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In January, I helped Veterans For Peace launch Veterans Challenge Islamophobia. The purpose of the campaign is to push back on the most recent wave of anti-Muslim speech and actions that are sweeping the country after the Paris and San Bernardino attacks late last year and rising in the aftermath of the horrible mass shooting in Orlando.
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june 2016
Peacestock to confront topic of terrorism | Republican Eagle
As grief over the loss of 50 lives and injuries suffered by 50 more during a shooting at an Orlando LGBTQ nightclub resonates across the globe, this year’s theme, “Terrorism: Definitions, Causes and Effects,” is particularly relevant, organizers said.

Bill Habedank, executive director of the Red Wing chapter of Veterans for Peace and primary organizer of the event
Veterans_For_Peace  VFP_MN  culture_of_peace 
june 2016
U.S. Bombing Syrian Troops Would Be Illegal
A member of the national advisory board of Veterans for Peace, Cohn’s latest book is Drones and Targeted Killing: Legal, Moral, and Geopolitical Issues
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june 2016
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