Package Auto-Discovery In Laravel 5.5 – Taylor Otwell – Medium
For Laravel 5.5, which is due for release near the end of July or beginning of August, long time community member Dries Vints and I teamed up to make it much easier to install and enable packages…
11 days ago
Multiple authentication guard drivers (including API) in Laravel 5.2 |
Let's get back to Laravel 5.2 features, shall we? 5.2 introduced a significant boost to the power of the entire authentication system, inclu
18 days ago
Two ways to set an element’s CSS with vanilla JavaScript | Go Make Things
// Create our stylesheet
var style = document.createElement('style');
style.innerHTML =
'.some-element {' +
'color: purple;' +
'background-color: #e5e5e5;' +
'height: 150px;' +

// Get the first script tag
var ref = document.querySelector('script');

// Insert our new styles before the first script tag
ref.parentNode.insertBefore(style, ref);
22 days ago
hackjutsu/Lepton: 💻 Cross-platform Snippet Manager based on Gist (Win/Mac/Linux)
Lepton - 💻 Cross-platform Snippet Manager based on Gist (Win/Mac/Linux)
tools  git 
25 days ago
Full Stack Radio
A podcast for developers interested in building great software products. Every episode, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration.
news  favoriten 
4 weeks ago
rodneyrehm/viewport-units-buggyfill: Making viewport units (vh|vw|vmin|vmax) work properly in Mobile Safari.
viewport-units-buggyfill - Making viewport units (vh|vw|vmin|vmax) work properly in Mobile Safari.
7 weeks ago
Adding Analytics to your AMP pages  |  Analytics for AMP Pages  |  Google Developers
  <amp-analytics type="googleanalytics">
  <script type="application/json">
    "vars": {
      "account": "UA-XXXXX-Y"
    "triggers": {
      "trackPageview": {
        "on": "visible",
        "request": "pageview"
      "trackEvent": {
        "selector": "#event-test",
        "on": "click",
        "request": "event",
        "vars": {
          "eventCategory": "ui-components",
          "eventAction": "click"
8 weeks ago - The super fast color schemes generator
Generate perfect color combinations for your designs.
inspiration  design 
11 weeks ago
Create a Custom Relationship Method
This has been driving me mad, because this is a question asked over and over, but the answers all seem to miss the point and provide a different solut...
11 weeks ago
Track and store your rankings with Google Docs - FK Web Consulting
Free Google Docs Script to check your rankings and automatically track them in your sheet.
12 weeks ago
Search rankings with Google Spreadsheets | Government Digital Service
GDS is leading the digital transformation of the UK government.
12 weeks ago
Google UTM Tracking Parameter: Learn More About Your Traffic: How to use UTM parameters in Google Analytics 5
What Are UTM Parameters: UTM parameters are simply tags that you add to a URL. When someone clicks on a URL with UTM parameters, those tags are sent back to your Google Analytics for tracking. Click here to learn more.
12 weeks ago
Google Analytics für Einsteiger, 10 teiliges Tutorial
So gelingt der Einstieg in die Webanalyse mit Google Analytics: 10-teilige Artikelserie vom Webanalyse-Experten Christian Ebernickel.
july 2017
javascript - Google Analytics: track scroll depth in pixels - the simple way - Stack Overflow Scroll-Tracking Analyse mit Google Analytics Scroll Depth Converstion Tracking
var scrolltrigger0 = 1;
var scrolltrigger25 = 1;
var scrolltrigger50 = 1;
var scrolltrigger75 = 1;
var scrolltrigger100 = 1;

var wintop = jQuery(window).scrollTop(),
docheight = jQuery(document).height(),
winheight = jQuery(window).height();
var scroll = Math.round((wintop/(docheight-winheight))*100);
var pathName=window.location.pathname;

if(scroll > 22 && scroll < 27 && scrolltrigger25){
ga('my_tracker.send', 'event', 'scroll dept...
july 2017
Scroll-Tracking Analyse mit Google Analytics Scroll-Tracking Analyse mit Google Analytics Scroll Depth Converstion Tracking
Das Userverhalten einer Webseite zu messen, zu analysieren und die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse für den Online-Erfolg einzusetzen ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Online Marketings. Eine wichtige Maßnahme in diesem Prozess ist das Scroll-Tracking.
july 2017
Smartlook Kostenloses Session Replay &amp; Website Visitor Recording Tool | Smartlook
Einfache Einrichtung & Nutzung. Mehr als 110k+ zufriedene Kunden. 100% Legal. Schaue dir deine Webseite durch die Augen deiner Kunden an! Absolut Kostenlos.
tools  seo_marketing 
july 2017
Home | Tarak’s GitHub Page

Dies ist eine Liste von Tarak's Open-Source Projekten, die auf Github gehostet werden: 
june 2017
Bugsnag - Detect and diagnose crashes in your applications
Monitor application errors to directly improve customer experiences and code quality. Get real-time alerts + diagnostic reports for over 20 languages and frameworks.
june 2017
How to create SHA2 CSR on windows server
How to create SHA-2 CSR file on windows server to request SSL cert.If you generate CSR and your CA will not accept because its SHA-1 you should switch to SHA-2 but on some windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 server default CSR will generate based on SHA-1, so lets do it manual:
june 2017
Diving Laravel
A Deep dive into laravel Core, Packages, and Technologies.
june 2017
box-project/box2: An application for building and managing Phars.
box2 - An application for building and managing Phars.
june 2017
MJML - The Responsive Email Framework
The only framework that makes responsive email easy. MJML is a markup language designed to reduce the pain of coding a responsive email. Its semantic syntax makes it easy and straightforward while its rich standard components library fastens your development time and lightens your email codebase. MJML’s open-source engine takes care of translating the MJML you wrote into responsive HTML.
marketing  html 
june 2017
Beautiful shop at Kaffee online kaufen | Frisch geröstet bei Coffee Circle
Kaffee und Zubehör im Online Shop bestellen ✓ Im Abo versandkostenfrei ✓ Fair und direkt gehandelt ✓ 100% Arabica ✓ Zubereitungstipps ► Jetzt probi...
design  inspiration 
june 2017
Google AdWords Banner How to make an ad for AdWords in Animate CC |Adobe Community
Hi, I am trying to create a banner for AdWords and since I'm lacking programing skills this is very confusing. When i export the created banner in
may 2017
Google AdWords Banner Bildanzeigen in unterschiedlichen Größen hochladen - AdWords-Hilfe
Mit Bildanzeigen erreichen Sie Nutzer im gesamten Google Displaynetzwerk, das bereits zwei Millionen Websites und Apps umfasst. In AdWords gibt es mehrere Möglichkeiten, Bildanzeigen zu erstellen 
may 2017
Double Exposure Effect Photoshop Tutorial - YouTube
In today's video tutorial we're going to create a surreal double exposure effect in Adobe Photoshop, which is based on the authentic multiple technique techn...
may 2017
CSS Reference - A free visual guide to CSS
CSS Reference is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.
may 2017
Haeresis/vanilla-js-dom: Vanilla JS is a fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.
vanilla-js-dom - Vanilla JS is a fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.
may 2017
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