remote replicas using a reliable dissemination layer with exactly-once causal delivery. (If operations are idempotent then at-least-once is ok too). state-based CRDTs exchange information about…
10 weeks ago
On Doing It Yourself
A short essay on the value of doing things the hard way.
programming  diy  dependency  alan-kay 
10 weeks ago
Quick feedback loops while coding
TDD is about getting fast feedback and reducing debugging effort, and typing is synergistic with those goals.
tdd  oop  type-system  property-based-testing 
10 weeks ago
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