What's This and Can I Delete It? Examining A Default ASP.NET MVC Project - Exception Not Found
Let's take a look at a default ASP.NET MVC application (created with ASP.NET 4.7 and Visual Studio 2017) and see if we can live without some of the files, folders, and NuGet packages that are included by default.
Dependency Injection with Unity from Official Microsoft Download Center
Unity is a dependency injection container. It is full-featured, with support for instance and type interception and custom extensions.
unity  di  dependency  injection  ebook 
4 days ago
ASP.NET MVC: Enhancing The WebGrid Series | DanylkoWeb
For those who miss their WebForms GridView, we'll create a way to view your tabular data by building a feature-rich data grid from scratch for ASP.NET MVC.
aspnetmvc  webgrid 
9 days ago
Loading KnockoutJS View Models from ASP.Net MVC, for faster page loads · Los Techies
The solution using ASP.Net MVC and KnockoutJS is pretty simple. Rather then loading the viewmodel from an ajax call just write the viewmodel from the server side razor template as a JSON object into the javascript of the page. Then use the KnockoutJS Mapping plugin to map from the json object to the observable objects required by KnockoutJS. To install the mapping plugin, use the nuget package.
12 days ago
How to Get ASP .NET MVC 4 and Knockout.js to Play Nice Together
I recently worked on an ASP .NET MVC 4 project that I wanted to enable Knockout.js on. I wanted to use C# ViewModels as much as possible and move to Knockout ViewModels as late as possible. Doing this manually would be painstakingly tedious and would result in duplicate ViewModels between C# and JS. There had to be a better way.
12 days ago
ASP.NET MVC 4 with Knockout Js - CodeProject
Here I am going to explain, how to use knockout js with ASP.NET MVC 4 application and a basic JavaScript pattern that helps us to write a more maintainable code. The example which I use here is most suitable for single-page applications.  However, it is not limited to this, you can use it in any ASP.NET MVC application according to your needs. 
12 days ago
Getting Started with KnockoutJS in ASP.NET MVC | DotNetCurry
In this Knockoutjs + ASP.NET MVC post we take a look at the slight mind shift that ASP.NET MVC developers working on JavaScript and jQuery face when they first start using KnockoutJS. We use the new and shiny Visual Studio 2013 Preview with it’s glorious code highlighting and formatting support for Knockout Syntax
12 days ago
Custom MVC Validations – A Quick Walkthrough - CodeProject
A quick walkthrough for implementing client and server side validations in a variety of ways in ASP.NET MVC projects.
aspnetmvc  mvc  validation  client  server  jquery 
17 days ago
Using Custom Web.config Transformations in MSBUILD - DZone Web Dev
Web.config transformations have been around for a while now, and this post is for those who want finer grained control.
29 days ago
System Fonts in SVG | CSS-Tricks
no surprise, there is some advocacy for the return to local fonts. Fast! Good enough! Let's look at that for a sec, then also look at using them within SVG.
fonts  svg 
4 weeks ago
Saul Bass title sequence - The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) - YouTube
Title sequence designed by Saul Bass, from the film "The Man with the Golden Arm" (1955), directed by Otto Preminger, starring Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Parker and Kim Novak.
saul  bass 
4 weeks ago
A Guide to SVG Animations (SMIL) | CSS-Tricks
SVG graphics can be animated using animation elements. The animation elements were initially defined in the SMIL Animation specification
svg  animation  smil 
4 weeks ago
SMIL is dead! Long live SMIL! A Guide to Alternatives to SMIL Features | CSS-Tricks
SMIL, SVG’s native animation specification, has been highly regarded because it offers so many bells and whistles for performant SVG animation rendering. Unfortunately, support for SMIL is waning in WebKit, and has never (nor will likely ever) exist for Microsoft’s IE or Edge browsers. Have no fear! We’ve got you covered. This article explores some of those SMIL-specific features and delves into the alternatives to achieve the same effects with a longer tail of support.
svg  smil  animation 
4 weeks ago
Meet “Form Design Patterns,” Our New Book On Accessible Web Forms — Now Shipping! — Smashing Magazine
Forms are at the center of every meaningful interaction, so they’re worth getting a firm handle on. That’s why we published Form Design Patterns, a new printed book about accessible and well-designed web forms.
forms  webforms 
4 weeks ago
Documenting your code with XML comments | Microsoft Docs
Documenting code is recommended for many reasons. What follows are some best practices, general use case scenarios, and things that you should know when using XML documentation tags in your C# code.
xml  dotnet  documentation  docfx 
6 weeks ago
SonarC# | C# static code analysis | SonarSource
SonarSource delivers what is probably the best static code analyzer you can find on the market for C#. Based on Microsoft Roslyn compiler front-end, it uses the most advanced techniques (pattern matching, dataflow analysis) to analyze code and find code smells, bugs and security vulnerabilities. As for any product we develop at SonarSource, it was built on the following principles: depth, accuracy and speed.
c#  static  code  analysis 
6 weeks ago
Getting started with C# Language | c# Tutorial
C# is a multi-paradigm, C-descendant programming language from Microsoft. C# is a managed language that compiles to CIL, intermediate bytecode which can be executed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
c#  csharp  online 
7 weeks ago
Using Rhino.Mocks - quick guide to generating mocks and stubs - Musing, Rants & Jumbled Thoughts of John M. Wright
This post is a general review of the Rhino.Mocks syntax. While it is intended primarily as a quick reference for myself, I hope anyone who stumbles upon it can also find it useful.
rhino  mocks 
7 weeks ago
TDD : Introduction to Rhino Mocks | Stephen Walther
Rhino Mocks is the most popular Mock Object Framework for .NET. The purpose of this blog entry is to provide a brief introduction to Rhino Mocks. In particular, I want to describe how you can use Rhino Mocks when building ASP.NET MVC web applications.
tdd  rhino  mocks  aspnetmvc 
7 weeks ago
Bruce Lawson's personal site  : The practical value of semantic HTML
It has come to my attention that many in the web standards gang are feeling grumpy about some Full Stack Developers’ lack of deep knowledge about HTML.
8 weeks ago
How to Convert a Mercurial Repository to Git on Windows
There are various guides on the internet to converting a Mercurial repository into a git one, but I found that they tended to assume you had certain things installed that might not be there on a Windows PC. So here’s how I did it, with TortoiseHg installed for Mercurial, and using the version of git that comes with GitHub for Windows.
git  hg  mercurial 
9 weeks ago
Custom Guitar Transcriptions: Hank Garland "Velvet Guitar" tab book
This is a notation/tab guitar sheet music book for Hank Garland's Velvet Guitar album.
hank  garland 
10 weeks ago
MSDN Magazine Issues
MSDN Magazine Issues and Downloads
Read the magazine online, download a formatted digital version of each issue, or grab sample code and apps.
msdn  magazine 
10 weeks ago
What is this thing you call "thread safe"? – Fabulous Adventures In Coding
A question I'm frequently asked: "is this code thread safe?" To answer the question, clearly we need to know what "thread safe" means.
programming  thread  safe 
11 weeks ago
The Cost of GUIDs as Primary Keys | Natural or Surrogate Keys | InformIT
In this article, Jimmy Nilsson presents the pros and cons of using globally unique identifiers (GUIDs) as the datatype for primary keys in SQL Server 2000. In doing so, he shows you test results that hint of performance characteristics and introduces you to a special type of GUID that he invented, called COMBs, that solves what otherwise might give you a big throughput problem
database  nhibernate  guid  combs 
11 weeks ago
DRY Switching with CSS Variables: The Difference of One Declaration | CSS-Tricks
This is the first post of a two-part series that looks into the way CSS variables can be used to make the code for complex layouts and interactions less difficult to write and a lot easier to maintain. This first installment walks through various use cases where this technique applies. The second post (coming tomorrow!) will cover the use of fallbacks and invalid values to extend the technique to non-numeric values.
css  variables 
11 weeks ago
Microsoft.WebApplication.targets was not found (again)
I often find that these scripted builds fail on build servers because they are missing Microsoft.WebApplication.targets, but this week I had a case where they were missing on my dev desktop. Well not missing but not copied to right path some dev tooling was expecting. In this case dotnet build was unable to find the web targets.
msbuild  targets 
11 weeks ago
Getting Started with xUnit.net (desktop) > xUnit.net
In this article, we will demonstrate getting started with xUnit.net, showing you how to write and run your first set of unit tests.
xunit  testing 
12 weeks ago
15 Expert Tips for Using Cucumber
In retrospect, I don’t really like the term Best Practice—the value of most practices is very much context dependent. That said, some ways of doing things are just generally better than others, so here are some of those good things to keep in mind. I’ll comment briefly on each one.
testing  cucumber  specflow 
november 2018
Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with SpecFlow and ASP.NET MVC
SpecFlow is an open-source .NET tool that lets you write specifications using 100%-Cucumber-compatible Gherkin syntax, and has a number of advantages over Cucumber itself
aspnetmvc  tdd  bdd  specflow  watin 
november 2018
ASP.NET MVC 4 | Microsoft Docs
Upgrading an ASP.NET MVC 3 Project to ASP.NET MVC 4
aspnetmvc  aspnetmvc4  aspnetmvc3 
november 2018
How to Build a High Velocity Development Team – JavaScript Scene – Medium
Team Building & Morale
Nothing predicts business outcomes better than an exceptional team. If you’re going to beat the odds, you need to invest here, first.
development  team  building  management  javascript 
november 2018
.NET Framework Versions and Dependencies | Microsoft Docs
The following table summarizes .NET Framework version history and correlates each version with Visual Studio, Windows, and Windows Server.
framework  windows  versions 
november 2018
Bundling web applications with Parcel
We already have bundlers like Browserify, rollup.js and webpack but often they need quite a lot of configuration before they do something. Recently a new contender entered the arena: Parcel. Advertised features are speed and almost no configuration.
parcel  web  development  bundler 
november 2018
Responsive Blue Note Album sleeves recreated in the browser using HTML and CSS
Over the last few months I’ve been busying myself trying to re-create some of Reid Miles iconic album sleeves  in the browser.
css  design  reid  miles  blue  note  album  sleeves 
november 2018
Server to Client · An A List Apart Article
Before anything can happen in a browser, it must first know where to go. There are multiple ways to get somewhere: entering a URL in the address bar, clicking (or tapping) on a link on a page or in another app, or clicking on a favorite. No matter the case, these all result in what’s called a navigation. A navigation is the very first step in any web interaction, as it kicks off a chain reaction of events that culminates in a web page being loaded.
alistapart  browser  html 
november 2018
Tags to DOM · An A List Apart Article
Once the browser engine finally gets the resource, it needs to start turning it into a rendered web page. In this segment, we focus primarily on HTML resources, and how the tags of HTML are transformed into the building blocks for what will eventually be presented on screen.
alistapart  browser  html 
november 2018
Docco is a quick-and-dirty documentation generator, written in Literate CoffeeScript. It produces an HTML document that displays your comments intermingled with your code. All prose is passed through Markdown, and code is passed through Highlight.js syntax highlighting. This page is the result of running Docco against its own source file.
code  documentation  docco  coffeescript 
november 2018
Anamorphisms in JavaScript
Anamorphisms are functions that map from some object to a more complex structure containing the type of the object. For example, mapping from an integer to a list of integers.
Anamorphisms  Catamorphisms  javascript  functional  programming  fp 
october 2018
Exploring Oh Composable World! | Philip La
I’ll be exploring the crazy fun dot-chained react app that Brian covered in his talk called Oh, Composable World at React conf. I’ll be exploring the composable react application by first breaking it down with diagrams, then with referential transparency, and finally with types.
javascript  functional  composition 
october 2018
Does Curry Help? – Hugh FD Jackson
It’s been two and a half years since I wrote Why Curry Helps - a little love letter to the power of using curried functions in JavaScript. It’s easily my most-read post, bringing in hundreds of readers every month.

But as time has passed, the world has changed, and so have I. Is it still a good idea to lean on this technique to squeeze more expressivity out of your code?

I’m not so convinced.
javascript  functional  currying 
october 2018
Why Curry Helps – Hugh FD Jackson
A programmer’s pipe-dream is to write code, and be able to use it repeatedly with little effort. It’s expressive because you write in a way that expresses what is needed, and it’s reuse because.. well, you’re reusing. What more could you want?

curry can help.
javascript  js  functional  currying 
october 2018
Introduction · mostly-adequate-guide to functional programming
This is a book on the functional paradigm in general. We'll use the world's most popular functional programming language: JavaScript.
functional  programming  FP  javascript 
october 2018
Resisting the Higher Order (Go Functional!) – Hacker Noon
So the big idea is that although React itself is declarative, vast majority of code that goes into making an app is imperative. This can be fixed (if you think it needs fixing) by mixing in more functional patterns.
react  functional  programming  fp  map  fold 
october 2018
Introducing GitHub Actions | CSS-Tricks
It’s a common situation: you create a site and it’s ready to go. It’s all on GitHub. But you’re not really done. You need to set up deployment. You need to set up a process that runs your tests for you and you're not manually running commands all the time. Ideally, every time you push to master, everything runs for you: the tests, the deployment... all in one place.

Previously, there were only few options here that could help with that. You could piece together other services, set them up, and integrate them with GitHub. You could also write post-commit hooks, which also help.

But now, enter GitHub Actions.
github  actions 
october 2018
You Might Not Need The mapDispatchToProps Function
mapDispatchToProps, is what I want to talk about here. Specifically – why you might not need that function, and what you can replace it with instead.
react  redux  mapDispatchToProps 
october 2018
Funklet. | Kempa.com
While the Funklet is now out of print, Stratton has encouraged his backers to pass around the PDF version
funklet  pdf 
october 2018
Leaner, Meaner, Faster Animations with requestAnimationFrame - HTML5 Rocks
It’s a fair bet you’ve done some animation work in your time as a developer, whether that’s smaller UI effects or large iteractive canvas pieces. Chances are you’ve also come across requestAnimationFrame, or rAF (we say it raff around these parts), and hopefully you’ve had a chance to use it in your projects. In case you don’t know, requestAnimationFrame is the browser’s native way of handling your animations. Because rAF is specifically designed to deal with animation and rendering, the browser can schedule it at the most appropriate time and, if we play our cards right, it will help us get a buttery smooth 60 frames per second.
javascript  animation  requestAnimationFrame 
october 2018
Introducing the React Profiler – React Blog
React 16.5 adds support for a new DevTools profiler plugin. This plugin uses React’s experimental Profiler API to collect timing information about each component that’s rendered in order to identify performance bottlenecks in React applications. It will be fully compatible with our upcoming time slicing and suspense features.
react  profiler  performance 
october 2018
Rob Stenson — How to Say “Crunch” in Portuguese ☠️ OH no Type Company
Rob is the designer and co-founder of Goodhertz, an audio plugin company with truly unique offerings, and as I learned in this interview, a pretty innovative process behind them
october 2018
Master the JavaScript Interview (Eric Elliott)
“Master the JavaScript Interview” is a series of posts designed to prepare candidates for common questions they are likely to encounter when applying for a mid to senior-level JavaScript position.
javascript  JS  interview 
september 2018
Pro Tips from the Trenches: The Resolve-Path PowerShell cmdlet – Mike F Robbins
You’re designing a reusable tool in PowerShell and decide a function is the most appropriate type of command to accomplish the task at hand. It will accept a FilePath parameter which will be used to specify both the path and filename to a destination file. The path should already exist, but the file may or may not already exist.
powershell  resolve-path 
september 2018
SQL Server Grouped Concatenation - SQLPerformance.com
Grouped concatenation is a common problem in SQL Server, with no direct and intentional features to support it (like XMLAGG in Oracle, STRING_AGG or ARRAY_TO_STRING(ARRAY_AGG()) in PostgreSQL, and GROUP_CONCAT in MySQL).
** UPDATE January 2017 : STRING_AGG() will be in SQL Server
mssql  grouped  concatentation  sql  server 
september 2018
SQL Server 2012 Installation Recommendations | SAP Blogs
SQL Server 2012 is relatively easy to install, and the installation guide from SAP is very clear. However, there are a few guidelines from my own experience that may be of benefit to others performing this installation for the first time. The following example assumes an installation on Windows Server 2012 R2.
mssql  installation  sql  server 
september 2018
9 React Guides That Stood The Test Of Time
Does React deserve its reputation for stability? Let's find out by exploring how nine classic React articles hold up to the latest version of React.
september 2018
Welcome to the world of Statecharts - Statecharts
What is a statechart?

A statechart can be explained in many ways, and we’ll get to those explanations, but essentially, a statechart is a drawing. Here’s a simple statechart:
august 2018
xstate - Simple JavaScript Finite State Machines and Statecharts
Functional, stateless JavaScript finite state machines and statecharts.
state  javascript  js  fsm 
august 2018
Generating Mozart from Markov Chains – SSOΔ
This post will detail a method of generating music from sampling MIDI-files. We’ll introduce an algebraic structure called a Markov chain, and use it to make our own MIDI-files.
music  mozart  markov  chains 
august 2018
CLI: improved
Over the years my command line habits have improved and I often search for smarter tools for the jobs I commonly do. With that said, here's my current list of improved CLI tools.
august 2018
Active Directory Powershell – Advanced Filter (Part – II) – Active Directory Powershell Blog
Here is the list of supported operators in Active Directory Powershell Advanced Filter:
AD  powershell  filter  wildcard 
august 2018
Integration Services Performance Best Practices – Data Flow Optimization
In this article, we’ll present a couple of common best practices regarding the performance of Integration Services (SSIS) packages.
mssql  ssis  data  flow  performance 
august 2018
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