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Prompt 2
SSH client for iOS
prompt  ios  ipad  iphone  ssh  client  mobile  app 
4 weeks ago by vicchow
FlacheQL is a developer-friendly client-side caching library for GraphQL built with one thing in mind — speed.
flacheql  graphql  client  cache  caching  library  programming  javascript 
july 2018 by vicchow
WebJars - Web Libraries in Jars
WebJars are client-side web libraries (e.g. jQuery & Bootstrap) packaged into JAR (Java Archive) files.
webjar  javascript  java  client  browser  library  package  jar  web  programming  tool 
march 2018 by vicchow
The elegant way to write iOS / macOS REST clients
siesta  swift  ios  macos  rest  framework  web  api  client 
december 2017 by vicchow
View repository and user information, control your notifications and even manage your issues and pull requests. Built with React Native, GitPoint is the most feature-rich unofficial GitHub iOS client that is 100% free.
gitpoint  git  github  ios  app  client  programming  tool  mobile 
july 2017 by vicchow
Apollo Client
The flexible, production ready GraphQL client for React and native apps.
apollo  client  software  graphql  programming  library  react  reactjs  javascript 
april 2017 by vicchow
JAMstack | JavaScript, APIs, and Markup
Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.
jamstack  javascript  api  markup  client  architecture  static  programming 
march 2017 by vicchow
Infinitely hackable mobile client. Jason is a scriptable iOS client that lets you view and interact with any data and any server, in any way you desire.
jason  ios  mobile  app  client  rest  content 
may 2016 by vicchow
A type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java
retrofit  http  client  android  java  development  api  rest 
may 2016 by vicchow
The most powerful platform for email productivity in a beautiful native app — on desktop and mobile.
polymail  mail  client  osx  ios  native  software 
march 2016 by vicchow
An HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications.
okhttp  java  http  client  library  web  mobile  android  development  framework  http2 
february 2016 by vicchow
Malformed servers to test your HTTP client.
hamms  http  server  testing  client  python  networking  tool 
february 2016 by vicchow

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