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We're tracking this on the channel on Freenode IRC if you are affected.
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february 2018 by vielmetti
Install Vyos on
some boot dance needed to get VyOS running on Packet.
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february 2018 by vielmetti
Kubernetes | Packet Support
Here are a of Kubernetes installers that work seamlessly on our platform.
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february 2018 by vielmetti
Devices - Packet API Documentation
I need to say that the API doc is awesome!👏👏👏👏
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january 2018 by vielmetti
RT : . I figured out a way to use all 96 cores on a Type 2A instance
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september 2017 by vielmetti
packet_device - create, destroy, start, stop, and reboot a Packet Host machine. — Ansible Documentation
delay: 1
host: "{{ item.public_ipv4 }}"
port: 22
state: started
timeout: 500
with_items: "{{ newhosts.devices }}"
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april 2017 by vielmetti
Ed Vielmetti - Special Projects Director at Packet Bare Metal
Mad Libs biography, some inspiration and the result after judicious editing and nine drafts.
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april 2017 by vielmetti by CoreOS and Their Infrastructure Journey - Packet Bare Metal Cloud Providers
Our very first ticket was someone complaining that they couldn’t figure out how to pay us.
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april 2017 by vielmetti
Works On Arm - A Community Site for ARMv8 Compatability
Does Your ____ Work on ARMv8’s 64 bit Architecture?

Find out, flag issues, and help!
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march 2017 by vielmetti
coreos bugs armv8
open and closed issues for coreos armv8
coreos  armv8  packethost 
march 2017 by vielmetti
Type 2A - The ARMv8 - Premium Bare Metal Servers and Container Hosting
RT : We call our ARMv8 "el gordo" since it has 96 cores and 128 GB RAM. Not your usual RPi.

"With 96 physical cores @ 2.0 GHz (two Cavium ThunderX ARMv8 processors) and a bonded 20Gbps network, you'll see why we think the Type 2A might just start an "ARMs" race."

Imagine that you could take advantage of 96 cores for just $.50/hr? What would you do? Well, that's why we created the Type 2a - and Armv8 powered beast of a server with datacenter quality components from top to bottom, built around a dual socket Cavium ThunderX SoC.
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november 2016 by vielmetti

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